Serenity, Purity, Sanctity


Name: OTA7 - Serenity, Purity, Sanctity
How to begin: talk to Syro Fulke
Areas: Gridania

Last quest: Appetite for Destruction
Next quest: It Kills with Fire (Gridania), Imperial Devices (Gridania)

Requirements to sign up: Appetite for Destruction complete
Required items: -
Reward: ?


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Coming soon



The Company you Keep

Fulke: The Adders' Nest welcomes you, <Player>.
By now you will have seen and heard much in each of the nations of Eorzea. Yet I trust you would agree our Gridania is most virtuous among them.
A man of your talent and resovel belogns with the Twin Adder. Come, tarry no longer in the role of recruit. Let us greet you as a true Serpent of the Order.
But first, there is something you must know.
To pledge yourself to our cause, you must forsake any bonds you have forged with the Maelstrom and the Immortal flames.
You may keep whatever Storm and Flame Seals you have, as they were earned by your own toil. We will not deny you those.
Yet keeping them will yield little benefit. The sutlers in the Hall of Flames and Maelstrom Command will not honor the seals of a sworn Serpent.
Naught will change with regard to your Serpent Seals, of course. You have my word on that.
There is one more thing…
The vows of the Twin Adder are for life. Once made, the bond cannot be unmade, nor will you be able to join the Grand Companies of the other nations.
But believe me when I say that you will have no need of them. The Order of the Twin Adder rewards its leal Serpents, and through service here you will come to know great glories.
(Join the Order of the Twin Adder? No, this sounds like a bit much)
Fulke: You mean to put in with one of the other nations, then? Weaker men than you have succumbed to the siren calls of Ul'dah and Limsa. I pray that you reconsider.
(Yes, make a Serpent of me)
Fulke: Then I greet you as a brother! The annals of our time shall read that form this day forth, <Full Name> was reborn a Serpent of the Order of the Twin Adder!
The elementals favor you, that much is clear. You will climb our ranks quickly, and your name iwll one day be spoken throughout the realm. Of that I am sure.
But I speak of things to come. In the here and now, learn what you can from your fellow Serpents. Follow their example, observe and uphold our code, and carry out our tasks to the best of your ability.
Now, I shall teach you the salute of our Order. Come, do as I do.
As you are now one of us, you will find our sutlers have more items to offer you. Your Serpent Seals can now buy you the likes of serpent chocobo issuances, and more.
We have many and more duties for you to choose form. If you'll allow me, I would be more than happy to detail them.
(Ask about which type of duty? Caravan security)
Fulke: The Odrer of the Twin Adder is not alone in its use of chocobo caravans. They are essential to the movement of goods across the region. Our birds serve us as well as any man or woman, and so we do not compromise when it comes to their safety. Should you volunteer for caravan security duty, you will be charged with seeing our chocobos safe to their destination, with precious cargo intanct.
(Company leves)
Fulke: Surely you know much and more of the Adventurers' Guild and its guildleves. The Grand Companies have adopted a similar means of delegating tasks, though ours tend more towards direct confrontation with beast and foe.
(Supply missions)
Fulke: Supply missions involve the synthesis and delivery of the items required for the Order's operations. We have great need of able crafters. Without the instruments of war, we could wage few battles, and win less.
(Provisioning missions)
Fulke: Provisioning missions involve the procurement and delivery of the raw materials required for the Order's operations. The war effort demands that prodigious amounts of resources be ever ready, of course, but we must needs take care not to tax the forest too heavily.
Fulke: Very well, then let me speak lastly of our Grand Company currency, the Serpent Seal.
As befits your current rank and station, you are limited to having 10,000 on your person at any given time. As you perform more duties and distinguish yourself with service, this limit will be raised.
The most rapid way to accomplish this is by ascending the ranks, through bear in mind that a promotion can only be gained after a payment of dues in the form of seals has been made.
The dues vary with rank, of course, but I can say your next promotion will cost you 1,000 serpent Seals.
And that, <Player>, is all I have time to tell you. If you would have more, you won't have it from me. I suggest you talk to Lieutenant Sondraix over there.
So go forth, Private <Player>. You are a Serpent now, and the Order of the Twin Adder expects nothing short of greatness from you.

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