Quid Pro Quo


Name: Quid Pro Quo
How to begin: talk to Peneli Zuneli
Areas: Ul'dah, Black Brush

Last quest: -
Next quest: ?

Requirements to sign up: level ?
Required items: Milvaneth Talisman x5
Reward: ?


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Unsavory Character

Level: GLD15 x2, ARC15, CNJ15
Drops: ?
Location: south-east of Black Brush, instanced fight

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Coming soon


Garlean Aggression

Peneli Zuneli: An Ul'dahn airship was shot down by the Garleans no more than a few days past. It seems the imperial gauntlet has been thrown down.
Terror is spreading amongst the smallfolk - and justifiably so. Many of our own devotees frequently use the airships on their travels, and all now fear for their safety.
To those generous enough to make particularly sizable donations, we present a Milvaneth talisman - a talisman imbued with the power to ward off calamity and disaster.
I wonder, friend, would you be so kind as to deliver these Milvaneth talismans on behalf of Milvaneth Sacrarium? There are five charitable souls who must be visited in all. You will be compensated for your trouble, of course.
(quest accept)
Peneli Zuneli: Nald welcomes your service. I pray these talismans bring peace to the hearts of our dear friends, and hasten their return to more profitable endeavors.

Distributing Talismans

(Merchant Avenue)
Rorojaru: Why, milord, this Milvaneth talisman… Is it truly…for me!?
Thank you a thousand times over! It is for just such unexpected acts of kindness that I continue to give selflessly to the Order of Nald'thal.
I recently purchased for them an elaborate statue of Nald for some ten billion gil or so, I don't recall the exact figure. No doubt such a gift moved Nald to imbue this talisman with his complete graces.
It is a true shame bout the people on that airship…. Men of means like myself often travel on such vessels. And now I hear that a band of scavengers has taken to pilfering valuables from the wreckage site. Dear me.
No doubt the bereaved families of those lost will blame the Sacrarium for any further grievances.
Rorojaru: Were there any others who were given a talisman? I am not fool enough to think only I give to the Order, but there would be a certain comfort in knowing I was the sole recipient of such a token.

(Pearl Lane)
Naida Zamaida: Twelve watch over me…
I have not moved from this spot since the Garlean attack on our airship. Someone must offer prayers to the Twelve. We mortals think highly of ourselves - but few realize that we are little more than the pawns of the gods.
Hm? A talisman from Milvaneth Sacrarium, you say? Given only to those who make the most gracious donations?
Then in then name of Nald, I humbly accept this gift.
Spare me your accusatory looks. Your eyes betray your suspicion. I am aware of how things appear, but I can assure you that I acquired my wealth honestly.
Naida Zamaida: And now I must bid you farewell. Leave this pauper to his prayers. Surely you have other trinkets to deliver, no?

(Frondale's Phrontistery)
Kukusi: A talisman, for me? From Brother Peneli Zuneli, you say?
Why, thank you very much. I shall hang it in the Phrontistery where it may watch over all within her walls.
I confess, we attempted to keep word of the airship tragedy from our patients. It is all we alchemists can do to battle disease and illness. Worrying about an impending war is hardly conducive to recuperation.
Yet despite our best efforts, news of the Garlean attack reached them all the same. Now the entire patient ward is gripped by fear. You could not have delivered this token to us at a better time.
Now if you'll excuse me, I must get back to my duties. If the Garleans do launch an assault on Ul'dah, the Phrontistery will be busier than ever. We must make ready for the worst.
Kukusi: Our patients are not the only ones troubled by recent events. The more tokens from Milvaneth Sacrarium, the better.

Abylgo Hamylgo: A Milvaneth talisman? You've brought me a Milvaneth talisman!?
I knew some good would come of giving all that money tot he Order! And all while I meant only to buy forgiveness for pushing that old lady to her death from the Coliseum stands…a-accidentaly. Oh, but it was exhilarating! The match, that is…
Still, news of the airship attack was simply terrifying. I've heard rumors that the nations' leaders mean to resurrect the Grand Companies to oppose the Garlean threat. Is the Syndicate truly moving to do so?
If they mean to raise banners against the empire, every gladiator at the Coliseum is prepared to march under them!
Abylgo Hamylgo: You have my thanks for delivering this Milvaneth talisman. It is so choice. If you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up.

Singleton: What's this, then? A talisman from the Milvaneth thaumaturges, is it?
Well, I sure as hells haven't given so much as a bloody gil to the Sacrarium. Suppose that means it's meant for Master. Gods know he's always sending those charlatans more coin than most Ul'dahns see int heir lifetime.
Since the Garleans filled that Ul'dahn airship full of smoking holes, Master's been nowhere to be seen. Always been a gambling man, he has - and it looks as if he put all his bets on turning tail and running this time, hehehe!
But a trinket like this might be just the thing to set his tattered nerves at ease. I'll be sure to pass it on when I see him next.
Singleton: Wouldn't mind hanging on to it myself…though I doubt the gods will favor me enough to keep Master away forever.


(Milvaneth Sacrarium)
Peneli Zuneli: Have you completed the task? Hm…? You have a rueful look about you. What troubles you, friend?
What!? Bandits rifling through the remains of the vessel destroyed by the Garleans? But the Order is supposed to lay claim to- Errr, I mean…
This is most grievous news! If word of this were to get out, the Milvaneth name would be irreparably marred!
I'm afraid I have another task to ask of you, friend. Travel to the site of the wreckage, northwest of Ul'dah, and kill these accursed brigands.

Peneli Zuneli: Kill them all, and let the gods sort them out.
Travel to the site of the wreckage, northwest of Ul'dah, and kill these accursed brigands.

(after the fight, instance)

Aergfloh: You handle yourself well enough, friend, but it would be unwise to linger here. Those scouts were nothing compared to the real Garlean infantry - who may well be on their way.

Nymiene: An adventurer, are you? Well, you have our thanks - for killin' them bandits, I mean.
We come from the Ironworks - the Garlond Ironworks. Sent to survey the wreckage, we were, but fled for cover when them bastards turned up - pardonin' my language.
Made them for common theives at first, but they ain't like no thieves I ever seen - too organized for that. Had linkpearls, even, and was reportin' back to somewhere 'bout not findin' what they was lookin' for.
I'd wager the forge they was Garlean agents, that I would. Won't be long before they're missed. Best put as many malms as possible between yourself and here - and quick.

No Donations

(Milvaneth Sacrarium)
Peneli Zuneli: Tell me, have you done Nald's work? Are the fiends no longer of this world?
Garlean agents!? Twelve be good, that is far worse than mere scavengers…
It is fortuitous you arrived in time to save the Ironworks' engineers. They are an invaluable lot at this point in time. The Syndicate has commissioned their order to furnish the mysterious cogs and pistons of our machinery, and maintain our airships.
It seems the essential elements of the wreckage have already been reclaimed. Most likely they were conducting their final survey of the site.
I've heard their master at the Ironworks has been paying visits to the sultana's palace of late. They say he is a prodigy when it comes to machinery. But many wonder, can he match the military technologies of the Empire?
But the point is moot. There is none more gifted than he in his field, and so rely upon him we must.
Perhaps it is time we began accepting donations in the name of a new cause. Something to inspire the people to oppose the Empire and instill morale. A monument, perhaps? Yes, a building, I should think. We could call it the Sepulcher of Garlemald. Quite a nice ring to it, no?
If you harbor anxieties about your own future, perhaps you would care to make a contribution? I have here your reward for services rendered to the Sacrarium. Shall I make a gift of it to the Order?
…No? Very well, then. Take it.

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