Playing with Fire


Name: Playing with Fire
How to begin: talk to Maroile
Areas: Gridania, The Black Shroud

Last quest: -
Next quest: -
Related quests: Proceed with Caution

Requirements to sign up: level ?
Required items: Heated Gallipot
Reward: 500 exp, Rope Belt


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Enraged Elementals

Maroile: Please be so kind as to hear me out. Something terrible has happened! Tell me, adventurer, do you know of the Watchers - stone sentinels with hearts of flame that light our forest paths?
Well, it seems a number of them have been doused with some sort of strange…oil. It has caused the flames of the fire elementals within to burn violently, and we are powerless to soothe them.
I was able to seal one of the elementals within this vessel. I have been waiting for the flames to subside, but they continue to burn as fiercely when I first found them.
I have no doubt an adventurer like you can find his way around the forest. Please visit each of the extinguished hearths. The elemental will exert itself to light them. That should hopefully serve to calm its flames.
(quest accept)
Maroile: Then take this heated gallipot. The fire elemental burns within.
Take it to the extinguished hearths, and let the elemental exert itself setting the timber there ablaze. Please, you will be doing all of Gridania a service.
When lit, the flames of the forest hearths fend off all manner of fiend and beast. Wandering while they are extinguished is… Oh, do take care!
Setting three of the hearths ablaze will suffice. I will mark their locations on your map.

Maroile: Release the elemental within the heated gallipot near the extinguished hearths. It will light the kindling of its own accord. It is its nature to do so.
Setting three of the hearths ablaze will suffice. I will mark their lcoations on your map.

Calmer Thoughts

(The elemental's flames light the hearth)
(The elemental's flames light the hearth)
(All of the hearths have been lit!)

Maroile: You have returned! Come, show me the elemental!
You have done well, friend. The elemental has grown calm enough to hear our calls again. It is time to free it form this vessel.
Let us pray that with this, the gift and strength of fire has returned to the Twelveswood.

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