Return of the King

After a five year absence, the bombard king has appeared in Eorzea once again (much to the delight of the Cascadiers). Don your uniforms and head into battle with the cadets, protecting the brave men and women while they attempt to dispatch the royal pain.


Name: Return of the King
Type: Defend
Level: 32
Location: Eastern La Noscea / Bloodshore (31,24)
Spawn: Moonfire Faire 2013/2014, 15 min duration

Reward: ? exp, 64 gil, 184 seals
Additional Reward: Wet Bombard Ash 30 (Gold Medal), x20 (Silver Medal)


Bombard King


The objective of the FATE is to kill the Bombards - it is of no use to try for the Bombard king, as he appears to be undefeatable and there only to periodically release a very large AoE explosion. You are aided by several Cascadier cadets. Note that interacting with any of the several Bomb balloons in the area will draw the bombards towards it, making them easier to kill in clusters.

Category: Quests

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