Shot Through the Heart


Name: Shot Through the Heart
How to begin: talk to Mynadaeg in the Coral Tower's basement
Areas: Limsa Lominsa, Bloodshore

Last quest: -
Next quest: -

Requirements to sign up: ?
Required items: Death Sentence
Reward: ?


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Search for Debris

Mynadaeg: Since the reinstatement of the Maelstrom and company rule, the streets are safer, our borders more secure, and citizen morale higher than ever. But that ain't to say the city-state's without its problems.
Lominsans were born to be free - to unfurl our sails and let the winds carry us where they may. Thins may appear rosy now, but I guarantee you, in a moon or two, there'll be angry mobs in the streets lamenting all the rules and regulations the Admiral has foisted on 'em.
To make matters worse, Limsa's pirates have already begun to rouse their crews for a fight, on the back of rumors that the Bloody Executioners are planning to pull Merlwyb from her perch and promote their captain, Hyllfyr, the Admiral.
Why, just a fortnight past, one of the thalassocratic fleet's galleys, the Braveheart, was sunk in a pirate ambush off the Cieldalaes. If us Knights of the Barracuda don't act quick, it'll be taken for weakness, and the people of Limsa will start questioning the Admiral's ability to lead the city-state against the imperials.
But that don't mean we can waltz down to the docks and storm the Astalicia, muskets blazing. It'd only make martyrs of the damned pirate curs. No, we have to secure solid proof that it was the Bloody Executioners who attacked the Maelstrom without provocation, and use that to paint the crew and their bastard captain in an unfavorable light. That should serve to draw the people's support from them back to us.
The problem is getting our hands on that proof. The Braveheart lies at the bottom of the Rhotano, and not a single soul on that ship survived to tell the tale of her demise. Yet there is a chance that wreckage from the galley may have been carried by the strong currents of the Strait of Merlthor and deposited on the shores of eastern La Noscea. We already have other adventurers combing the coastline for debris, but time's not on our side, so the more help we can get, the better.
(quest accept)
Mynadaeg: Good on you, lad! I wish you the best of luck. You should know, though - stumbling across a piece of the Braveheart will be like finding a needle in a haystack, and we don't even know if the needle made its way to the haystack in the first place. I just ask that you keep the details of this assignment to yourself. If the Bloody Executioners were to catch wind of our plan, they may move to find and destroy any evidence themselves.

Mynadaeg: Most Lominsans live their lives from day to day, unaware of aught but what they can see with their own two eyes. Drudgery being all they know, the pirates offer an escape of sorts. The Bloody Executioners, Kraken's Arms, Sanguine Sirens, Salthounds, and the rest - all of them give the smallfolk an excuse to dream. But dreams of swashbuckling and a life on the open waves don't keep your belly full and your home safe - it's the Admiral and her iron fist which do that.
Only a scant few see the truth for what it is, of course. The vast majority prefer to blame the Admiral for every petty hardship, and for curbing their precious bloody liberties. Not that it's ever bothered her. She long since accepted the fact that a leader must sometimes stand alone.
But that don't mean she should have to. The Knights of the Barracuda took an oath to serve the Admiral, and serve her we shall, till sea swallows all!

The Survivor

Malin: Keeper fend! You really shouldn't creep up on people like that! You're just asking for a bullet between the eyes.
My name is Malin of the Knights of the Barracuda, and let me guess - you're another adventurer sent by Mynadaeg to search for debris from the Braveheart?
Well, I don't mean to dampen your spirits, but the bloody Executioners beat you to the punch, and have removed every last scrap of wood, glass, canvas, and rope from the shore. On any other occasion, the Admiral would give them all medals for maintaining the pristine condition of the region's beaches.
Unfortunately, their diligence has deprived us of the evidence we need to make a case against them. At least, I thought it had…until I came across this holster, containing a firearm known as the Death Sentence - an exact replica of Admiral Merlwyb's Death Penalty.
Regrettably, it cannot be used to implicate the Bloody Executioners in the sinking of the Braveheart. Why, you ask? Hmmm…you have the look of an astute individual. Perhaps if you think on it long enough, the answer will suggest itself.

Malin: No ideas? Not even an inkling? Well, that is not altogether surprising, now that I think about it. You see, the truth is far stranger than fiction in this particular instance…even to the owner of the firearm…by which I mean me. Yes, I was there on the Braveheart the day it was sunk. And it was I who informed the Bloody Executioners of our location.
But you must believe me when I tell you my intent was never betrayal. I summoned the pirates for a different purpose - I was to kill Hyllfyr.
I swear on this weapon, I only meant to protect the Admiral, even if that meant the murder of another man under the flag of parley.
I fed the Bloody Executioners a forged request for a secret meeting between Merlwyb and Hyllfyr regarding the state of the Maelstrom, with hopes of drawing the reclusive captain out from under his rock. The meeting was to be held on one of our galleys, the Braveheart, and the pirates were to meet us in a secluded cove on a remote island in the Cieldalaes.
All went as planned…until Hyllfyr's entire crew boarded our vessel and set about cutting my shipmates to pieces… Only then did I realize my folly.
Too craven to take up a sword and die in battle, I chose instead to throw myself from the ship and let the sea bear me to oblivion. But before I could take my final step, a shot rang out on deck. A shot like to one I had heard but once before. The mere memory of it stayed my foot and turned my head. And there, calm as a summer sea in the midst of the chaos…
…I saw the Admiral.
(use the Echo)

(on a ship filled with corpses and otherwise empty but for Hyllfyr and Merlwyb)
Hyllfyr: Ain't one t' back down, are ye, Merlwyb?
Merlwyb: If I were, what manner of Admiral would I make?
Hyllfyr: …None at all.
Me ships are yours. May ye lead 'em t' glory.
(The Admiral leaves. you leave the instance into the present. Malin isn't present)
(you obtain Death Sentence)

Orders from Above

Mynadaeg: I fear I owe you an apology, adventurer. I've just receeved word that all investgations into the sinking of the Braveheart are to be called off. Strictly between you and me - it was one of our own what provoked 'em.
Eh? You already knew!? Then I hope you can see how important it is that we keep this from spreading to the smallfolk. If they found out the Barracudas had attempted an assassination under the flag of parley…
…Well, it don't bear thinking about. Fact is, under her own thalassocratic code of naval conduct, it's the Admiral's life that would be forfeit. That it was all the doing of one of her bloody officers makes not an onze of difference.
(you hand over the gun)
Mynadaeg: Hm? This is quite a gun. Where did y- Thal's balls! Death Sentence! There's only one musketeer in our ranks who carries such a fine weapon… Malin! But she went down with the Braveheart! A fitting end for a crooked 'Cuda, if you ask me.
I see… Only trying to further the Admiral's cause, was she? And racked with guilt, eh? Hmmm…mayhap I was too quick to judge the lass. The blood of many a 'Cuda is on her hands, and I'd rather be dead than live with that.
But why would the Admiral keep Malin's involvement in this business from the rest of us? To protect her, perhaps? It's known throughout the Tower that the Admiral handpicked her for the Barracudas, and that she's been fiercely loyal to Merlwyb ever since.
Or maybe she knew of Malin's plan all along, and used it as an opportunity to meet Hyllfyr face-to-face…
Since the establishment of the Maelstrom, that pirate cur has outright refused to cooperate with the Admiral, turning down every request for parley. But by arranging a meeting on the Braveheart, Malin succeeded where Merlwyb had failed countless times before. The Admiral may even be grateful…
It all makes sense now… Ahem! Before I give you your reward, promise me this: if you ever see Malin again, tell her that she's welcome to come back and retrieve her weapon at any time. I'm certain the Admiral would want it that way.

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