Saving the Stead Instead


Name: TM - Saving the Stead Instead
How to begin: talk to Hasthwab aboard the Astalicia
Areas: Limsa Lominsa, Bloodshore

Last quest: Till Sea Swallows All
Next quest: -

Requirements to sign up: ?
Required items: -
Reward: ?


Coming soon


Kobold Ascetic

Level: 27
Drops: ?
Location: instance east of Red Rooster Stead

Note that the pirates you meet will be fighting with you.

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Relieve Frustrations

Hasthwab: Ye've the sthink of a 'Cuda, but be lackin' the proper raiments. I suppose that'd make ye one o' the good Admiral's Maelstromers? Aye, a Storm Pup Fourth Class, fresh from the tic 'ound's teat.
'Ere t' remind us of our duty, are ye? Hah! E'er since Merlwyb shackled us 'onest priates t' th' bay, our duty's consisted o' sittin' on our starvelin' arses, 'opin' fer th' day when 'Er Bloody 'Igh-an'-Mightininess'll drop a bone in our bowl.
Some o' the lads aint' takin' the respite from reavin' too well, and they's started turnin' on one another. Why, not an evenin' passes without some manner o' bloodshed - an' I ain't talkin' 'bout the good sort. So far, the cap'n's kept the flames from spreadin', but it won't be long afore some scrag gets it into 'is 'ead that 'e knows better'n the chief, and we'll 'ave a full-blown mutiny on our 'ands.
Which is why I's been mullin' long an' 'ard o'er this idea I 'ad to 'elp the boys let off some steam.
There be this farm up near bloodshore, ye see - Red Rooster Stead, 'tis called. Place ain't no bigger'n a boil on a gnat's arse, which is why the 'Cudas don't reckon it worth so much as a bloody glance, let alone a visit. Poor bastards what live there are on their own.
'Tis why the folks over that way was always glad to 'ave us around. We'd keep an eye on the Stead while we went bout, and they'd see to it our flagons flowed with sour red when we put in at the Rooster's 'alls.
But now, with nary a soul t' make the rounds, the farm's become a ripe target fer them connivin' kobold curs. Mor'n 'alf the season's crop's alredy been torn up, and if somethin' aint' done quick-like, it won't be long afore the beasts set their minds to 'arvestin' man-flesh.
So 'ere's me cunnin' plan t' fell two quails with one quarrel: I send out an 'andful o' the crew's most restless ruffians t' teach the kobolds a lesson.
That way, our fidgety scrags get t' take out their frustrations on the bastard beastmen, while the good folks at Red Rooster Stead get t' go on earnin' an 'onest livin'. Simple.
Only trouble is, the Admiral's ordered us pirates t' remain in the city…which is where you come in. If an official pup o' th' Maelstrom 'appened t' be accompanyin' me mates on their foray up north, there ain't a soul on the strand what'd think t' question it. So, what do ye say, lad? If not fer th' Executioners, do it fer the poor folk at the Rooster.
(quest accept)
Hasthwab: A rare sight it is these days, t' see one o' the Admiral's lapdogs what still 'as 'is wits about 'im. Might be as ye ain't all bad…but I'll reserve me judgement 'til ye're back 'ere with a sack o' kobold 'eads.

Meet the Pirates

(south of Bloodshore, east-ish of Red Rooster, instance)

Albin: Ey, lads - I got an 'undred gil what says this pup 'n' 'is runny nose are the first t' get et by a kobold.

T'gizzoh: Shut yer daft gob, Albin. If it weren't fer this pup, we'd still be back on the 'Licia, polishin' the mast!

Denston: Come out, come out, wherever ye be! I got summut fer ye. I got summut fer ye! Heh heh heh!

Fyrilskyf: Who would dare intrude on our fellowship this day, if not our escort from the Maelstrom come to bear witness to deeds most heroic? Come, the time for idle chatter is past. Let us find our foes and deal unto them a justice swifter than any they deserve.

Changing Opinions

(instance after the fight)

Albin: Seems as I was wrong about ye, pup. Ye fought well…fer a dog.

Fyrilskyf: Enough, Albin. Our escort fought nobly, as befits his station. Were he one of us, the Executioners would have no need for the likes of you. You have my thanks, <Player>. Now let us be off, men!

(aboard Astalicia)

Hasthwab: Me mates said ye made good on yer word and lent 'em an 'and in cullin' the Bloodshore kobolds.
There be some 'mongst the Executions what say ye Storm Pups ain't all bad, but it'll take more'n a solit'ry act o' goodwill t' convince these scrags ye're aught but a 'Cuda in disguise.
'Course, that ain't t' say it's not a step in th' right direction. Take this, Storm Pup. Ye deserves it… Now bugger off, afore I start 'avin' second thoughts. Gah hah hah hah hah hah! <wink>

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