Seeds of Initiative


Name: WHM1 - Seeds of Initiative
How to begin: talk to Soileine
Areas: Gridania, Emerald Moss, Mun-Tuy Cellars

Last quest: -
Next quest: When Sheep Attack

Requirements to sign up: CNJ30
Required items: Nirvana
Reward: Soul of the White Mage


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Diremite Straggler

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Miteling Straggler

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The Missing Seer

Soileine: Well met, <Player>. No doubt you have already sensed the disturbance, but the Twelveswood has been ill at ease of late. Our investigations ahve revealed that thieves have been making off with items left at Lifemend Stump.
Stillglade Fane was about to dispatch the Gods' Quiver to track down the villains..when word arrived that an individual had alredy taken matters into her own hands.
The individual in question was no less a personage than Seedseer Raya-O-Senna, younger sister to the Elder Seedseer. Desiring to put matters to rights, it would seem she ventured into the depths of the forest a little over a day past. She has not been heard from since.
Fortunately, an elemental sensed our growing concern and confided details of her current location. We are given to understand that the Seedseer can be found within a cave situated beneath a lake west of Camp Emerald Moss.
Raya-O is a skilled practicioner of white magic, an ancient art wielded only by a chosen few, and she is more than capable of protecting herself. Nevertheless, the Seedseers' safety is of paramount importance, and we cannot leave anything to chance. On which note, I would entrust to you the task of ascertaining Raya-o's present state, <Player>.
(quest accept)
Soileine: As the elemtnaals' chosen representatives, the three Seedseer siblings represent the pillars of order upon which gridanian society rests. The loss of but one would destabilize our nation, rendering it vulnerable to the forces of chaos. With that in mind, make haste to the cave and find Raya-O, <Player>, that we might all put our fears to rest.

(talk again)
Soileine: Never was there a sister more loving than Raya-O. In all likelihood, it was out of concern for her siblings that she set out to tend the Twelveswood's affliction.

The Stolen Staff

(by a lake in Emerald Moss)
Pukni Pakk: Kupopo… We really ought ot head back. A-Ruhn will be beside himself with worry, kupo.

Kupcha Kupa: Raya-O can be rather willful, kupo. Stubborn, too. And short-tempered. A bit like a chocobo during mating seaso- N-No, that's not right. Anyway, she could stand to learn from Kan-E's example, kupo.

Raya-O-Senna: We meet again, <Player>. The elementals told me of your coming.
I'm given to understand your purpose here is to ascertain my safety. While the sentiment is appreciated, it is quite unnecessary. The Twelveswood is no less a home to me than Gridania herself - no ill shall befall me whilst I am here.
Should this simple truth not suffice to assuage your anxiety, know that aside from our communion with the elementas through conjury, we Padjal are also keeprs of white magic.
White magic is an ancient healing art that has been passed down through the ages in Gridania. With its power at my disposal, I am not like to come to harm.
Now, at this juncture I would ordinarily send you back to Gridania with my thanks. As it happens, however, I had been wanting for help, and in answer the Twelveswood delivered you to me.
I suspect you have already been apprised of the situation, but theives have appeared who prey upon the items left at Lifemend Stump. Aye, the place of sanctity where one may leave broken objects, that they may be restored to newness by the moogles.
I have come here for no other purpose than to investigate the thefts. In particular, I seek to recover the enchanted staff Nirvana, a Gridanian relic of immeasurable worth.
Truth be told, Lifemend Stump is no stranger to grasping hands, and this is scarce the first time items have vanished. But something strikes me as unusual about this latest spate of incidents.
Nirvana is a mighty artifact, harboring a divine power that monsters find detestable. Yet the elementals say that the culprits are not men, but monsters - a family of vilekin, to be precise.
It defies reason that the creatures could even bring themselves to approach the staff, let alone spirit it away.
I had resolved to confront the thieves, but the moogles would not hear of it. They will not allow me to expose myself to the slightest danger, real or imagined, and have gone so far as to obstruct me when I attempt to leave this cave. No amount of reasoning will sway them.
<sigh> While the moogles' concern for my welfare is touching, I can scarce lace up my own bodice while they are about. Yet the stolen staff will not recover itself! Therefore, being to all intents and purposes detained here, I must rely upon another to act in my stead.
At the risk of sounding presumptuous, I should be grateful beyond words if you would attempt to reclaim Nirvana in Gridania's name. The thieves I seek are a diremite straggler and her miteling brood. They are ensconced with in the Mun-Tuy Cellars, north of Camp Emerald Moss.
Go now, <Player>, and return once you have found that which was stolen. I look forward to our next meeting, and the glad tidings that shall doubtless accompany it.

(talk again)
Raya-O-Senna: Being the place where the pact between man and moogle was forged, Lifemend Stump is considered sacred. To profane its grounds with so base an act as theft is a sin most grievous.
In the name of the elementals, I hereby grant you permission to put down the diremite straggler and her miteling brood, that Nirvana might be reclaimed.

The Trapped Elemental

(in the cave in Emerald Moss)
Raya-O-Senna: <Player>! You were so long in returning, I had begun to count the moments until my escape from this cave - and my endearing custodians.
Ah, you've retrieved Nirvana! The Twelve be praised! Here, allow me to-
(a bright line shines forth. When it subsides, you see a bright elemental that's about to attack)
Raya-O-Senna: Be at peace!
(she casts something on the elemental)
Raya-O-Senna: Are you harmed, <Player>? The elemental manifested with nary a warning. We must count our blessings that it did not choose to do so before I was on hand to pacify it.
…Why do you stare? Ah! You are intrigued by the skill I employed, are you not? Very well. In the light of your loyal service, I will sate your curiosty. What you bore witness to was the white magic of which I spoke when first you came.
White magic and conjury are close relations, the two governed by the same laws. The former, however, places the utmost importance upon healing and protection, and demands of practitioners the gretest intimacy with the elementals.
On account of this, its use is granted only to those few who are deemed worthy. It is the sacred charge of we Padjal to ensure that the art survives, and in righteous hands.
Hm? Could it be that you, too, can hear this elemntal? Hush now - it speaks…
<Player>, allow me to introduce you to Oha-Sok, the elemental who was entrapped within Nirvana.
Oha-Sok had been charged into the staff against her will, you see. When you brough her here, to a place of comparative safety, she sensed a chance to escape, and struck out with all her fury at the nearest soul - that is, you. For this she begs your pardon.
Truth be told, this is not the first such incident. In recent days, we have heard many accounts of fear-maddened elementals displaying uncharacteristic aggresion towards ordinary people. Some resort to simple acts of violence, while others wreak havoc by manipulating the wills of men and beasts.
Now, these misbehaving elementals would have long been pacified, but for the fact that most incidents transpire outside the Twelveswood. I am duty-bound to the forest, you see, and cannot attend to the matter, while Stillglade Fane has not the manpower to spare at present for an undertaking beyond our borders.
But you, <Player> - you may do what we Gridanians cannot. So I bid you journey forth to quell the keening of the elemtnals throughout Eorzea. And, as you act in my name, I hereby permit you the use of white magic.
Take here this linkpearl and the Soul of the White Mage. The latter is an ancient crystal imbued with the light of succor - by its power, the forbidden art will be yours to wield, albeit within the bounds of your skill as a conjurer.
To walk the path of the white mage is to devote oneself to the salving of hurts and the lifting of misery - ours is the hand othat proffers comfort. Should it ever come to light that you have used your powers for less virtuous ends, be forewarned that you will promptly be dispossessed of the crystal and summarily punished.
That said, I am confident that you will do right by me..and all who call the Twelveswood home.
Make ready as best you can, <Player>, and then present yourself before me once more. I will have a task for you upon your return.
(obtain a Soul of the White Mage)

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