Name: CUL1 - Showdown
How to begin: talk to Charlys at the Bismarck
Areas: Limsa Lominsa

Last quest: -
Next quest: Mystery of the Gastronome Gone Home

Requirements to sign up: CUL20
Required items: Recipe for a serving of aromatic pate OR Recipe for a pie crust, Aromatic pate path: Chicken Egg, Aldgoat Milk, Tiger Cod, Cieldalaes Spinach, Garlean Garlic OR Pie crust path: ?
Reward: ?


Coming soon


Coming soon



Joining the Guild

Charlys: Welcome, connoisseur, to the world-famous Bismarck!
The dining table is a canvas, but without an artist to render upon it a masterpiece, it remains merely a void.
Why remain a mere guest in life's gustatory gallery when you could fill its halls with culinary creations of your own? Our doors are open to one and all. We do not ask that our acolytes have experience, only ambition. What say you?
(Join the Culinarians' Guild? Yes)
Charlys: Haha! And now our quotas can be met. Are you ready to begin?
Though, just because you're now working for the Bismarck, doesn't mean you'll necessarily be working in the Bismarck. We provide the finest cuisine for every trade ship, fishing ship, naval ship, and pirate ship for a fifty-malm radius.
Put in your time here, and you'll never have to worry about…well, going hungry again. Why, there are even jobs such as galley cook that provide you the opportunitiy to sail to the far corners of the globe!
But the realm of the culinary arts spreads far and wide, and there are many out there just like you, looking to make a name for themseles. You must work hard to find customers, but even harder to keep them.
Ah, you seem somewhat overwhelmed. I do apologize for that.
But you need not fret! Everything shall be sweetmeats and strawberries! Go and speak with the two chefs there for your first assignment.
(quest accept)
Charlys: Very well! Do you see those two buxom beauties beyond the central counter? They shall tell you all you need to know.
(obtain Bismarck linkpearl)

Charlys: Just because you are clueless does not mean you have to look it. The last thing we need is for our clientele to suppose that the rabbel has invaded our ranks.


(you approach the two women)
Prudentia: Well, look what the tide washed in. It seems we have ourselves a new recruit.
Pulmia: How wonderful! Might he be another one of those adventurers? I do find their tales of gallantry ever so droll.
Prudentia: You look as if you've walked straight from a bout of fisticuffs with the Fury herself… But I can tell you this - you haven't truly experienced war until you've fought on the front lines of a kitchen siege. The men and women here are all hardened veterans, their achievements greater than those of a hundred heroes from a hudnred legends.
Pulmia: Ah, my dear Prudentia, your tales - like your meat - are never less than over-spiced… However, there is some truth in her words. While somewhat on the eccentric side, the people you see around me are all outstanding chefs… They simply happen to be…well, a little busy at the moment.
(you see a praying lalafell in the distance)
Prudentia: Oh, enough of your talk, Pulmia. You'll bore the poor lad to sleep. Ah, but where are my manners? Let me introduce myself…
Prudentia! At your service!
(she strikes a pose)
Pulmia: <sigh> Don't mind her. It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance. I am Pulmia.
Prudentia: Oh, why do you always have to be such a bore, Pulmia?
But no matter! From today on, we are brothers! Comrades-in-arms! Bosom buddies! And you'd do well to stay close and listen, not only with your ears, but your eyes, nose, and tongue as ewll! Follow our lad, and we shall mold you into a master chef!
(a miqo'te runs in)
H'lahono: Order! Thirty servings of seaspray quiche!
Pulmia: Shall we?
Prudentia: May the best man…er, woman win!

Gerulf: The more I stand over the flames of these ovens, the more my stomach crieds out to me in agony, "Why doest thou torment me so!? But one bite, I prithee! That is all I ask!"

R'sushmo: Being a chef on a ship can truly dampen one's spirits… Why, a few big waves and half the food you serve reappars on the deck. One of these days, I hope to invent a dish so delicious, it will taste better going down the second time.

Aentfoet: Out of the way, scullion! Popoto peeler extraordinaire, Aenfoet Tuberbane coming through!

Hobriaut: I never wanted to be a chef… I wanted to be a pirate! But my mother and father would have none of it - insisted I took up a proper trade. The fact they made me do it here, in a city full of pirates, just rubs salt, pepper and sundry bloody spices in the wound!

Kikichua: O Byregot, mighty maker of all things good, see me safe through the blazing inferno of the ovens, and guide my hand to those ingredients most fresh, that I, too, might make as Thou dost.

Assisting Prudentia

Prudentia: You have a keen eye for talent if you chose to assist me over Pulmia! Here, I need you to whip me up a piping hot pie crust.
(Lend Prudentia a hand? No)
Prudentia: Refusing aid to a damsel in distress!? And you call yourself an adventurer!

Coming soon

Assisting Pulmia

Pulmia: I require a serving of aromatic pate, and would be truly grateful if you would agree to assist me in making some.
(Lend Pulmia a ahand? No)
Pulmia: Well, if you have no intention of assisting me in my endeavors, I ask that you stand aside while I toil away on my own.
Pulmia: You have my thanks! Here is the recipe. Now make haste, for there is little time!
(obtain a recipe for a serving of aromatic pate)

Prudentia: Speak with me all you like! The more time you spend chatting away, the further behind Pulmia falls! Hah hah hah hah!
Pulmia: I appreciate your promise of assistance, but words will not fill that order. Might you begin work on the serving of aromatic pate I requested?

Contest Resolved

(Both women make a pose of sorts)
Pulmia: Finished!
Prudentia: Haha! Victor once again smiles on Prudentia!
Perhaps you should have trusted your own skill rather than relying on this novice.
Pulmia: I only asked him for assistance so I could focus all of my energies on the flavor…which, I might add, turned out to be far superior to that of your own…noiseome…offerings.
(a roegadyn walks in)
Wyrstmann: Forty more servings of seaspray quiche!
The party specifically requested that Pulmia oversee this order.
Prudentia: I see… I… I am fatigued from my previous victory anyway.

Pulmia: Might I ask that you step aside? I'm quite busy with this order. If you wish to chat, speak with Prudentia.
She will be brooding somewhere behind the restaurant, as she always does when she believes she has been slighted in some way.

Frailoise: Hmph! Presentation may be an important part of the culinary experience, but one cannot rely on appearaneces alone. The cruel hands of Time will peel away all those two have to offer, and toss it with the rest of the kitchen scraps. Then and only then will we see what they are truly made of.

R'sushmo: The culinary world is dog-eat-dog. (No, you won't find dog on the menu…that is, unless you truly want a tasty leg of…er, ahem!) Even those who find fame cannot grow lax, for there will alawys be an ambitious young chef looking to out-season their savoriest sauce!

Charlys: We have quite a number of regulars here, and each has a favorite chef.
We encourage our chefs to maintain a close relationship with their individual patrons, and that is why you will see many speaking with those who purchased their culinary masterpieces.

Gerulf: Leave me be. I have no time for your pleasantries. I must concentrate.

Aentfoet: You need not worry about Prudentia. She'll survive this episode, as she has all those in the past.
As long as the fire burns hot in her heart, her tears will soon dry.

Kikichua: O Menphina, divine Lover and shepherd of the stars, Thy celestial light ever shiens upon Pulmia and Prudentia, drawing the eys of the masses from all others who would grace the kitchen's stage! How much longer must I dwell in their shadows?

Hobriaut: Day after day…battling with the other cooks to entice the taste buds of each and every customer… The pressure is unbearable! My heart is ready to burst! If I could only trade this skillet for a scimitar, these eggs for an eyepatch, this parsnip for a parrot!

Suspicious-looking Traveler: Lately, I find myself coming more and more often for the entertainment… The battle between those two beauties is far tastier than any dish.

Tittering Traveler: Frequent an establishment like this one and it won't be long before you know precisely which cook's cuisine best whets your appetite.

Enraptured Traveler: I must admit, the food was as spectacular as I had heard…and the view, well…you need only look yourself to see there is little else in Eorzea that could match those masterpieces.
And yet, one thing does trouble me - the fate of that downtrodden lass who was denied her opportunity to shine. I hope nothing ill has befallen her.

Fickle Beggar: Prduentia? Well, she 'as 'er palce, o' course. Like what the sailors always say, you comes for Prudentia's legs, but you stays for Pulmia's wings!

Satiated Shopkeep: The biggest drawback of a long sea voyage is the lack of a good meal. But, then again, one could argue that drawback is actually a blessing in disguise, for when the journey is complete, everything tastes ten times better than you remember it!
Of course, that's not the only reason Limsa's cooks always seem to deliver. Being in a port city, they have access to every exotic ingredient under the sun…assuming said delicacies can make it past Mealvaan's Gate, that is.

Downtrodden Girl

(Prudentia is sitting at the back of the bulding. You approach her)
Prudentia: I… Ah… How long hav eyou…been watching me?
I don't believe I ever asked your name… <Full Name>, you say?
I know this may sound sudden, but would you try something I made? Please, I need to know what you think.
Well? What do yo say? The aroma, the flavor, the presentation - all befitting of a master chef, are they not?
Yet no matter how hard I try, I can never, ever seem to attract as many cusomers as Pulmia.
Whatever could be wrong? I beg you, <Player>. Be honest.
(What was wrong with the dish? Presentation/Aroma/I honestly don't know)
Prudentia: Eh? Are you implying that I, runner-up in the Limsa Lominsa Flaming Chef Festival, cannot discern delectable from detestable? Were your aised on sand and saltwater? Something must be terribly wrong with your taste buds…
Pulmia is quaint and soft-spoken, and never forgets her courtesies. I, on the other hand…
You see, <Player>, I truly love cooking, and always feel invigorated when I stand over a cookfire, warm skillet in hand. When a customer praises one of my dishes, of course, I feel still more invigorated. Too invigorated, sometimes… Perhaps that is my failing.
I understand why Pulmia is popular among our patrons… But to succeed, must I act the same way as well?
I-I'm sorry, <Player>. I did not mean to be so forward.
And, thank you again.Though it may have seemed like you only helped one of us, the truth is that your efforts benefited the whole restaurant. Take this as a token of our appreciation.
If you ever felt like visiting us…to help, I mean…well, neither Pulmia nor I would turn you away.

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