Scrubbing the Soul


Name: Scrubbing the Soul
How to begin: talk to Mestonnaux
Areas: Gridania, Bentbranch

Last quest: -
Next quest: -

Requirements to sign up: ?
Required items: -
Reward: 500 exp, 7,500 gil, Dodoskin Ringbands


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Unsavory Character

Level: 15
Drops: ?
Location: Bentbranch instance

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Rite of Cleansing

Mestonnaux: I bid you good day, traveler, or as good a one as these dark times permit. No doubt you've heard the rumors - aye, that Garleans have been stealing into the Twelveswood.
It has been some fifteen years since the fall of Ala Mhigo, and ever since, we forestfolk have feared the day when the northern Empire would turn its wrath upon Gridania.
But even more distressing than their incursion are their crimes - vile deeds that anger the elementals and scar the land. These Garleans pay no heed to the wood's fury, and know naught of her vengeance once stirred.
And yet it is we Gridanians who suffer that vengeance, for it is we who live here. In light of this, the conjurers of Stillglade Fane have resolved to hold a rite of cleansing.
Ah, you must forgive me. We forestfolk are wont to assume all know of the rite, so integral is it to our own lives. Let me enlighten you as to our ways. The majority of the rite of cleansing takes place here at Greatloam Growery. The magic enacted during the ceremony quells the greenwrath of the elementals, and thus ensures harmony within the wood.
No doubt you being to see why the conjurers think it prudent to hold a rite now, with the Garleans in our midst. Unfortunately, the suddenness of their decision has left us little time to make the necessary preparations.
If you mean to stay in Gridania for a spell, might you do us the honor and kindness of assisting? I require a messenger to visit all of the guilds here in town and spread word of the forthcoming rite.
(quest accept)
Mestonnaux: Most excellent! I shall mark on your map the location of every guild representative you must visit. Speak to each of them, and return to me when you have.

Guild News

(Stillglade Fane)
Biddy: There's to be a cleansing rite? Well, that is welcome news indeed. I must make ready at once! Have you ever been to one? It's a festive event, certainly, and good fun to boot - but most importantly, it purges us of our woodsin.
But that is not to be the sole intent of the coming rite, I fear. Surely you've heard by now, as all have.
I refer to the ill happenings of late, both within the Twelveswood and without. A terrible darkness is descending over the whole of Eorzea. All feel it, though none dare speak of it.

(Wailing Barracks)
Nuala: A cleansing rite? Right, I'll pass the word on. Alright?
Ah, just a moment. I've a message for Mestonnaux. We've received word from Camp Bentbranch.
There is a great tree south of the camp that has been…profaned. A scout claimed it appeared as if a great beast's claws or perhaps even a blade had a bitter difference of opinion with the better part of the trunk.
Should the botanists be able to shed any light on this, have them send word. That is all.
In safer times, we would conduct the imvestigation ourselves. But the days being what they are, we dare not enter the deep wood without the elementals' consent.

Nuala: We've received word of a tree south of camp Bentbranch that has been profaned. The nature of its wounds give us great cause for concern, but we dare not enter the deep wood to investigate without the elementals' consent. Pass word on to Mestonnaux when you see him next.

(Fen-Yll Fineries)
Tatagoi: The conjurers have called for a rite of cleansing? I expected as much. The forest is ill at ease of late.
It doesn't take a conjurer to see why the greenwrath is stirring. Wanton destruction of the forest, indiscriminate killing - total disregard for life. What can men do against such reckless hate?

Tatagoi: There are worse things in the wood these days than just the Ixal. Never have I felt so helpless. Gods, woman, I'm a cobbler by trade! What would the Twelve have me do!?

(Oak Atrium)
Nellaure: A cleansing rite? We shall set about making preparations immediately, but I fear time is against us. The masks used in the rite must be carved with the utmost care, and there are only so many carpenters…
But fear not, the rite will not fail on our account. We will work night and day to ensure the conjurers have everything they need. It is the cleansing rite that purges us of our woodsin, and it is that which lets us continue our way of life here.
That reminds me, I heard that the conjurers recently opened the Hedge to permit a traveler entry into the wood - but I am at a loss to know who or why.
Not that I doubt their judgment, of course. I only pray no Ixal or Garleans stole into the forest while the Hedge was down.

Nellaure: I heard that the conjurers recently opened the Hedge to permit a traveler entry into the wood - but I am at a loss to know who or why.

(Gods' Quiver)
Alaire: Mestonnaux sends word of a cleansing rite, does he? Very well. The Quiver shall appoint escorts to the botanists. No doubt they must needs venture into the wood to gather food and material.
Never in all my years have I seen the Twelveswood in such a tumult. The days bode ill, and more so as each one passes. We've had reports of airship sightings from as close by as the hamlets of Ishgard. None doubt that the Garleans are to blame for all of this.
But they are fools if they think we have spent these last fifteen years cowering under the canopy in fear. Should they march upon Gridania, we shall give them a fight such as they have never known!

Alaire: Word reaches us of imperial activity in every corner of Eorzea… There can be little doubt as to the garleans' intentions. But they are fools if they think we have spent the past fifteen years cowering under the canopy in fear. Should they march upon Gridania, we shall give them a fight such as they have never known!

(Greatloam Growery)
Mestonnaux: Have you visited each of the guilds? That is surpassingly good news. What's that? A message from Nuala of the Wood Wailers?
A tree was defaced, you say? That is most unsettling. If a tree were marked in such a manner, one of our botanists should have noticed immediately. I fear this bodes ill…
I must ask a second favor of you, <Player>. Travel south of Camp Bentbranch to the tree of which Nuala spoke, and try to ascertain what happened. I, meanwhile, will see to it that word of this reaches Stillglade Fane. Oh, and worry not, I shall have the conjurers make your coming known to the elementals.

Garlean Blades

(Bentbranch instance)
Yayatu: Thank you, thank you, thank you! You saved us from the Garleans! I didn't think they would chase us this far into the forest.
Did you see that…that thing fighting them? It was so bright and shiny! What was it, do you know?

Bardo: Ye saved our lives, and for that we're in yer debt.
Bardo's the name, of the Garlond Ironworks. The Lalafell lass with me goes by Yayatu. We was on our way to Gridania when we found a swarm of imperials blockin' the way. Hid as best as we could, o' course, but they'd have found us afor long.
Lookin' for a cut-up tree, are ye? Aye, I reckon I might've seen the one ye're after. Cut up by Garlean blades, if I was to wager a guess.
Right near where the fight happened, it was. Never seen such a fearsome spectacle. Some sort of creature appeared, bright as the sun to look at, and went form the Garlean bastards like a bloody fury.
One of 'em ran it through with his sword, though, and whatever light was in the beast took to fadin', till finally it was gone. And just then, I felt the whole forest go cold. Chilled me to the bone, it did.
As to what in the seven bloody hells the beast was, I couldn't rightly say. Maybe the elementals called it up to fight for 'em. Maybe not. But whatever it was, the forestforlk need to be told of it.
Much obliged for the help, friend. Beggin' yer pardon, but Yayatu and me best hurry the rest of the way to Gridania.

Ironworks News

(Greatloam Growery)
Mestonnaux: Are you sure of this!? Gods, so it was the Garleans who defiled the tree - just as I feared. Such sacrilege must not go unanswered! We shall return their spite tenfold!
Forgive me, I…I am not myself. Both fear and fury grip my heart, and not little grief, besides. Permit me a moment to gather my thoughts…
Ahem. The travellers from the Garlond Ironworks told me verything. I must thank you for coming to their aid when you did.
As it happens, the head of the Ironworks is now in Gridania himself. He was most pelased to learn of his engineers' preservation.
After all you have done, I feel you have a right to know - these souls from the Garlond Ironworks are being pursued by the Empire. And not suprrisingly so.
Elite engineers, master machinists and technologists - there are none as skilled or knowledgeable as they in their fields. Many are born to the north in Garlemald, and feel by way of Ala Mhigo to Eorzea, seeking asylum.
Does the revelation of their Garlean birth shock you? Do not fear, were there a traitor in our midst, we would surely know of it. The eyes of the elementals and conjurers are not easily fooled - and it is to them that we must now entrust this matter.
Ah, but I am keeping you from your other endeavors. Before you depart, I would like to thank you again for helping us avoid a great calamity. Here, a small token of my immense gratitude. Take it, and go well.

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