Revenge on the Reavers


Name: LL - Revenge on the Reavers
How to begin: talk to Chaunollet in Coral Tower in Limsa Lominsa
Areas: Limsa Lominsa, Mistbeard Cove

Last quest: -
Next quest: -

Requirements to sign up: ?
Required items: Reaver wristlet x8
Reward: ?


Coming soon


Serpent Reaver Claw, lv45
Serpent Reaver Fin, lv45
Serpent Reavern Eye, lv45

Once you've picked up the quest, the remainder is easy enough. Simply kill the listed enemies until you have 8 wristlets to bring back to Chaunollet. They can all be found in the Plunder Hold in Mistbeard Cove.



Preying on Reavers

Chaunollet: Move along, adventurer. I have no time for- Ah, perhaps I misspoke. A man of your talents may be exactly what we need. Allow me to explain.
You have no doubt heard of the Serpent Reavers - those vile men and women who sold their swords and souls to the Sahagin for a handful of trinkets and a shallow promise of fame.
To think of how many of my brothers have been sent to the abyss at their hands…
It is not as if the Knights of the Barracuda have sat idly by as the bastards wreaked their havoc across the coastline, of course…but there are limits to our resources. What is worse, the fact that they travel in small parties resembling those of you adventurers makes it difficult to discern them as the enemy until our patrols are up close…and by then the Reavers will have sensed the danger and fled.
Now you, on the other hand, would have the advantage of playing a more inconspicuous role on the battlefield. A Reaver party will not regard you as a threat, and will more likely allow you to approach closer than they would a Barracuda unit. Why, they may even see you as easy prey, and launch their own offensive. So, what say you? Will you take up your weapon in defense of the city-state and her people?
(quest accept)
Chaunollet: Excellent. You need not bring back the heads of those brigands you slay. The Admiral would not have the stench foul her morning meal…or her midday or evening one, for that matter. No, each Serpent Reaver is given a wristlet when inducted into the Sahagin's ranks. This item will be proof enough of your deed, but do not bother returning until you have collected at least eight.
The wristlets will then be crushed under hammer and tossed into the sea where the Sahagin are certain to lay eyes upon them.

Chaunollet: Mistbeard Cove, located in western La Noscea, is rumored to be a haven for Serpent Reavers.
Travel to the caves and slay any suspicious-looking parties. Oh, and do not forget to return with the wristlets of eight of your victims. Without them, I am not authorized to present you with your reward.

Services Rendered

(Coral Tower)
Chaunollet: One, two, three… Yes. Everything seems to be in order. You have performed a great service for the thalassocracy today, <Player>.
Pleae accept this reward along with the gratitude of the Knights of the Barracuda. Your bravery will not be forgotten, till sea swallows all.

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