Power Struggles


Name: PLD3 - Power Struggles
How to begin: talk to Jenlyns Straightblade
Areas: Ul'dah, Widow Cliffs

Last quest: Honor Lost
Next quest: Poisoned Hearts

Requirements to sign up: GLA40
Required items: -
Reward: ?


Coming soon


Old Six-arms

Level: ?? (43-47)
Drops: Shellsplitter, Venerer's Bracers, etc
Location: Widow Cliffs, lower La Noscea

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Further Deeds

Jenlyns: Welcome, paladin. You should know that word of your deeds has reached me. Few are those who follow the true paladin path without misstep, but you are one of them. I am proud to call you brother.
You have kept the faith, and in return, I must have faith in you. It is time that you knew the truth - though it is hard to share, for it is a shame I would rather keep hidden from outsiders.
Perhaps you remember when I told you of the traitor and the sword Oathkeeper that he stole. His name is Solkzagyl, and he was my predecessor as captain of the Sultansworn elite.
Yes, he was the same man who I had admired as a child, who inspired me to take up the sword and follow the way of the paladin. He was the paragon of paladins - until, that is, he changed.
Some years ago now, there was a struggle for influence between the sultanate military and a faction within the Syndicate known as the Monetarists. The latter emerged triumphant, and the army's authority was diminished dramatically. Although Solkzagyl was still captain fo the Sultansworn elite, he knew his position was perilous - so he fled, taking Oathkeeper with him.
In doing so, he went against the words that he had spoken on bended knee before his royal liege. Now it falls to me, as captain, to restore the honor and name of the Sultansworn. If that means cutting down my former mentor and master, I would do it gladly, for his misdeed cannot be forgiven.
But his death will not lift the stain that mars our name. He must be put on trial, in a public court, so that everyone knows his crimes. Then, and only then, can we begin to earn the people's trust again.
He served for over thirty years as captain of the Sultansworn elite, and he is a formidable foe - few can match his skill with the sword. Even together, you and I will find it difficult to take him alive without mortal harm to one side or the other. So you must continue to hone your skills and prepare for the day when we will face him.
To complete the next stage of your training, you must do this: go to lower La Noscea, find the giant crab who rules there - Old Six-arms, they call him - and defeat him in battle. Are you ready to accept this challenge?
(quest accept)
Jenlyns: Well said, paladin. Time and again, you show me that you have mettle in your heart. You do know lower La Noscea, don't you? It is famed for the crabs that infest it, who fight ferociosly to survive in that benighted place…
Most of the crabs have lost limbs in their many battles - the exception being Old Six-arms. He's won every fight he's been in, you see. But it's time he tasted defeat. Let me carve a new test on your crystal. Master your skills and defeat the crab king.
…Good. It is done. The fight will not be easy, but if you take to heart what you have learned and let the crystal be your guide, you will triumph.

Further Instructions

Jenlyns: Just so. Again you have mastered your new skills. But now is not the time to rest. You need more mettle in your blade before you are ready for the final confrontation.

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