Proceed with Caution


Name: Proceed with Caution
How to begin: talk to Sandre
Areas: Gridania, The Black Shroud

Last quest: -
Next quest: -
Related quests: Playing with Fire

Requirements to sign up: level ?
Required items: -
Reward: ?


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Coming soon


Watchers in the Dark

Sandre: <gasp> Twelve be good! You mustn't sneak up on people so. We Gridanians are on edge as of late, given the recent ire of the elementals.
The nights grow darker, and venturing into the wood past dusk is ever more dangerous. Twisted roots trip us up, low branches claw at our flesh - but bumping into the Watchers hurts most of all.
I've more cuts and scrapes that I can count, and the younglings are constantly poking at them. The pain…I can't stand it any longer! Surely we are being punished for our woodsin!
The Watchers were first made to allow the earth elementals to protect Gridania. They even house fire elementals within that scorch and sear any who would harry our borders.
The fire elementals… But of course! How did I not think of it sooner!?
If we could only feed the flames within the Watchers, they could light our way even better at night!
All we require is a more potent fuel than we are now using. And I have a feeling this might be just the thing!
Now I fear I must impose upon you, adventurer. Please, take this ceruleum and pour it upon the fires within the Watchers. They are many, but feeding the flames of three should be enough, I think. Surely such a trivial task will pose no difficulty for you.
(quest accept)
Sandre: Use the oil to feed the flames of the Watchers around Gridania. Here, I shall mark your map to ease your way.

Sandre: Ceruleum is a special thing indeed. It comes form the lands of Ul'dah to the south, and it burns brighter than any other substance known to me
Visit the Watchers, and feed their flames. We will all be the safer for it. I've marked several of them on your map. Go now, and may the forest watch over you.

Watchers Aflame

(You pour ceruleum into the Watcher)
(You pour ceruleum into the Watcher)
(You have fed the flames of the Watchers!)

Sandre: Were you able to find the Watchers? Did the ceruleum work as I hoped?
Splendid! Now all gatherers shall be a great deal safer in the forest at night.
You, too, should take up the botanical trade. I hear harvesting around Camp Bentbranch is particularly good now.
There is always lush growth near the small river to the south and east of the camp, and near the beds of blue blossoms to the north. Here, take these - payment for services rendered. May they guide you to ever greater adventures.

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