Oil Crisis


Name: TM - Oil Crisis
How to begin: talk to Syngsmyd at Naldiq&Vymelli's in Limsa Lominsa
Areas: Limsa Lominsa, Iron Lake

Last quest: -
Next quest: -

Requirements to sign up: rank: Storm Sergeant Third Class or higher, DoW/DoM level 50
Required items: Nightshade oil
Reward: ~6,600 exp, 700 Storm Seals


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Enemy List
Deadly Nightshade, lv51 x6

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In Need of Oil

Syngsmyd: Why, if it isn't <Player>! Last I heard, you had gone and shacked up with them storm bringers. Ah, but that's of no matter. What does matter is that you're here, and that I happen to be in need of a man of your talents.
You see, it's the damn smitties again…
To protect our most delicate of creations from salt and rust, we use a rare oil pressed from the seeds of the deadly nightshade - as foul a bit of foliage as you could ever hope not to meet.
The problem is, the smitties - brown-nosed bastards that they are - have tapped the armorers' supply, and gifted it to Merlwyb for use on her pistols, Death Penalty and Annihilator.
And this when the city-state has us working the forges day and night to prepare enough plate for the coming invasion.
Each turn of the sun that our stock of nightshade oil remains empty, the further we fall behind on our orders. And the further we fall behind on our orders, the fewer men will have what they need when the cannons start up.
Normally, we'd send one of our own to gather more seeds, but we cannot risk losing any more of our men to the horrors that dwell outside the city gates.
That infernal Dalamud has the whole realm thirsting for blood.
You look as if you've seen more battles than me and my forgemates combined. I trust you'd fare better out there than any of us.
So, what say you?
(quest accept)
Syngsmyd: Thal's balls! I never thought you'd say yes!
Now, deadly nightshades are oft found growing along the shore of Iron Lake. You shouldn't have any trouble finding the things. 'Course, extracting the oil from them can be… Well, I reckon it's naught a bona fide storm bringer can't handle! Hahahahaha!

Syngsmyd: Deadly nightshades grow like weeds about the shores of Iron Lake. The oil from about six of the bloody creepers should do it.
Just be sure to watch yourself. There's plenty of deadly things out that way besides nightshades.

Surprising Results

(Naldiz & Vymelli's)
Syngsmyd: Bloody hells! You're alive - I mean, back! You didn't get the oil, did you!?
This is it! Hah hah hah! This'll show them damnable smitties! Once we deliver our orders, the Admiral'll see who's truly an asset to the city-state.
I know, I know… This probably ain't the best of times for in-fighting, but our lot and the smitties have been at it since back before even I can remember, and I'm not sure we could stop if we tried. 'Tis all we know, see?
Then again, maybe it's that same urge to best our brothers that gives us the kick up the arse we need to push on?
But enough talk. I must get back to the forges. You have my thanks, <Player>. Oh, and try not to worry overmuch about the coming of Rhalgr's wrath. There's naught the Destroyer can ruin that the Builder cannot mend.

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