Parley on High Ground


Name: PLD5 - Parley on High Ground
How to begin: talk to Jenlyns in Ul'dah
Areas: Ul'dah, Black Brush

Last quest: Poisoned Hearts
Next quest: Keeping the Oath

Requirements to sign up: PLD45, Poisoned Hearts complete
Required items: -
Reward: ?


Coming soon


Enemy list
Jenlyns Straightblade, lv52
Sultansworn Elite, lv50 x4

Once you have picked up the quest, you will need to gather some companions. Ideal would be another tank and a DD at least, so one tank can keep the attention of the Elites while the other handles Jenlyns. A healer isn't strictly necessary for this fight.



Secret Deals

Jenlyns: Good, the armor is yours. You have learned your lessons well and honed your skills, and now you are ready to face Solkzagyl the traitor.
Yes, the time has come. I have discovered his hiding place, and made contact through emissaries. We are negotiating the return of Oathkeeper.
I have told him that if he returns the swrod, we will give him a fair trial. Otehrwise, he shall be captured and thrown at the feet of the sultana for judgment.
The parley is to take place on high ground in the northeast of Ul'dah. While I believe he is acting alone, we must be prepared for anything - you may be certain that the Monetarists will not take kindly to his surrender. Are you ready to accompany me?
(quest accept)
Jenlyns: The recovery of Oathkeeper will be the first step in restoring the honor of the Sultansworn. If the Monetarists discover Solkzagyl is willing to parley, they will surely try to intervene. We must not speak of what we do, not to anyone.
We should travel separately, so as not to attract attention. We shall meet again at the parley. Make your preparations, and leave as soon as you can.

Jenlyns: Solkzagyl the traitor will be waiting for us on high ground in the northeast of Uld'ah. Secrery is crucial - you and I will leave separately, and meet again at the parley ground.

Meeting the Traitor

(you arrive at the location. Nobody appears to be there, but then Jenlyn shows up)
Jenlyns: So you dared to come. You are a brazen one, I will grant you that. But did you really think I wouldn't find out?
Come, come, confess. My allies within the Sultansworn have told me the truth. I know you are working in league with the traitor and the Monetarists.
Confess! With your dying breath, you will tell me where I can find Oathkeeper and the traitor who stole it!
(his allies appear)
Jenlyns: Do you dare accuse my own Sultansworn of lying? We are comrades-in-arms, every one of us, bound in brotherhood by our oath. I would trust them with my life. What is your word, when set against theirs? We know the meaning of honor!
You are a naive fool. I suspected you from the beginning, ever since you showed me the Soul of the Paladin that the traitor Solkzagyl gave you.
You were, no matter how briefly, a paladin, and as such, you are bound by a code of honor that is as unforgiving as it is noble.
Traitor! I sentence you to death, and decree that your body shall lie here and feed the crows.

(you defeat Jenlyns and his allies)
Jenlyns: You…you cannot do this. I am the greater swordsman. Your superior…in every way…
(a Sultansworn is behind a tree, and attempts shooting Jenlyns. The arrow is blocked by Solkzagyl)
Solkzagyl: You were blinded, Jenlyns - by your own conviction.
Jenlyns, remember your own lesson! A paladin does not exist to defend his position or the honor of his fellow Sultansworn.
Those men were assassins, in service to the Monetarists. The moment you outlived your usefulness, you were to be killed. You and this free paladin of yours.
Jenlyns: Liar! You are their agent! You betrayed us for them…
Solkzagyl: You were always naive, Jenlyns. It's one of your virtues, but you have a deplorable habit of turning your virtues into vices…
Think! The information you uncovered - how did you come by it? Did it fall into your lap, as if - oh, I don't know - someone was feeding it to you for their own purposes? You, and the paladins you lead, are the Monetarists' lapdogs.
Jenlyns, you've been led a merry dance, and followed their lead at every step.
Jenlyns: Then…you were never a traitor? You were innocent? I…I have wronged you…
Solkzagyl: Easy now. Your wounds aren't mortal, but you still need to rest.
(Solkzagyl picks Jenlyns up)
Solkzagyl: I'll take care of the captain. He's had worse, and we'll have him back on his feet soon enough.
You've become a fine warrior, and learned all there is to know about the way of the paladin. I think perhaps that you are not aware just how much you've grown. Well! 'Tis time you were made aware - paladin!
When the captain's recovered, keep an eye on him for me, will you? He needs someone like you to watch his back.

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