Name: Rustproof
How to begin: talk to Papala
Areas: Golden Bazaar, Halatali

Last quest: Sanguine Studies
Next quest: ?

Requirements to sign up: level ?, Sanguine Studies complete
Required items: Stinky Liquid x6
Reward: ?


Coming soon


Amalj'aa Drudge

Level: 28-30
Drops: ?
Location: Thanalan/Halatali, Amalj'aa Encampment east

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Coming soon


More Amalj'aa

Papala: Oh, why hello, <Player>! Thank you so much again for gathering those chokers for my research. As it happens, I have another task I'd like your help with. It involves more Amalj'aa killing, if that interests you.
My last report was so well received that I've been asked to produce another, this time on the weaponry of the Amalj'aa. Having faced them in combat before, I'm sure you're more familiar than most with their pikes and arrowheads, and can attest to the fact that their steel is able to hold an extremely sharp edge!
As to the reason for this, one need look no further than their primitive faith. The Amalj'aa have long worshiped the flame god Ifrit. theirs is a culture of fire, and their smiths are gifted in the ways of wielding it. The steel they forge is a truly remarkable alloy - sturdy and robust.
But it is not without its weaknesses. It is quick to rust. Look at this arrowhead. I cam across it not three months ago. Never has it graced the end of an arrow's haft, nor been exposed to the elements. And yet it reddens nonetheless.
I believe this to be reason for the Amalj'aa's custom of applying a mysterious yellow solution to their blades and points. Pretty pungent stuff, to be sure, but it serves to stop the steel from rusting.
I trust I needn't explain the significance of all this. Imagine the advantage in our war against the Amalj'aa if we could cut off their supply of this solution!
Help me, <Player>, now as before! Attack the Amalj'aa at their altar, and bring me back six vials of stinky yellow liquid.
(quest accept)
Papala: You do not disappoint, <Player>! Oh, do take care not to be caught. If you were to end up a sacrifice at some dark, fiery rite, I just don't think I could bear it.


Papala: <Player>! Thank the gods you've returned safely! <retch> Ugggh, what is that smell!? It smells like…a turd covered in burnt hair. <heave> I trust you gathered the vials. <gag>
But there is something there… Just the faintest soupcon of…asparagus? No, it's…it's… Gods be good!
This can only be Arrzaneth holy oil! There are other elements mixed in, to be sure, giving it this abhorrent odor. But the presence of the oil is unmistakable! So that is what they've been using to coat their steel!
Scarlet oil is taken to Arrzaneth Ossuary where it is blessed by the thaumaturges. I've seen the prelates then use it to coat the bodies of the deceased in preparation for their funerary rites. It is said to be able to hide the stench of decaying flesh.
Still, we must discover where the Amalj'aa are o btaining the oil. I only hope they are not - Gods, I dare not even speak it, lest we find it to be true.
But I haven't the time for idle conjecture. I must complete my report and submit it to my superiors!
You have served me well yet again, <Player>. Please, take this as a token of my appreciation. And let us pray the Amalj'aa do not have many more secrets of this sort.

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