Seashells by the Seashore


Name: Seashells by the Seashore
How to begin: talk to Fupepe
Areas: Aleport, Bloodshore

Last quest: -
Next quest: -

Requirements to sign up: level ?
Required items: Conch Shell x4
Reward: ?


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Coming soon


Bloodshore Shells

Fupepe: Ye ever hear of a place called Bloodshore?
It's meant t' be proper dangerous there, but Bubusha says the beaches are the lovelies anywhere - all covered with shiny seashells.
Oh, what I wouldn't give for the chance t' see Bloodshore, but me da would lock me in the loo fer a fortnight if he found out I'd ever left the hamlet.
Ah! But me da wouldn't lock an adventurer in the loo, would he!?
Please, sir, could you go t' Bloodshore and bring me back some seashells?
I'd give you anythin' you want for 'em! Well, anythin' I've got.
(quest accept)
Fupepe: Ta very mcuh! Oooh, I can't hardly wait! Bubusha will turn green when I show him me new shells!

Fupepe: Best be careful when ye're in Bloodshore, sir. Bubusha says that places outside Aleport are crawlin' with monsters scarier than me da! And I wouldn't want a nice man like yerself t' get a strappin' - not after promisin' t' find me four conch shells.
Please hurry, though! I'll be waitin' right here fer ye when ye get back.

Bestest Treasure

Fupepe: The shells! You've found them!
Did you see any bad monsters? When you didn't come back straight away, Bubusha said it was 'cause you'd been eaten by a giant slug!
But I said it was just 'cause you were busy havin' adventures. Did you see lots of nasty monsters, though? …You did!? How scary! But you gave 'em a good hidin', right?
Oh, you're so brave and strong! When I grow up, I want t' be an adventurer, just like you! Then I'll travel the whole world, and visit every beach there is! And if me da tries t' give me a strappin' fer doin' so, I'll blinkin' well give him a strappin' back! Uh, but don't tell me da I said that. He'd go spare.
Here's the present I promised you. I found it washed up on the shore one mornin'. It was me bestest treasure…until you gave me these shells.

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