Risky Business


Name: Risky Business
How to begin: talk to Aistan
Areas: Ul'dah, Black Brush

Last quest: -
Next quest: -

Requirements to sign up: level ?
Required items: Fossil-fused dark matter
Reward: ?


Coming soon


Goblin Trader

Aistan: You're an adventurer, if these eyes aren't mistaken. I hear you lot never turn down a chance to make quick gil. Well, I happen to have just the task for you.
Not more than a few suns past, as I was making my way back from Gridania, I came upon a peculiar carriage being pulled by chocobos.
It was all I could do to hide my astonishment when a goblin - the first I'd seen in these parts in well over a decade - sprang out and hailed me. As if to compound my amazement, he turned out to be rather an agreeable fellow, and we were soon chattering like old friends.
When I told him I was a merchant, the little chap's eyes - such as they were - twinkled with delight. Excitedly, he asked if I might be able to procure some dark matter for him, before grabbing me by the wrist and thrusting a handsome amount of coin into my palm.
(text missing) fortune…until he added that ordinary dark matter wouldn't do - only a specific variety, riddled with impurities. Now, I had my doubts as to why anyone would want impure dark matter, but I'd already taken the man's coin, and a merchant's only as good as his word.
So it was that I commenced to combing all four corners of the realm in search of the blasted stuff. And, after much painstaking effort, here it is: dark matter fused with fossil. All that remains for the bargain to be fulfilled is to see the merchandise safely delivered to my client, the goblin Mutamix. And this, my friend, is the task I need you for.
Mutamix and his crew have set up camp north of Ul'dah, halfway up a sheer cliff. Keep an eye out for a mysterious cloud of smoke, and you'll soon find the place.
What's that? Why don't I make the delivery myself? A fair question, and it's only right I answer, lest you worry that I'm playing you false.
The fact is, the Brass Blades are concerned about the sudden resurgence of goblins in the area, and have been keeping them under tight surveillance. Being an Ul'dahn merchant, of course, it wouldn't do for me to be seen in the company of beastmen, so I've been forced to turn to outsiders like yourself.
Do me this favor, friend, and I'll see to it you're more than fairly compensated. I am promised the remainder of my payment upon delivery - that entire amount will be yours to keep. A veritable windfall, even if I say so myself.
(quest accept)
Aistan: My thanks, adventurer! I knew you had more sense than to let this opportunity pass you by.
Now then, you must see to it that the merchandise is delivered intact to Mutamix. My good reputation rests upon your shoulders!

Aistan: Mutamix and his crew have set up camp north of Ul'dah, halfway up a sheer cliff. Keep an eye out for a mysterious cloud of smoke, and you'll soon find the place.

Fossilized Matter

(at Mutamix's camp)
Mutamix Bubblypots: Pshhh… Shkohhh…? Who is uplander come to tent-ring of Mutamix Bubblypots?
Uplander bring fragment of fossilized matter from goodsbearer Aistan? Ahee-hee-hee! Now catalysts are complete!
Pshhh? Uplander wants to know about sweatytime of Mutamix? Mutamix gives uplander tongueflaps. Uplander stand ears to attention now.
Fighty-tool drinks in airyself. When full of airyself, fighty-tool changes to stonyshine, name of materia. Uplander makes materia join with other fighty-tool, then…bigeyes! Fighty-tool gains power of airyself!
What materia will airyself of uplander become? What power will uplander gain? Imagining fills Mutamix with many heartthumps!
Here, uplander take jinglyshine of wordbond!

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