Seals for the Whorl


Name: TM3 - Seals for the Whorl
How to begin: talk to Grizzly Gnat
Areas: Maelstrom Command

Last quest: Testing the Waters
Next quest: Engineering Victory

Requirements to sign up: Testing the Waters complete
Required items: -
Reward: ?


Coming soon


Grizzly Gnat: Congratulations, recruit, and welcome to the Maelstrom. I am Storm Sergeant First Class Grizzly Gnat, in charge of company seal distribution and exchange.
The first lieutenant has asked me to brief you on the various items we have made available for purchase. Shall I proceed?
(Learn more about available items? "Yes")
Grizzly Gnat: Every item available for exchange has been fashioned here in Limsa Lominsa by skilled craftsmen adhering to the strictest of quality standards. As you are still a recruit, I cannot guarantee you access to our full inventory. I can, however, show you a few options.
The remainder will be revealed to you only upon your official enlistment into the Maelstrom.
In addition to items, company seals can also be exchanged for promotions within our ranks. As you increase in rank, missions of greater import will be assigned to you. It goes without saying that said missions will carry considerably more risk.
And now I suppose you are wondering how one might achieve official enlistment.
Well, as the first lieutenant is sure to have told you, the Maelstrom has yet to begin operations, as we are still in the process of completing our final preparations.
However, as a newly inducted recruit, you will be among the first to be informed when official enlistment commences.
Keep in mind that official enlistment will also require company seals, so your provisional entry into the Maelstrom will put you at an advantage when we finally open our doors as you will have had the opportunity to earn seals before newer recruits.
As for the present, might I suggest you exchange those Storm seals the fist lieutenant gave you for this stein of dusken draught? I can see it being of great use to you on your first mission as a Maelstrom member.

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