Revelry in Rivalry


Name: THM2 - Revelry in Rivalry
How to begin: talk to Yayake
Areas: Ul'dah, Limsa Lominsa, Bearded Rock

Last quest: The Big Payback
Next quest: Law and the Order

Requirements to sign up: THM30
Required items: Nyldiq & Vymelli's writ of acccess
Reward: ?


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Ignis Fatuus

Level: ??
Drops: ?
Location: instance north-west of Camp Bearded Rock, by the coast line

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Sacred Duty

Yayake: Greetings, <Player>. The Order was pleased with your handling of the vengeance order. Yet there is still much you sut learn, and the lives of you adventurers are oft cut short without warning. So come to the Ossuary, that we might advance your training with all haste.

(Arrzaneth Ossuary)
Yayake: Well met, <Player>. Today, the work of Thal needs be done in a faraway place.
You will venture forth from Ul'dah, and head in the direction of the setting sun. You will cross the seas, and beyond them come to the ports of Limsa Lominsa - city of pirates.
There they worship the Twelve, as do we on the mainland. Yet they know little and less of life and death, and of crossing from one to the other.
Your charge is to spread word of our teachings - to enlighten our Lominsan brothers as to what awaits us all beyond death. And, for the good of their eternal souls, you are to invite them to be interred here at the Ossuary when they shuffle off this mortal coil. To put it in layman's terms, you will be selling graves.
Few acts are deemed more virtuous than this in the eyes of the Order. It is a first and fundamental step in a thaumaturge's training. You will agree to undertake this sacred mission, I trust?
(quest accept)
Yayake: The Lominsans are our brothers and sisters in this realm of Nald. Yet they are lost and require guidance. We of the Order must light the way for them on their path.
Before departing, you will need to acquaint yourself with the wisdom found in these tomes.
The prospect of scholarly study has been known to deter less adventurers, but I am quite sure it holds no fears for you. Of course, if you were to develop a sudden aversion to the written word, I would suggest learning what you could from your fellow thaumaturges.

Yayake: Head in the direction of the setting sun. You will cross the seas, and beyond them come to the ports of Limsa Lmoinsa - city of pirates.
There you will spread word of our teachings, and convince the Lomisnans to purchase graves here at Arrzaneth Ossuary. Your fellow thaumaturges will have knowledge to guide you. Speak to them before you depart.

Kamlito Halito: Prepare well for your journey. The voyage itself is part of your training.
And keep in mind that the choicest morsels of information in Limsa are typically to be found among the flagons and wineskins of the Drowning Wench. Be sure and pay a visit.
But perhaps I have said too much. If your training is too easy, my soul will bear the sin for making it so.

Fyrilsunn: Set no store by verbal contracts. The services you offer concern a person's most cherished belongings.
In such matters, the Order will recognize nothing less than a contract sealed with blood.

Gogofu: The raelm of Thal is a paradise of Man - unplagued by decay and disdease, free of pain and the pangs of hunger, unmatched and eternal in its beauties.

I'llofii: Most Ul'dahns are obsessed with their insurances. Sad to say, there's none I can recommend for a traveler such as yourself.
You and your kind care little for stability. You'd rather leap into an unknown tomorrow than linger in a known today, would you not?

Tutubuki: If you wish to sell graves, you must carefully outline the many benefits of interment here at Arrzaneth Ossuary.
Vengeance orders, seeing to the needs of the bereaved, execution of the will and testament, and so on. The Order may be relied upon to handle virtually all of one's posthumous affairs.
But you would do well to leave out the…finer details. Time is money, is wealth, is virtue. Squander it not.

Sinette: So it is to be Limsa Lominsa, is it? Not a very welcoming place, I fear. A fight is never far, what with all the pirates and Sahagin about.
Most there have no need of the Order to exdecute their vengeance - they would sooner exact it themselves.

Totono: Off to sell graves, are you? An admirable endeavor, and required of every novice. You must learn that to amass wealth is to take it from others.
The truth which you must teach is this - to live in plenty in the realm of Thal, we must relinquish all we have amassed in this realm of Nald.

Overweening Thaumaturge: It seems we are to be in training together. You have been assigned to Limsa, and I to Ishgard.
Limsa is famous for its distrust of the Order. They claim the special benefits and rites promised with our burials are rarely carried out.
And why might that be, you ask?
I imagine it is because there are no dead to fill the graves, frankly. It is a city of ailors, and many and more die at sea. Without a corpse, what proper burial can there be?
The prelates and exarchs will be judging us against one another in this - though your situation is certainly the more difficult of the two.
I have every intention of showing them I am superior to you - in all respects. Expect no favors from me, and you will not be disappointed.

Over the Seas

(Drowning Wench, Limsa Lominsa)
Baderon: What's all this, then? Come all th' way from th' Ossuary in Ul'dah, 'ave ye? Hahaha! Ye needn't say another word, matey - not a bloody one.
So, th' Order's freshest sprat 'as found what he passes for 'is sea legs, an' come all the way t' Limsa 'opin' t' save us sinnin' sailors from an affordable afterlife, eh!? Them brass-necked, black art-dabblin' bastards've got some bloody nerve, I'll give 'em that.
Still, the mere sight o' ye's served t' put a smile on me face, so I s'pose 'tis only fair I offer ye what wisdom I can spare. Well then, ye'll no doubt be 'appy to 'ear that th' anvil-botherers o'er at Naldiq & Vymelli's 'ave been known t' buy yer graves from time t' time - though I'm buggered if I know why.
Might try yer luck there. But don't think as ye can jus' go swaggerin' in like yer sultana's favorite eunuch. Ye'll need t' curry a bit o' favor wi' them steel-'eads afore they'll 'arken t' yer patter.
Which reminds me…a mate o' mine said 'e'd spied one o' Naldiq & Vymelli's runners bein' chased around by some beast or other no mor'n a bell past. 'Tweren't far from the city, neither.
Woulda saved 'er 'isself, 'e said, but as too short o' courage an' too long without wine. Still, assumin ' ye've got more balls an' less of a thirst, ye might think o' savin' the poor wench yerself. If she ain't been eaten, that is.

(off De Nevelle Westroad, NW Bearded Rock)
Bizarre Blacksmith: Hahaha! Bastard thing almost 'ad me! Daresay it might've done if you 'adn't 'appened to be passin'.
Ye've me 'eartfelt thanks, an' no mistake. That don't seem like enough, though… <sigh> I've naught t' give ye but this. See it safe back t' Naldiq & Vymelli's. Migth be ol' Bodenolf'll see fit t' do ye a kindness in return.
(obtain a Naldiq & Vymelli's writ of access)

Smithy Dealings

(Naldiq & Vymelli's)
Bodenolf: What's that? One of our smiths? Attacked by a beast? An' ye saved her, did ye? I s'pose ye think that obligates me t' buy a plot in yer Ossuary, do ye? A place t' lay me tired ol' bons once me days of forgin' an' whorin' are over?
Oi, that's my Naldiq & Vymelli's writ of access! Where'd ye get yer grubby paws on- That bloody bitch! She waltzed right in an' stole it!
I should stick yer manhood in the bloody forge for savin' the likes o' that thievin' whore!

Bodenolf: What drew ye t' th' Ossuary, anyroad? What free-thinkin' bloke would choose a life o' thralldom t' th' trader gods? If ye ask me, them thaumaturges got lumps o' cold, dead gold where their hearts should be.
Best leave the dead in peace. I've no mind t' hear none o' yer dark talk. Bugger off.
(Use the power of the Echo? Yes)
(you see your rival standing in front of Joellaut behind the counter. He's looking at something)
Joellaut: Aye, looks t' be valuable. Bloody valuable, I'd wager. Ye'll find me offer t' be more 'n generous, though.
Overweening Thaumaturge: I expected nothing less. You have a keen eye, shipwright. The time is a rare one, indeed.
And now I must be off to visit your Mealvaan's Gate…
Bodenolf: Hold on a bloody minute there, Joellaut. Give us a look at that trinket. I've a feelin' it ain't the first time me peepers've peeped at it.
Aye, I ken this! 'Twas a friend o' mine's - an' a dear one at that. A good lass, she was, killed by a gang o' fishbacks. Her family had her body sent t' the Ossuary in Ul'dah t' be buried. An' this along with her…
Joellaut: Spare me yer japes, Bodenolf. I've a guildshop t' run.
Bodenolf: It ain't no bleedin' jape! Hold on….Do ye think…? Could the thaumaturges be plunderin' th' Ossuary's graves?
Bastards!!! Ever spoutin' all that bollocks about souls an' virtue, when the poxy-arsed frauds can't even do right by their own bloody graves!
(you return back to the present)
Bodenolf: Bugger off back t' yer masters in Ul'dah an' tell 'em they won't be doin' no more business in Limsa 'til they've rid 'emselves o' bloody graverobbers!

The Way of the Order

(Arrzaneth Ossuary)
Yayake: You are returned to us from across the seas. Welcome back, <Player>. Now, please submit the contracts which you secured.
Not a single one? I am thinking that perhaps you did not even bother to take the ferry from Vesper Bay…
I trust you know the punishment of deception within the Order. We do not suffer lies to be spoken, least of all to the guild's keeper.
So the smiths of Naldiq & Vymelli's have had a change of heart? But why? Tell me everything…
That is…most distressing news. And you are absolutely certain it was this other novice of our Order you witnessed pawning the trinket in Limsa?
I see. Thank you, <Player>. I will attend to this matter myself.
Still, it does not excuse the fact that you failed to secure a single contract. Go and speak to your fellow novice. She is back from Ishgard. You may stand to learn a thing or three form her.

Yayake: That which you witnessed at Naldiq & Vymelli's need no longer concern you. I will attend to the matter myself.
Still, it does not excuse the fact that you failed to secure a single contract. The fellow novice you accuse of this crime did exceptionally well during her time in Ishgard.
You would do well to go and speak to her. She may have some wisdom to impart to you.

Kamlito Halito: The smiths at Naldiq & Vymelli's oft honor us with their custom. Did you do aught to anger them? Not to worry. You need only grovel, and they will forgive all soon enough.
That shouldn't prove too difficult for you. You are an adventurer, after all - unburdened by pride. Had you any, you would not have returned from Limsa empty-handed.

Fyrilsunn: None is more forsaken in the eyes of gods and men than the graverobber. If such a fiend were found in Ul'dah, their end would be an excruciatingly slow and painful one.

Sinette: The Ossuary offers a number of special contracts - in addition to the standard ones. The extra options serve to give the soul…greater peace.
To give thse contracts a sense of exclusivity, thy are offered to very few of our patrons. They are so costly, that no smallfolk could possibly hope to afford them.

Totono: Do you yourself believe in the journey the soul makes in death to the realm of Thal?
All that we do here is to aid the souls of the ignorant rushing headlong towards their life's end, to spare them an eternity of unrest. That is our work - the work of Thal in this realm. Do you grasp this?

Tutubuki: Did you explain the benefits of burial at the Ossuary, as I advised? The Lominsans are a dense folk. I pray you spoke slowly and avoided large words.

Overweening Thaumaturge: Well, look who it is. And how did you find Limsa Lominsa? Not altogether pleasant, I trust? I myself returned from a trip to Naldiq & Vymelli's not many moons past.
You think me a graverobber, is that it? Well, I will forgive your rudness this once, though I am under no obligation to do so. Answer me these questions, if you are able.
Have you any proof to back your allegations?
Even if this trinket was pilfered from a grave - what evidence do you have that I knew as much when I sold it?
How can you be sure that any graverobbing even took place?
What if the relic in question was never interred along with its owner?
And lastly, even if a grave were to be unburdened of its valuables, is that such a bad thing?
The Order teaches that to journey to the realm of Thal, we must leave behind all worldly wealth and its fetters, does it not?
If someone were to lighten a corpse's load, both sides should surely be the better for it.
I must say, I find your utter lack of evidence amusing. Nevertheless, I am a mere novice myself, and cannot afford to see my name sullied. I will go and speak to Keeper Yayake myself.

Tutubuki: The Ishgardians' way of life is based on a false myth, in whose name they fight and die. For them, those who serve nobly in life are rewarded with eternal glory in death.
Preaching the Order's words there is tantamount to heresy, and punishable by death. To have done so, and convinced so many to take up graves at the Ossuary…well, that new novice must be extremely persuasive.

Kamlito Halito: It would seem your rival has widened the gap between you with this latest task.
Be mindful that it does not grow too great. For the difference in your sins will manifest ast he difference in your wealth.

Fyrilsunn: When I first heard the rumors of graves being robbed, I thought it for bones. But are you saying it was for a piece of jewelry?
To be buried with such a trinket is surely the far greater sin. Nald weights all creation in this realm, and his wares are forbidden in the realm of Thal. This is known!

Yayake: Have you spoken with the others? I pray you were able to learn more of our ways from them.
As to your fellow novice, she will not be punished for the crime you claim she committed. Here, the teachings of the Order supersede the laws of this world.
You must experience the reality of such eternal truths to fully grasp them. Acts of hatred, malice, regret, scorn, deception, impulse, lust - all that of which sin is born.
Do not give yourself to despair. Sin is not something to be dreaded. Rather, it is the sin's burden, its filthiness and its pain, that will guide you. Where, you ask? Why, to extraordinary wealth, of course.

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