Revenge of the Worms

At a glance, sandworms seem little more than mindless minions of the desert, but it is now believed that each worm is bound to the others in their community, forming a sort of "hive mind" which recognizes when one part of the group has been injured or killed. This hive mind is now guiding a swarm of the worms towards Forgotten Springs to exact revenge on the U tribe.


Name: Revenge of the Worms
Type: Battle
Level: 31
Location: Southern Thanalan / Forgotten Springs (14,30)
Spawn: 15 min duration

Reward: ~7,995 exp, ~64 gil, ~184 seals
Additional Reward: -




You will be aided in the FATE by U'jughal and several rangers and healers of the Drake. Note that Ulhuadshi won't spawn until the FATE has progressed enough, and the FATE won't end until Ulhuadshi has been killed.

Category: Quests


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