Poisoned Hearts


Name: PLD4 - Poisoned Hearts
How to begin: talk to Jenlyns in Ul'dah
Areas: Ul'dah, Crimson Bark, Brittlebark, Natalan, Aurum Vale

Last quest: Power Struggles
Next quest: Parley on High Ground

Requirements to sign up: PLD45, Power Struggles complete
Required items: -
Reward: Gallant Coronet, Gallant Cuisses, Gallant Gauntlets, Gallant Sollerets


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After picking up the quest, you can search out the treasure chests in any order. Note that you may have some trouble with aggro, but being paladin there is a chance you can shake them before they kill you, and safely pick up your AF even when solo. However, this method can be risky, and it's always better to bring a friend or two. This goes especially for Natalan, where the mobs are high enough level that they can be very dangerous with no companions when numbering more than one or two, and you won't have enough space to shake aggro without getting more aggro.
For the Aurum Vale chest, you will be needing a party to enter. You can get by with the minimum 4 as long as you're careful and you're reasonably well equipped, as the chest isn't very far in.

Gallant Coronet - Crimson Bark (north-east)
Gallant Sollerets - Brittlebark (north-west)
Gallant Gauntlets - Natalan
Gallant Cuisses - Aurum Vale



Death's Embrace

Jenlyns: Well come, friend. I have important news for you. In my search for the traitor, I have been looking through old records - an discovered something chilling.
Around the same time the traitor Solkzagyl was named captain, several famed soldiers of the Sultansworn met with untimely deaths. But strangely, our records do not say how they died.
Curious, I begged the favor of an old friend and received permission to inspect medical records kept by the Frondale Phrontistery. I discovered that the soldiers died in various ways - some in combat, some sudenly at night, in the barracks… But in nearly every case, there were signs that poison had played a role in their demise.
Yes, poison. Carefully, invisibly administered. The more I read, the more I saw the dark hand of Death's Embrace at work - assassins in the pay and service of the Monetarists. A society so secretive that few believe it truly exists.
But no matter how skilled and devious the assassins, they should not have been able to kill so many of the Sultansworn elite without being discovered. Not, that is, without help from within our own ranks.
So I asked msyelf: who had the most to gain from their deaths? One by one, the former captain, his trusted aides, the most capable of the Sultansworn who might become future commanders - all of them, slain by an invisible hand. And with their deaths, the way was open for Solkzagyl to become the Sultansworn's youngest captain in a century.
The Monetarists were plotting to kill the best and bravest of the Sultansworn, to purge its ranks of greatness, and enervate it so that it could no longer carry out its duty to serve as sword and shield of the sultanate.
Which begs the qustion: how did Solkzagyl remain captain for thirty long eyars? How did he avoid the poisoner's kiss, when men better than him had succumbed? There can be only one explanation - he was the Monetarists' cat's-paw, the turncloak in our midst.
Needless to say, I am more determined to track him down than ever before. While I continue my investigation, I have work for you. I want you to gather the gallant armor, the legendary raiments worn by generations of the finest soldiers of the Sultansworn.
The scattered pieces are guarded by trials that test the fitness of those who would wear it. Give me your map and I will show you where they are. After that, it is up to you. The gods will grant you success, if you are worthy.
(quest accept)

Jenlyns: Solkzagyl betrayed the values that we hold most dear - loyalty, fealty, and duty. By his deeds he has sullied the honor of the Sultansworn - aye, and of every man and woman to have sowrn allegiance. I shall find him, and deliver the reckoning to which he is long due.

Important News

(pearl after gathering the four pieces)
Jenlyns: Just so, paladin. You have faced trials that even my most hardened soldiers would have been hard-pressed to overcome, and recovered the four pieces of the armor. Now hurry back, for I have found our traitor!

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