Sanguine Studies


Name: Sanguine Studies
How to begin: talk to Papala
Areas: Golden Bazaar, Halatali/Amalj'aa Encampent

Last quest: -
Next quest: Rustproof

Requirements to sign up: level ?
Required items: Barbarous Choker x3
Reward: ?


Coming soon


Amalj'aa Grunt

Level: 30
Drops: ?
Location: Thanalan/Halatali, Amalj'aa Encampment

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Coming soon


Amalj'aa Oddities

Papala: If it is work you seek, there is a task with which I require assistance. I am known as a student of cultures - beast tribe cultures, in particular. The city has asked that I provide a detailed report on the Amalj'aa and their ways.
Would you be willing to help me, friend?
Travel south of here, past Camp Drybone, and you will come upon the canyon called Halatali. It is there that Amalj'aa grunts often stop to take water.
What I am after is a most curious item they sometimes carry - a barbarous choker. If you could bring me, say…three of these, it would aid me immensely: I suppose they won't be willing to part with them of their own accord, so you may have to…well, kill them.
It will not be as difficult as it sounds. I know enough of the Amalj'aa to say with some certainty that they only ever travel out of their way to find water when they are dangerously dehydrated. In such a state, they will be far too weak to put up much of a fight.
(quest accept)
Papala: Excellent! But do be careful. In the unlikely event that you were taken by the Amalj'aa, you would almost certainly find yourself a sacrifice at their fire god's summoning ritual. Interesting fact, by the way - most people naturally fear being dismembered and eaten by the monstrosity, but the flames burn through your nerves long before that, so even if you were still alive at that point, you'd actually feel nothing! …Oh my, I do apologize. Perhaps that talk is best left for another time.

(talk again)
Papala: Travel to Halatali. You will find the Amalj'aa warriors there. Slay however many you must, and bring me three of their barbarous chokers.
Halatali lies to the south, beyond Camp Drybone. Go now, and may the gods go with you.


Papala: Tell me, were you able to retrieve any barbarous chokers form the Amalj'aa? Come, show me! Show me!
Yeeesss, yeeesss… Fascinating! Look here, on the underside, this engraving. Notice how each choker's marking is distinct! Just as I thought, it seems these chokers are a sort of identification tag for the Amalj'aa wearing them.
Theirs is a tribal society, and so there is great emphasis placed on familial bonds. I put forth a theory that these marked chokers are given to the relatives of those fallen in battle - as a means of imparting news of their death, and at the same time providing a token of remembrance.
A, and yes, look here! See this silver spike? A most ingenious device. The Amalj'aa have actually developed a sort of needle-based self-therapy! The point pierces just beneath their scales, stimulating a pressure point in the neck.
By adjusting the angle and applying various ointments to the tip, their warriors are able to stave off hunger and drowsiness, suppress pain, trigger the release of adrenaline - truly fascinating stuff!
Such a simple means of regulating so many complex bodily functions - just think of all the practical applications!
Before today, I had only heard tales of these ingenious devices from goblin traders. But now that I hold the real thing in my hand, I see it is all true!
Thanks to you, I'll be able to make a grand report for the city officials! Thank you, <Player>. Here is your reward - you have more than earned it.

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