Of Archons and Muses


Name: Of Archons and Muses
How to begin: talk to Tyago Moui
Areas: Ul'dah

Last quest: ?
Next quest: ?

Requirements to sign up: level ?
Required items: -
Reward: ?


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Coming soon


In Search of a Muse

Tyago Moui: Caught wind of all this Archon talk yet? Some folk make them for the very incarnations of the Twelve, come to Eorzea. Old prophecies and wives' tales say they descend from their heavenly seat whenever disaster threatens Eorzea, see.
Needless to say, many believe the Archons to have otherworldly powers - both of mind and body.
According to the loremasters' books, there was an age of shadow and calamity some fifteen hundred-odd years ago, when a great flood drowned the world - the sixth Umbral Era, they called it. Believers say it was the twelve Archons what came to fight the darkness then.
One of them bards always in and out of here is gathering up all the stories he can find. Means to make a collection of works about the whole ordeal. Went and promised the bloody mummer I'd help when I was in my cups one even. I'll live to regret that, no doubt.
Last I heard, he was looking for some sort of muse to help him put his characters to song, or some such nonsense. But I ain't about to leave my bar unattended to go chasing muses.
You adventurers go in for that sort of thing. How about you lend us a hand, eh? There's a famous gladiator over at the Coliseum - name of Lyngwaek.
I reckon he's as good a bloke as any to inspire that addle-brained bard to sing the praises of the Archon known as Ahldbhar, mighty and fearsome as he is. What say you, then? Are you willing to go and have a few words with this warrior?
(quest accept)
Tyago Moui: Ah, now that does me good to hear. Go and talk to Lyngwaek, then, and ask him to share his thoughts on battle. See if you can't find out what makes him so great - straight from his own mouth. You'll know the lad when you see him - big as an aurochs, he is. Most like he's training at the Coliseum as we speak.

(talk again)
Tyago Moui: You're most like to find Lyngwaek on the training grounds of the Coliseum. Take care not to interrupt him, though - I hear he's got quite a temperrr.

The Muse

(at Coliseum)
Lyngwaek: Questions? For me? Very well, ask what you will, but I am in the midst of my drills. I suggest you mind your distance.
Swinging a sword takes a moment to learn, but a lifetime to master, I always say. And the single most important secret to mastering the blade is - Oi! Have you been struck deaf, lad!? Or is listening too much effort?
You wish to know my battle philosophy? Well… I suppose it's quite simple, really. I set aside all respect for life and try to hack my opponent into bloody chunks.
Of course, as a performer in the Coliseum, I do try to give the fans what they want. It wouldn't serve to run a man through without letting him get a couple swings off first, now would it?
Now, if you don't mind, I'd like to get back to my drills. I've a match to prepare for.

The Archon

Tyago Moui: Don't keep me in suspense. How'd you fare with Lyngwaek?
Aye, aye, that is precisely the kind of talk I was hoping to hear. The man is more like Ahldbhar than I'd imagined!
They say Ahldbhar was the mightiest of the twelve Archons. Rhalgr the Destroyer himself, taken form in Roegadyn flesh - a bloody mountain of a man, and a fearsome warrior, besides. Not unlike our friend at the Coliseum, eh?
You must've seen renderings of Rhalgr at some point - in paint or stone. Looks like a bag of angry muscles in a mage's robes, right? Aye, well, those are done in the likeness of Archon Ahldbhar.
Ahldbhar fought relentlessly against a clan of wicked sorcerers that sought only to wreak havoc on the world through their dark powers. But then, something happened… Something that threw Ahldbhar into deep despair. And in the end, he turned and took up with the enemy, though none can say as to why.
What came of him after his betrayal? Well, I confess I haven't heard the end of the tale myself. That bard's a wily bugger, see, and he only ever gets part way through before his throat dries out. Meaning I have to give him yet another bloody ale - free of charge, of course.
But never mind all that. I've yet to pay you for the deed. Here you go, then.

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