Secrets Unearthed


Name: Secrets Unearthed
How to begin: talk to Mumukiya at the Amajina & Sons
Areas: Ul'dah, Coffer & Coffin

Last quest: -
Next quest: ?

Requirements to sign up: level ?
Required items: -
Reward: ?


Coming soon



Mumukiya: Heard the news? The Mirage Trust's set about making test digs west of town, out near the Coffer & Coffin.
Have you ever heard of such greed? As if there weren't enough gil in their gambling halls and loans and buggering vaults, they mean to stick their grubby claws into the mining business, too, the bloody vultures!
I need to know exactly what it is they're after, but a rival miner can't just go 'round asking questions. So I was wondering… Would you go in my stead?
(quest accept)
Mumukiya: Then let's not waste any more time! They've started digging over in west Thanalan. Jut follow the Royal Sunway until you come upon the Coffer & Coffin. You can't miss it.
Just be sure not to let anyone know you're there on behalf of Amajina & Sons, or things could turn sour fast.

Mumukiya: Gods, don't tell me you lost your way. Head north out of town until you come upon the Royal Sunway. Then just follow that west until it brings you tot eh Coffer & Coffin. Simple.

Water Problems

Abelard: The Coffer & Coffin welcomes all travelers, and all travelers' thirsts! Shall I pour you a cold cup of water straight from the well?
…Is what I would like nothing more than to be able to say. The sad truth of it is, we've no well to speak of, and certainly no cold water. The only water we have is warm, and was hauled from the nearest oasis.
The Coffer & Coffin is owned by the Mirage Trust. It was meant to be a waypoint for chocobo coaches carrying cargo between the ferry docks and Ul'dah.
This southern heat gives chocobos a fierce thirst, you see, and that's doubly rue when they're hauling cargo. Any stopping place worth its spit in these parts needs an ample supply of water.
And so the digging started. but it wasn't long before they hit a layer of bedrock as hard as…well, rock. So far, it's broken every pick and drill put to it.
Seems the decision-makers at the Mirage Trust are torn over whether to keep digging here, or to set up shop somewhere else altogether.

Abelard: Being part of the Mirage Trust, I never gave it much thought. I just assumed they would throw as much coin at the problem as was needed to fix it.
Not long after the Mirage Trust started digging, they hit a layer of bedrock that broke every pick and drill put to it. Seems the decision-makers at the Mirage Trust are torn over whether to keep trying, or to set up shop somewhere else altogether. <sigh>


(Amajina & Sons)
Mumukiya: Gods, I was beginning to think you'd never come back. So, did you find out what those money-grubbing Mirage Trust bastards are digging for or didn't you?
A bloody well!? Hahaha! That's nothing to concern the Concern! Well, thank the gods for that. And how nice to hear they're having trouble wi- Wait a moment…
I smell opportunity! The Miners' Guild has the machinery, the manpower, and the methods to break through that bedrock. And I'll wager we could charge the Mirage Trust a pretty gil for doing it.
I'll have to have a word with the guildmaster. Gods, there's work to be done and no time to waste! But before I forget, here's your reward!

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