Runaway Little Girl


Name: MIN3 - Runaway Little Girl
How to begin: talk to Linette at Amajina & Sons
Areas: Ul'dah, Black Brush, Horizon's Edge

Last quest: Little Saboteurs
Next quest: -

Requirements to sign up: MIN36, Little Saboteurs complete
Required items: -
Reward: ?


Coming soon


Coming soon



Brewing Trouble

???: Hello? I'm trying to reach <Player>… Is he there? Please could you tell him to come to Amajina & Sons Mineral Concern as soon as he can? I'll be waiting for him there…

(Amajina & Sons)
Linette: It is always good to see you, <Player>, but I would advise you to give the Concern a wide berth for now. Nenekko has been missing all day, and the twins are in an absolute frenzy.
They've already dreamed up a host of ridiculous theories - everything from elopement to kidnapping - though they all amount to the same thing, as far as they're concerned.
Gods know, once they get an idea like that into their heads, those two will happily search to the ends of Eorzea. Would you be so good as to help us find her first?
(quest accept)
Linette: They are like to request the assistance of the Adventurers' Guild, if they haven't already. You do call in there from time to time, don't you? If not, you should.

Momodi: Work from the Miners' Guild?
Aye, there was some such business as that. Not as I'd recommend it.
(you look thoughtful, and start walking away. A red-hooded person approaches)
Nenekko: Ah, <Player>, I'm so glad you've come. I was starting to wonder if you'd ever find me.
I borrowed a linkpearl from the Miners' Guild, intending to contact you - but I wasn't entirely sure how to use it.
…I-I've run away from home.
Mother thinks happiness will come from marrying a rich man and living on a grand estate.
And my brothers think happiness is family - all of us together as we always have been, forever and ever.
And me? I don't know which is right and which is wrong. I just don't know anything anymore…
But I will! And that is why I've left. Because I want to learn. I want to know what is right and what is wrong.
Please, <Player> - take me with you on your travels!
(Take Nenekko along with you? No, the road is no place for you/Yes, some company would be nice)
Nenekko: Oh, thank you, thank you! I promise I won't get in the way, you'll see! I'll never complain, and I'll give my life if it comes to it.
Oh no!
(you see Popokkuli and Seserukka pestering the leve counter personnel. Nenekko escapes)

Popokkuli: Adventures of the Miners' Guild! There is important work to be done.
Seserukka: Amajina & Sons faces the direst crisis in history. Our dear sister Nenkko has disappeared!
Popokkuli: She must be found, no matter the cost! Whoever brings her back to us can name their reward!
Seserukka: Find her! The future of the Concern is at stake!

Forgotten City

(Black Brush, south-east of the city)
Nenekko: Oh, it's you.
I suppose you've come looking for me, haven't you? Did my brothers send you to find me?
(Have you come looking for Nenekko? No, just passing through/Yes, I have)
Nenekko: So, everyone is still worried about me. Just like always…
Do you remember before, when we talked about Sil'dih?
There's barely a mention of the city in the histories, and none still live who remember it. But it was a beautiful city once, and prosperous. And now it is gone. Forgotten.
It must have been just like Ul'dah - No. it must have been less magnificent than Ul'dah. Less spectacular and less remarkable. Just an ordinary city where ordinary people lived ordinary lives, content and peaceful.
Which only served to make it easier for people to forget about it.
I could be like Sil'dih, <Player>.
I could live an ordinary life, content and peaceful, and soon to be forgotten…
It would be so easy… So many people choose to live that way, and I am not saying they are wrong. It's just…
It is not the life for me.
I want to leave something behind when I leave this world. I want to be remembered, if only for a short while.
I come here to look upon the ruins because nobody else does. Nobody else seems to care.
When I am gone, I doubt even the name of Sil'dih will be remembered.
I have a favor to ask of you, <Plalyer>. Would you see me safely to the west? I wish to go to the ferry docks of Vesper Bay.
(See Nenkko to the ferry docks? No, I'll have no part of this/Yes, the docks, of course)
Nenekko: Thank you! Thank you ever so much! I will be waiting for ou by the way to western Thanalan.

Escape Capers

(escort instance)
Nenekko: <Player>! I knew you would come. I just knew it! Come, let us be off for the ferry docks.

Nenekko: I see now why you adventurers lead the lives you do. Everything seems so much more beautiful when you are traveling about freely.

???: Nenekko! Nenekkooo!
Nenekko: Gods, no! Someone has found us. Come, <Player>, we must make haste!
Nenekko: Perhaps… Yes, let us set a trap. A pit will serve, I should think. Quick, <Player>, dig us a pit!

???: Aaaaaargh!

Nenekko: I…I'm sorry, <Player>. A moment, if you please. I…I must rest.

Nenekko: The earth here looks soft enough. You must dig us a pit, <Player>, and hurry! It is our only chance!

Nenekko: I…I haven't the strength. I should have spent more time in the mines…

Nenekko: <huff> <huff> How are you doing this, <Player>? How have you done any of this?

Nenekko: <huff> Just…a bit…further…

Nenekko: I did not come this far to fail. Come, we will make it!


(you arrive at the docks)
Nenekko: It's so beautiful, isn't it? The sea.
I need only cross the sea, and my life will be my own - not my brothers' nor my mother and fathers'. There is a life like that waiting for all of us, I think. A life to call our own.
(Nenekko accidentally drops something, then notices it)
Nenekko: This is the shard you gave me…from Sil'dih…
I am ready, now.
You have made me happy in a way no one else has, <Player>.
Thank you. For the shard. And for seeing me this far.
Though it may not have been your intention, you have shown me what it is I must do.
I must return to Ul'dah.
There I will learn about Sil'dih, until there is nothing left to be learned. And then I will set down the city's history for posterity. It will not be forgotten.
It may seem an impossible task, but it is what I must do - what I am meant to do. Besides, I am a daughter of the mines, remember? I have the most stubborn blood in the realm! Heehee!
You know, a part of me hopes that by preserving the legacy of Sil'dih, I'll leave behind something by which the world can remember me, too.
And now, I have yet another favor to ask, <Player> - a final one. Would you send word to my brothers for me? I promise I won't let them harm you.

Popokkuli: The ferry docks?
Seserukka: We must have passed right by her!
Popokkuli: We're on our way!

Nenekko: Thank you for everything, <Player>. I will wait for my brothers here. You should head back to the Concern now.
I'm sorry for all the trouble I caused you. It was never my intention, you must know that. I do hope that you will continue to work for Amajina & Sons.

The Savior

(Amajina & Sons)
Linette: Well, well, look who's back. I heard you were able to track down our missing Nenekko. Well done!
She will be fine. Just give her time. All young ladies go through some difficulties at her age.
Popokkuli: There you are! We've been looking for you! <Player>…was it?
Seserukka: Get ready! This has been a long time coming!
(the two make a running jump towards you, but collide in mid-air)
Popokkuli: Don't get in the way!
Seserukka: You're the one getting in the way!
Thanks to you, our Nenekko is home safe. You've done us a great kindness.
Popokkuli: She's a good girl, though a bit too trusting. No doubt some silver-tongued fiend took advantage of her innocence. And it was you who saved her.
Seserukka: Here, this is a small token of our thanks.
Popokkuli: 'Course, no trinket can convey how grateful we are. So, if anyone ever gives you any trouble, just give us a call, and I guarantee we'll end the bastards.
Linette: I was worried for a moment there. I was sure they were going to end you! Probably best you didn't come between them, all the same. Things could have become rather…ugly.
Still, it looks as though they've taken a liking to you, <Player>. Just, uh…be careful they don't smother you with their affection.

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