Private Eyes


Name: Hildibrand 4 - Private Eyes
How to begin: sleep at the Mizzenmast Inn in Limsa Lominsa
Areas: Limsa Lominsa, Bearded Rock

Last quest: In Plain Sight
Next quest: Mysteries of the Red Moon

Requirements to sign up: In Plain Sight complete
Required items: -
Reward: ?


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Coming soon



Inside Info

(you wake up in your inn room)
???: Open up! Open up! Dalamud's finally gone and toppled head first from the sky!
(you leave your room, and come across the inn keeper in the hall)
Mytesyn: Gah hah hah hah hah! Had ye goin' there, eh!? Dinnae worry, laddie, the moon's bigger 'an ever, but she hasnae moved an ilm. Well, not so as I've noticed anyway…
Still, I bet you're a-wonderin' what in the seven hells could've dragged yer ol' mate Mytesyn to this spacious yet affordable room of yers.
Well, the thing is, I hear tell that the 'Cudas have finally found the hidey-hole of Gauwyn the Gannet and his motley band of weapon thieves. Now, I s'pose one might sit back and let the authorities see to such matters all official-like… But what if a certain innkeeper also knew the whereabouts of said hidey-hole, and was willin' to bestow that information on a certain customer who just so happened to be standin' in the same well-appointed room as said innkeeeper? Would he be interested, I wonder!?
(quest accept)
Mytesyn: I kenned ye was a bright one! Now, the thieves are holed up to the northwest of Camp Bearded Rock. I'd hurry, though, or ye'll find yerslef splittin' that reward with some undeservin' 'Cuda.

Mytesyn: My sources tell me the Gannet's holed up in some cave or other to the northwest of camp Berded Rock. Best of luck findin' the slippery cur!

Captured Dogsbody

(in a cave west of Camp Bearded Rock)
Abraham: Another Yellowjacket? Ye'l not get nuffin' outta me, ye piss-drinkin' sod-pot! <spit>
Bertrand: Here for the Gannet, are we?
Well, you just missed him. Bastard slipped right through our fingers…
We were able to apprehend one of his dogsbodies, but even our patent brand of persuasion has yielded naught.
Not that I'm surprised. These Redmoon Consortium cronies are a stubborn lot, and that's putting it mildly. I've interrogated more cooperative rocks.
You are welcome to continue the search on your own, if it suits you. One of my men spotted a set of tracks heading northwest, but the trail disappeared after half a malm.

Fate of the Blacksmith

(by a cliff with a view of Limsa. Gauwyn appears behind you)
Gauwyn the Gannet: Hail, friend. I was beginning to wonder when you would show yourself.
You've played my shadow for quite some time now. Tell me, should I be frightened or flattered?
If it is answers you seek regarding the missing weapons, then yes, 'twas I who stole them, though I prefer the word, 'reclaim'. A man cannot steal that which was rightfully his to begin with, after all.
Ah, but I've gotten ahead of myself. War will do that to a man - cause him to rush blindly into the dark, afraid that every moment on this world might be his last. 'Tis the fate which became my dear father not fifteen summers past.
A poor, old blacksmith, he was, with scarce enough coin to keep his forge lit, let alone his children fed. That is, until the Garlean invasion of Ala Mhigo…
Believing it a chance to free his family from a life in penury, he began forging blades at a fever pitch. For ten solid days and ten solid nights, he worked as if bedeviled by the mighty Builder himself…until the eleventh day, when he collapsed, never to rise again.
Oh, but the Twelve were not yet finished with us, for the very next morning a party of assessors working under orders from the Coral Tower came and confiscated edery last weapon my father had made, telling us only that they were to be distributed to the foreign levy - adventurers - for use in battle with the Empire.
(Gauwyn's lackeys approach)
Gauwyn the Gannet: I merely seek to reclaim those items which were wrested from my family without proper recompense. Surely one such as you can sympathize with my plight - you whose comrades were armed at my expense.
And if not…well, at least you showed the common decensy to listen to that plight while my colleagues surrounded both you and yours. Good day, my friend!
(the lackeys prepare to fight…all but one of them, who turns out to be Hildibrand)
Gauwyn the Gannet: …You! You're the knave who's ben loitering around my men for the past moon, masquerading as one of us.
Hildibrand: Knave!? This scurvy barnacle here? Just say the word, guvnor, and I shall give this undoubted scrag a jolly good thrashing!
Gauwyn the Gannet: Not him, you imbecile! You!
Hildibrand: Avast, guvnor! Whyever would you think me a knave? Do I not look every part the minion? Are my eyes not shifty, my hair tousled, my shpeech shlurred?
Gauwyn the Gannet: Look the part!? You are without doubt the most poorly disguised impostor I've seen in all my days. A great buffalo would seem less conspicuous in the Admiral's stateroom than you do here. And stop claing me 'guvnor'! No one calls me guvnor! Not even my own men!
Hildibrand: And so the game is up! A pity, though I must admit you have quite a keen eye, Gauwyn. Few are they who can claim to have parted my myriad veils of illusion.
Very well. You shall know who it was that so subtly infiltrated your ranks; who it was that watched your every move, heard your every secret, supped on your every stew.
Yes, it was I, Hildibrand, agent of enquiry! Inspector extraordinaire! You will have heard the bards sing of my exploits, I am sure!
Gauwyn the Gannet: I cannot say I have, but I'm certain they'll be quick to pen an ode recalling your untimely demise at the hands of one Gauwyn the Gannet. Boys, would you kindly escort the good inspector to the cliffs?
Hildibrand: B-But you are…apprehended! I… I…um…am willing to discuss this. You seem to be harboring a great deal of anger. Perhaps a hot cup of tea will help you to relax. I believe I have some here in my bag… Uh…
???: Inspector! Is that you!?
(Nashu waves in the distance)
Nashu Mhakaracca: You sound like the inspector…but you don't look like the inspector… Did you eat the inspector? ARE YOU IN THERE, INSPECTOR!?
Hildibrand: No, Nashu! It's me! I'm in disguise!
(Yellowjackets come by Nashu)
Bertrand: It's all over, Gauwyn. Tell your Redmoon thugs to throw down their weapons at once!
Gauwyn the Gannet: Seven hells! Don't you all have a war to attend to!?
Hildibrand: No, no, wait! There's been a misunderstandging! You see, I'm not really one of them. I was merely pretending to be, that I might learn their secrets and-
(the screen pans up. Next you see the Yellowjackets leading the Redmoons away, with Hildibrand cowering on the ground. Nashu explains something to Bertrand, and the officer leaves to follow his men)
Hildibrand: Were it not for my - let us call it what it is - genius in the field of diguise, which ultimately bought the Yellowjackets sufficient time to deduce the Gannet's whereabouts, I fear that you might have met with a rather unfortunate end.
No, no. Shhh… I require no thanks. I merely did what any world-renowned solver of mysteries would have done were he faced with the same unique set of circumstances.
The realm waxes rife with peril as dalamud creeps ever closer, and man must rise to defend those who cannot defend themselves.
It is my fate to be that man, and though it may prove my end, I shall not spurn it! For Eorzea!
Ahem. Now then, before I take my leave…there is something about you that seems awfully familiar. It is as if our paths have crossed somewhere…sometime…perhaps in a previous life. <sigh> Though, I suppose we'll never know where or when it was exactly. I am not too humble to admit that there are some cases which lie beyond the capacity of even the sharpest of sleuths! Good day, sir!

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