Ring of Deceit


Name: Hildibrand 1c - Ring of Deceit
How to begin: talk to Otopa Pottopa at The Quicksand
Areas: Ul'dah

Last quest: -
Next quest: The Usual Suspect

Requirements to sign up: ?
Required items: -
Reward: access to the Hourglass's inn room


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The Missing Ring

Otopa Pottopa: Hello there, handsome, and welcome to the Hourglass.
…Well, I say welcome, but we're actually not accepting guests at the moemtn. We've got a commotion on our hands, you see.
If you must know, we were hosting a rather wealthy couple, and things were proceeding uneventfully - just the way I like it. But come the morning they were due to leave, the husband storms up to me and says that someone had stolen his rather pricey wedding ring form within these very walls.
That's not the worst of it, either. The couple has the ear of an individual of - shall we say - considerable influence in the Mirage Trust, which happens to own the Hourglass.
And now, at the good lady wife's bidding, the inn is to remain closed until the culprit is found and arrested. If we don't crack this case soon, it might be me who ends up in irons.
Of course, I'm not just standing around with a finger up my nose. I've already hired an independent investigator, a man who specializes in difficult cases, to look into the matter.
But this is Ul'dah, and if there's any place in Eorzea more infested with charlatans and scoundrels, I'd like to know where! The investigator reassured me that the case is in good hands, all the while patting me on the head. But for all hhis pomp and pageantry - or perhaps because of it - I don't find myself feeling reassured at all.
I need more people on the case. Safety in numbers, you see. So…um, would you care to help a poor innkeeper out?
The husband, Mister Josce, claims he didn't set foot outside the Hourglass the night the ring went missing. And so we've been scouring the premises from cellar to attic.
But I can't help but wonder whether we're overlooking clues outside. And that's where I could really do with some help. I would appreciate it if you could go to the alley out back - Pearl Lane it's called - and ask around for Judithe.
Judithe has ears in alleys and alehouses throughout Ul'dah, and little happens here that she doesn't know about. She's a wary little rascal, though, and doesn't easily take to strangers. but just maybe she'll be willing to open up to a kind adventurer like you.
(quest accept)
Otopa Pottopoa: Wonderful, wonderufl. Frankly, I have serious doubts about that investigator fellow. I feel better knowing you're on the job, too.
The culprit is somewhere close, I'm sure. At least, I hope so - my livelihood depnds on it!

Suspicious Individuals

(Pearl Lane)
Judithe: We don't get many adventurers 'roud these parts. Josce's ring? Dunna nothin' about it.
But seein' 'ow you mention it, that night I did see old gentleman Josce. 'E was 'uddled together with Momodi for a it, whisperin' summat urgent like. Then later on in the night, I see 'im staggerin' 'round the lane 'ere…
(in the background a highlander man poses)
Hildibrand: Far be it from my intent to eavesdrop, but these ears of mine have a habit of picking up the whisperings of young scallywags form a half a malm away. Ah, but this is curious indeed!
Master Josce claims he did not leave the Hourglass the night of the theft.
Judithe: Who the 'ell's this?
Hildibrand: So we are left with two testimonies, incompatible and conflicting. But why? Why, why, why…?
Aha! I have the answer. As sure as I am Hildibrand, inspector extraordinaire, Momodi has woven a spell, entranced Mister Josce, and purloined the bauble!
Nashu Mhakaracca: Oh, there you are! Inspector Hildibrand!
I was over at the alehouse - you know, in the Mineral COncern? And I was watchin' the dancin' girls - from under the table, 'cause I wasn't supposed to be there, yeah? And I found this real pretty wedding ring!
And I told myself, well, Nashu, if you haven't gone and found the ring! How'd I do, Inspector?
Hildibrand: Dancing girls…? Tables…?
Aaah! B-but of course! Once again, my instincts have cut through the knot of inscrutability to strike at the heart of the matter. That I had sent you to scour the Mineral Concern was a stroke of genius indeed!
Detective Hildibrand, investigator extraordinaire of all conundrums mystifying and confounding has succeeded once again. I declare the Case of the Missing Ring closed.
(you and the street kids watch dumbfounded as he poses)
Judithe: What was that all about?

Judithe: Cor, we been gettin' all sorts o' nutters 'round 'ere recently. That goes for ye, too, mister. Ye're an adventurer, ain't ye? Why don'tcha go do some adventurin' an' leave us be?

Innkeeper's Gratitude

Otopa Pottopa: Ah, there you are. I do thank you for agreeing to help, but the inspector I engaged recovered the missing ring after all. He came by with it just moments ago.
Do you know where it was? At the Amajina & Sons Mineral Concern! Under…er, quite rigorous questioning from his wife, Mister Josce confessed everything. Apparently, he had droppd it while heavy in his cups. It was never stolen in the first place.
In the evening in question, Mister Josce somewhat insistently asked Miss Momodi to accompany him to dinner. When she refused, he went to the alehouse at the Mineral Concern and over-indulged his fondness for the stronger spirits. At some point, the ring slipped from his finger and fell to the floor.
Well, Missus Josce has a sharp tongue and sharper temper. Mister Josce had no illusions as to what would happen if his good wife found out he lost the ring at a common tavern.
And so he made up the story about the theft, and claimed not to have left the Hourglass that evening.
Of course, his deception was in vain and the tongue-lashing took place anyway. Nevertheless, the case is closed, I still have my livelihood, and the inn is open to guests once more. All's well that ends well.
So, if you're interested in a room, we can add your name to the register. It'll also be my pleasure to tell you about the servies we provide.
The Hourglass is proud to offer the latest amenities and conveniences available to modern hostelry. We trust you will have a comfortable stay with us.
However, we do ask that you refrain from performing synthesis in your room, so as not to disturb other guests.
Your name is <Full Name>, yes? I've added you to the guest registry, and you are now free to make use of our facilities at any time. We look forward to serving you!

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