Poor Maid's Mishap

A band of kobolds lead by 382nd Order Pickman Ge Bu has descended on Poor Maid's Mill in search of food and supplies. Aid the Salthounds in driving back the beastmen and defeating their commander.


Name: Poor Maid's Mishap
Type: Boss
Level: 20
Location: Upper La Noscea / Poor Maid's Mill (12,24)
Spawn: 15 min duration

Reward: ~6,090 exp, ~40 gil, ~115 seals
Additional Reward: -


382nd Order Pickman Ge Bu
Kobold Footman
Kobold Gurneyman


You will be assisted in the FATE by Rabid Ratata as well as several Salthound boatswains and gunners.

Category: Quests


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