Restocking the Stockade
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The wood used to build the stockades surrounding Camp Crimson Bark has become rotten with age, prompting the gatewarden stationed at the camp to rebuild the protective barrier. While the stockades themselves will be erected by sentries, the Holtwatch has petitioned the Oak Atrium to create and deliver the lumber to be used in the rebuilding effort. The guild, however, cannot risk the lives of their acolytes by sending them into the wild, and therefore seeks volunteers with the craft and courage to travel to Camp Crimson Bark and carry out the requested synthesis. Interested parties should deliver the finished items to camp quartermaster V'olhmyn.


Name: Restocking the Stockade
Type: Ingenuity
Issuer: Gridania Adventurers' Guild
Client: Oak Atrium Woodcarver, Moshuho Mobshuho
Areas: Camp Crimson Bark

Class recommendation: Carpenter, rank 10
Objectives: Cedar Lumber x12 to V'olhmyn
Reward: ?

Category: Quests


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