Pride and Duty (Will Take you from the Mountain)


Name: WAR1 - Pride and Duty (Will Take you from the Mountain)
How to begin: talk to Neale aboard Astalicia in Limsa Lominsa
Areas: Limsa Lominsa, Nophica's Wells, Horizon's Edge

Last quest: -
Next quest: Embracing the Beast

Requirements to sign up: MRD30, GLD15
Required items: -
Reward: Soul of the Warrior, ?


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Antling Worker, lv33

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The Hellsguard Hero

(Astalicia, Limsa Lominsa)
Neale: Well, if it ain't me favorite scrag. Come to lick the shite off me boots like a good lad, have we?
Or mayhap you're one of them as have been chasing ill rumors regarding a certain wild-eyed Hellsguard - the same one they say's been making his bloody mark with the Company of Heroes of late.
Don't tell me you haven't heard of the Company. A hard band of bastards and brigands, they be - of the like this realm ain't n ever seen. Can't visit an alehouse, souphouse, or whorehouse in this town without having your ears crammed full of fanciful tales 'bout stronghold raidings and primal slayings.
And now folks won't stop going on about their latest bloody recruit - some flame-skinned Roegadyn come down from the forsaken crags of the Farreach, apparently. Few have actually laid eyes on the man, but them as have reckon his veins must course with the blood of the Fury, for none can stay his axe once he takes the field.
Yet there are those who've walked the Lance into Dravania with naught but a knife in their pocket and come back with the head of a hoary drake - only to be denied admittance to the Company. The fact that this stripling won a seat amongst that lot not five turns of the sun after rapping ont heir gates….well, that there be the true mystery.
That is, a mystery to them as ain't never heard the legends of the Hellsguard warriors.
Bards still sing of a time when whole cities were leveled by a handful of their kind. Like wild beasts, they were. The sound of their roaring alone would make stout knights soil themselves, and lesser men hide behind their whores.
And then, one day, they simply up and vanished from the realm, taking the secrets of their success with them.
More's the bloody pity, too. With the Empire breathing down our necks, we could do with knowing exactly how a handful of men could butcher an army or ten.
Speaking of which…mayhap this lad from the Farreach knows something of how they got the job done…and if he does, might be as someone could persuade him into giving the rest of us a few pointers, like.
If he was here, I'd grab the scrag by the scruff of his dirty neck and bleed his secrets out of him, o' course. But lo, I've me duties to think of, and the cap'n would tan me hide and use it to patch his codpiece if he learned I'd left me post. So, I suppose that just leaves you, eh? Swear to me you'll seek the lad out and let us know if he's the genuine article, and I'll tell you where to look for him. Sounds fair, don't it?
(quest accept)
Neale: It's settled then. The man calls himself Curious Gorge, and he's said to have set up camp in a cave to the northwest of Nophica's Wells. In western Thanalan, it is. I'd tell you more, but that's as much as any bugger knows. Still, you adventurers aint' exactly short of a bit of resourcefulness, so I'm sure you'll manage.

Neale: I ain't never been to Thanalan meself, but I hear it's hotter than a forge, and dryer than a crone's…well, you get the idea. if it be solitude the lad wants, he sure as hells chose the right bloody place.

Truth Behind Rumors

(by Nophica's Wells, Thanalan)
Curious Gorge: What I ain't got words to mince with whelps…unless that is, you're here to become a wolf.
If that's the case, then I'm Curious Gorge - but one remark about the name and I'll rip that ugly head from your shoulders and suck the marrow out of your twitching spine.
Ahem. Now, I suppose you've hard the rumors about a bloodthirsty madman who, using lost battle techniques, has left a gruesome trail of carnage from Ablathia's Spine to the Sagolii Desert. Aye, well, they're all true - except for the parts about the carnage. Those have been greatly understated.
That the techniques are 'lost' is also untrue, for my tribe has been handing them down for thousands of years.
Yet though our numbers dwindle with every new summer, the elders refuse to accept new acolytes from outside the village, apparently content to let the art die with us. This is why I left the mountain in which I was raised and came here - to spread the teachings of the warrior in hopes that the techniques will be passed on to future generations.
If you wish, I can teach those techniques to you, but first I must measure whether your body and spirit have the capacity to bear such a burden. To walk the path of the warrior, one must call upon the primal instincts that slumber within the soul.
However, without a tempered mind and steely resolve, those instincts would engender such rage as could drive a man to madness.
To the north of this cave you will find an antling nest. Prove to met that you fear not the cries of battle, nor shun the call of death. Do this, and my knowledge is yours.
The inner beast awaits. wake him from his slumber and embrace his power.

Curious Gorge: Any man can take up an axe and call himself a marauder, but to become a true warrior, he must prove he can tame the inner beast that guides the blade. Slay the foul antlings who make their nest to the north of this cave and prove that your will is stone. Do this, and my knowledge is yours.

Birth of a Warrior

(eastern Horizon's Edge, Thanalan)
(defeat Antling Workers)

(by Nophica's Wells)
Curious Gorge: I witnessed your battle with the antlings, and must say that I was surprised. You have proven yourself far more worthy of this than I could have imagined.
In your hands lies the Soul of the Warrior - a crystal within which the deeds of a thousand thousand warriors from history are recorded. For counrless generations, the Soul has been passed on to those in my tribe who choose the path of the warrior, to guide them and aid them on their journey.
When your inner beast awakens, the runes will resonate, further empowering your will, and granting you such strength as you never thought possible.
Today, there is cause for celebration, my friend, for through you, I have ensured that my tribe's legacy will endure. This is why I left my home. This is why I joiend the Company of Heroes. This is why I am here today.
Yet however hard I try, and however earnestly I pursue my goal, I cannot deny that I believe that my mission will ultimately end in failure.
While I style myself a warrior, the truth is that I left the mountains long before my training was complete.
And while I carry with me the chronicles of my ancestors, detailing the ancient arts of war, I lack the ability to decipher the texts.
Yet, there may still be hope, for ther is another who fled my village - one who shared my dream of passing on the teachings of the tribe, and can read the tome… My brother.
Without him, I fear there is little more I can teach you at this time.
But that will not discourage me from continuing my studies of the chronicles, nor shake my belief that further secets will soon reveal themselves to me.
Until then, I ask that you use the knowledge I've passed on to you, and continue your training. You must strive to harden your will so that it may endure the strain of future burdens. Good luck, my friend.
(obtain soul of the warrior)

(Astalicia, Limsa Lominsa)
Neale: Well, throw me in the fire and call me Rosy! You're back! What with you taking so long, I naturally made youf or an oath-breaking cur, and was planning on sending the lads 'round to gut you! 'Tis lucky there were a few names higher up on me list, eh!? Heh heh!
Hmm… This warrior lad sounds interesting…which means the cap'n will definitely want to hear about him…which means someone'll be getting extra rum rations tonight! Heh heh heh! Much obliged, scrag! Now bugger off!

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