She Walks in Beauty


Name: GSM1 - She Walks in Beauty
How to begin: talk to Elecotte
Areas: Ul'dah, Black Brush

Last quest: -
Next quest: ?

Requirements to sign up: GSM20
Required items: Amajina Silver Nuggets, Recipe for Z'ssapa's Brooch, Brooch Pin, Adorable Miner Sketch, Dashing Miner Sketch, Graceful Miner Sketch, Ideal Miner Sketch, Z'ssapa's Brooch
Reward: ?


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Z'ssapa's Brooch
Level: ?
Materials: Recipe for Z'ssapa's Brooch, Brooch Pin, Amajina Silver Nuggets, Adorable Miner sketch, Dashing Miner sketch, Graceful Miner sketch, Ideal Miner sketch


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Loving the Shiny

Elecotte: I welcome you to Eshtaime's Lapidaries, good sir, as would Eshtaime himself were he still for this world, and as would the lapidaries themselves were they not taken with task. And how fare you this day?
Goldsmiths who can meet and surpass the expectations of our discerning clientele are few and far between. We are always in need of novices with the requisite potential.
Would you care to try your hand at our craft? You never know, perhaps Byregot has blessed you with a golden gift.
(Join the Goldsmiths' Guild? "No, I have no interest in tawdry baubles"/"Yes, I LOVE shiny things")
Elecotte: A most wise decision. I have a feeling in time we shall both profit greatly from it.
Accessories such as ours were once used in the thaumaturgical arts. Of course, they then became fashionable, their design more elaborate, and their price prohibitive to all but the colossally wealthy.
And so we expanded our services to include the crafting of bespoke pieces. Yet, in these troubled times, those seeking the thaumaturgical properties of our works have come to comprise the majority of our custom once again.
That is in part why we seek the aid of adventurers such as yourself. Your perspectives oft prove invaluable in bolstering the reputation of the Eshtaime name, not to mention expanding our client base.
But you must start with the fundamentals. Your mentor will be Colbernoux - a very talented man. Why, just recently he designed a series of brooches that were all the rage in the Fronds.
(quest accept)

Around the Guild

Elecotte: The miners are responsible for gathering the precious stones and metals we require from the bosom of Eorzea. Of course, it's not as if we can just use them in the state in which they're delivered to us.
No, no, no. Far form it. Ores must be concentrated and purified into ingots, for example.

Hnaufrid: Trinkets with thaumaturgical properties? Yes, to be sure, there are many and more.
It just so happens that such pieces are my speciality - whether imbued with true magic, or simply made to look as if they might be.

Mammet: Such brilliance. Such beauty. Such perfection.
I know now why you cry.

Isabella: It takes most goldsmiths a lifetime to master the touch. Some cuts need an arm like an aurochs's, strong and sure - others, a feather-touch, gentle as a lamb.

Hawazi Zowazi: Cutting and polishing, hours hunched over a tiny rock, muscles tensed, barely breathing. Before long, you turn into a rock yourself. I-I'm sorry. That wasn't funny.

Ciceroix: This workmanship is quite exquisite. They say the best pieces bring out the appraiser in us all. I believe this may be a case in point.

Colbernoux: Greetings, adventurer, and welcome to Eshtaime's Lapidaries. Elecotte has told me of your coming. I am Colbernoux, and I will be your mentor during your time as a novice here.
No doubt you are feeling somewhat nervous, yes? That is to be expected, considering the sheer value of the goods with which we work. But worry not. You will be using only base ores to begin, all easily procurable.
Come to think of it, what better way to celebrate your joining than through the bringing of fresh materials with which you might work?
A dear friend of mine is employed at the Nanawa Mines - a lovely Miqo'te lass by the name of Z'ssapa. She may be willing to part with some of her haul for such a special occasion as this.
You will most like find her somewhere near the entrance to the mines. Oh, and be sure to tell her Colbernoux sends you with his regards.

(talk again)
Colbernoux: Your journey as a goldsmith has begun. And what better way to mark the occasion than with a fresh batch of materials on which to hone your nascent skills.
Seek out Z'ssapa near the entrance to the Nanawa Mines. A lovely Miqo'te lass, and a dear friend of mine. Send her my regards, and she may be willing to part with some of her haul.

Fannish Gifts

(Nanawa Mines entrance)
Z'ssapa: Gods…the days do drag on out here… Oh, hello. You look lost and poorly. What's your name, then?
<gasp> On an errand for Colbernoux, you say? And how is the sweet man?
Well, take this.
Oh, and here's another.
And don't forget this one.
Hells, take all of them! Free of charge!
You just be sure and tell Colbernoux that it's all from Z'ssapa, his greatest admirer, all right?
I wonder if he'll name one of his masterpieces after me like that brooch he did for F'lhaminn…
(obtain Amajina silver nuggets)

First Task

(Eshtaime's Lapidaries)
Colbernoux: Welcome back, <Player>. Tell me, were you able to find Z'ssapa? I trust the mention of my name had the…desired effect?
Such a wealth of ores, and for not a single coin? Yes, well, women are the gentle sex. And they certainly have a weakness for the Eshtaime name.
On the subject of names, it is not altogether uncommon for our crafters to name their most exquisite works after the most elegant and beautiful ladies in the city.
In this line of work, such lovelies often serve in the capacity of model or muse - and sometimes even more.
Perhaps you've heard of the ring named for the thirteenth sultana of Ul'dah, Manana the Fair, the first of her name, whose memory is a comfort to us all.
Or the necklace bearing the name of Lihtdraega, the Roegadyn maiden whose beauty alone made her one of Ul'dah's wealthiest. There are exquisite blades, as well, named after both the bold and the brave.
Mine own brother Niellefresne created an earring that has come to be quite well known. He named it F'lhaminn's Aria, and it is an utterly extravagant piece.
The masterful use of cat's-eye would take your breath away.
If only he were still alive, I know he would have… His work, it was…
Forgive me. So, are you ready to try your hand at the craft? Let us first try and make a piece inspired by our lovely lady of the mines, Z'ssapa.
It is a simple pattern, and the materials are common enough. Granted, it will yield nothing worthy of adorning the shelves of Eshtaime's Aesthetics, but I think Z'ssapa will be quite pleased all the same.
Perhaps she will even come to be an admirer of yours, as well. Here you are, then - create us something beautiful! I suggest you pay the Miners' Guild a visit for a bit of inspiration.
(you obtain a brooch pin, and a recipe for Z'ssapa's brooch)


Colbernoux: A man's name? Given to a piece of jewelry?
It is not entirely unheard of, though the honor is reserved for only the most exceptional individuals. Generally, such pieces are designed to embody the power or might of the person in whose image they were formed. Or sometimes to commemorate the dearly departed.
Hone your skills an excel here, and you may well be commissioned to create such a piece. But first, you must make your name more widely known by fashioning trinkets to endear yourself with the people.
Such as our fair Z'ssapa.

Sungi Kelungi: The miners, you say? Yes, well, visiting the Amajina & Sons Mineral Concern should give you a decent enough sense of who they are.
Now may be the ideal time to call upon them. I heard an enormous wealth of gold ore was just unearthed. I imagine they are all in quite high spirits.

Lefchild: The flower-themed brooch that Colbernoux designed was truly breathtaking. An absolute masterpiece.
I have a sneaking suspicion that he was inspired by some fair lady, but such things are not easily asked.

Holbubu: Count yourself lucky that you were not here some ten years ago, to suffer the strife which engulfed Eshtaime's Aesthetics.
In our darkest hour, there was a very real danger that the Order of Nald'thal would seize our name and assets.

Bouchard: There was a time when I did naught else but craft fineries for every woman I dared fall in love with, and more for all those who dared return my affections.
To this day, I oft wonder how many of them are still worn, still polished, still looked upon with longing eyes. And how many have simply been pawned at the Platinum Mirage for whatever coin they might fetch.

Elecotte: A piece made in the image of the miners, is it? Well, perhaps you had best visit Amajina & Sons Mineral Concern for some inspiration.
The miners can be a rough, crude, and vulgar crowd. Yet the Concern still plays host to some of the most beautiful women in all of Ul'dah.

Hnaufrid: There is an alehouse at the Mineral Concern. All the loveliest ladies of song and dance grave the stage there - though F'lhaminn is by far the most popular.
The woman herself is a jewel. It is only fitting that her heart be won over by a master jewelcrafter. Hahaha!

Visit the Miners

(Amajina & Sons)
Disconcerted Miner: What the bloody hells…? Ain't them eyes o' yers workin'? Can't you see people is laborin' here?
…Eh? What's that? Eshtaime's Lapidaries? Gods, many, why didn't you say so!? Let a miner know if there's aught she might do to serve.
(parley with her)
Might be that little sketch there'll make me a household name. Hah! Think of that!
(obtain an adorable miner sketch)

Sprightly Miner: Oh, you dear thing, of course I will pose for you. I'd like nothing more! Oh, I could absolutely shower you with kisses!
(parley with her)
Well? Did you capture my beauty, love? Did I get your creative juices surging?
(obtain a dashing miner sketch)

Melancholy Miner: You want to use m-me for inspiration? A m-muse? But everyone s-says I am homely of face. And I'm b-barely abed before I'm abandoned, if you take my meaning, m-milord.
(parley with her)
Your kindness has instilled new confidence in me. Perhaps I am not so grotesque after all. Yes, perhaps men wish to bed me because I am fair to look upon.
(obtain a graceful miner sketch, ideal miner sketch)

Brooches and Love

Colbernoux: This is not bad at all, <Player>. I daresay you have a natural gift for the jeweler's trade.
I will be sure and give this to Z'ssapa when next I see her. Worry not, I will be sure to tell her that it is a gift from you.
(F'lhaminn walks in)
Colbernoux: F'lhaminn, my dear, welcome! Come, come. To what do I owe this tremendous pleasure?
F'lhaminn: It's the brooch, Colbernoux, I've come about the brooch. The one that you gave me.
Colbernoux: Oh? I see. Well, accidents will happen from time to time. That is what makes them accidents, haha! But there is no need to worry. I shall make you another.
F'lhaminn: No, it's just that… I mean, I'm not sure that-
Colbernoux: I am afraid I must insist, F'lhaminn: I put everything that I am into that design. It is a symbol of my feelings, and it is my gift to you.
And I've a gift for you as well, <Player>. My brother taught me that goldsmithing starts with knowing the true weight of gil - and so here you are.
You may collect the guild's payment for your services from Elecotte.

(enter an instance)
Colbernoux: Oh gods, no, F'lhaminn…

Sungi Kelungi: Remember what I have told you, friend. For the warriors, knowledge is a weapon. but for we crafters, knowledge is wealth.

F'lhaminn: It is… It was broken… I…
(use Echo on F'lhaminn)
Z'ssapa: It is truly stunning, F'lhaminn. Colbernoux must love you a great deal.
F'lhaminn: It is not as you think.
Z'ssapa: Oh, don't delude yourself so. I know it may not be easy to hear, but it has been so long since his brother's death. It is time you put it behind you.
F'lhaminn: So long, you say? Then why does my heart ache today as sharply as the day he was taken from me? As sharply as it has every day from that day to this?
(F'lhaminn leaves Z'ssapas company, then looks at the brooch)
F'lhaminn: The only sure thing that love brings is the need for goodbyes.

(instance, back in the present)

F'lhaminn: <sigh> Nielle… I have no wish to suffer another loss such as that…

Elecotte: F'lhaminn has come to pay a visit. Have you seen her? It's obvious that Colbernoux is quite taken with her. It must be difficult for both of them, considering that she was his late brother's lover.
Things were different when Niellefresne was alive. Colbernoux lived in the shadow of his elder brother, as many second- and third-born sons do. But his talents have come to the fore in the wake of his brother's death.
As to whether or not he can win F'lhaminn's heart… Well, I should think that one respect in which he best not follow in his brother's footsteps.
But you do not come to me for such idle chatter. It is your reward which brings you, is it not? And so shall you have it. Here you are.

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