Necessary Evils


Name: LNC3 - Necessary Evils
How to begin: talk to Willelda
Areas: Gridania, Bentbranch

Last quest: Culture Shock
Next quest: -

Requirements to sign up: LNC level 36, Culture Shock complete
Required items:
Reward: ?


Coming soon


Woodsent Elemental

Level: ??
Drops: -
Location: Bentbranch, directly south of Gridania

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Coming soon



Bad News from the Forest

Willelda: <Player>, the Wood Wailers have need of you again. Report to the Wailing Barracks.

(Wailing Barracks)
Willelda: You've done well enough up till now, <Player>. I dare say you're coming along quite nicely.
But skill alone did not win the Wood Wailers the people's trust. And skill alone will not ensure our survival.
Tell me true, <Player>, would you give your life in the defense of Gridania?
(quest accept)
Willelda: Then you are ready. J'moldva has words for you. She awaits you within.

J'moldva: Well, Wailer, there is good news, and there is bad. Which will you have first?
(The good/the bad)
J'moldva: Very well. The merchants from the caravan are safe, their cargo intact, and their dealings complete. They, and we, are extremely pleased, and all have you to thank.
They have just recently departed for Ul'dah, and asked that I pass along their gratitude to you once more.
And now the distressing news. You did us proud, <Player>, by journeying to Ul'dah and finding for us an ally at the Platinum Mirage.
He took our voice to Ul'dah's elite, and petitioned desperately for their support. I had allowed myself to hope…
Alas, it seems his pleas fell on naught but deaf ears.
Know that I do not see this as a complete failure, however. The gentlest trickle of water will carve even the hardest of rocks - given time.
(an elezen woman conjurer walks in)
Challinie: J'moldva! Imperials have penetrated the wood and are attempting to burn down the Hedge!
J'moldva: What!? Are you certain?
Challinie: The Wailer assigned to see the moogle back to the forest claims to have spotted the intruders near one of the hedgetrees.
J'moldva: Form a unit! Wailers and Quiver - the best available. Depart immediately, and have the conjurers guide you.
Challinie: Understood! Summon any able conjurers and make ready to depart. We leave at once!
J'moldva: Get word to the Quiver! Let us put these bastads' heads on pikes for all the Empire to see!
All else, head south and meet up with the Ul'dahn caravan. We must see to the safety of the merhcants.
Should the Hedge come down, the elementals may well unleash their fury on any outsiders within the Twelveswood.
My spears are stretched thin, <Player>. If you have friends, now is the time to call them. That caravan must be protected. Can I rely on you?
(Head south to protect the caravan? Yes, it will be done/No, the merchants can fend for themselevs)
J'moldva: Depart when ready, wailers! For Gridania!

Willelda: The others will see to it the imperials are stopped. Leave the Hedge to them.
You must do as J'moldva orders and protect the Ul'dahn caravan. Head south and find them, quickly!
Clarembald: Not now! I Must get word to the others.


(south of the city)
(you see the caravaners preparing to fight while an elemental flies about)
(fight Woodsent Elemental with Brazen-faced Broker, Iron-fisted Pugilist, Easygoing Adventurer, Posturing Adventurer)
Woodsent Elemntal: Suffer…
Brazen-faced Broker: Wh-What is that thing!?

(the fight is over, and the caravan prepares to leave while you watch with several other Wailers)
Brazen-faced Broker: You have done more than enough, wailers. We will be safe from here.
You have delivered us from death yet again. We are forever in your debt.
(a moogle flies in)
Teary Moogle: The forest is angry with you, kupo. Very, very angry.
The forest needs protecting, not these silly merchants.
Dhemdaeg: Wh-What is it saying?
Francis: How the hells should I know? Only the conjruers can make sense of that gibberish.
Z'pahtalo: You understand mooglespeak!?
Francis: We've angered the forest by helping the outsiders?
But we must aid them if we're to have any hope of an alliance with Ul'dah! If not, the Empire will destroy the wood without so much as a fight. Surely the elementals see that…don't they?
Dhemdaeg: It is the very same threat that angers the forest now - this time in the form of Garleans intent to set the Hedge aflame. But we cannot abandon these merchants to the greenwrath while we pursue the imperials responsbile for invoking it! They would be dead in a moment. And if they die, our hopes of an alliance with Ul'dah die with them.
Teary Moogle: Your choices are your own, kupo. But the wood likes things simple, simple, simple.
If you don't look after it, it won't look after you!
(the moogle leaves)
Brazen-faced Broker: I fear we have gone and made an awful mess of things.
You have helped us yet again at such great peril to yourselves… We will not ignore the needs of those who risk life and limb for the safety of our trade. Friends, we will see to it your plight is heard by all in Uldah!

(instance at Camp Bentbranch)
Posturing Adventurer: <sneeze> H-Hells take the elementals. <sneeze> Th-The pollen'll kill me afore aught e-else does! <sneeze>
Easygoing Adventurer: Now that was a sight I will remember all my days! Well worth a brush with death.
Iron-fisted Pugilist: <sigh> The gods must wish us dead for it to come to this again.

Z'pahtalo: You are bold to oppose the elementals so openly. Tell me, does the woodsin not daunt you? Do you not fear the greenwrath?
Dhemdaeg: The wood was well pissed off. Proper seethin', in fact. Don't add up, if you ask me. Them merchants must've done something - they just ain't owning up to it.
Francis: Considering the peril you've placed yourself in, nothing would please me more than to present you with a Wailer's mask. Yet I fear we cannot… I am deeply sorry, <Player>.

Brazen-faced Broker: I am relieved to hear that all of the cargo has been acccounted for.
(you use Echo)
Brazen-faced Broker: That way! It went that way!
Come on! Don't let it get aawy!
(a moogle tries escape, but is captured by the adventurers)
Iron-fisted Pugilist: I've got it! I've got it!

Brazen-faced Broker: Thank you again for your assistance. We will take our leave of you now. May Nald'thal smile on our future dealings as well!


(Wailing Barracks)
J'moldva: It is good to see you returned safe, Wailer. With the help of the Gods' Quiver and the conjurers, we were able to repel the imperials.
What is this I hear of the caravan and a moogle?
Gods, one moogle with injureries is rare enough. I'd not thought them bold enough to attempt it a second time after all they went through… <sigh>
Moogles are extremely rare in the other nations. There are even rumors that they are abducted and sold on Ul'dah's black market - for scarcely believable sums.
Yes, our 'noble allies' in the south will truly do anything for money…
Never in my darkest dreams would I have thought to join forces with such a despicable people.
But the fate of Grdiania, should we stand alone, is certain. It is the fate of Ala Mhigo - and will be the fate of all of Eorzea if we do not unite.
The issue is not a moral one, <Player>. This is a matter of survival. We must win the might of Ul'dah.
And then, well… Those who keep the company of beasts must take care, lest they become beasts themselves. We will hold to our ideals.
But let us enjoy our small victories. By your efforts, a moogle is safe, and the Ul'dahns are pleased. I've had Willelda prepare your payment. Dismissed.

J'moldva: The road to unity will only prove more difficult from here. But we must not waver.
I foresee that I will have yet more to request of you, <Player>.

Willelda: Ul'dahn merchants and imperial interlopers - the Wood Wailers are needed now more than ever.
Amid all the fighting, one can lose sight of the peace we are fighting for. I'm a simple woman, <Player>, but don't think the irony lost on me.
Again, your contributions have been significant. Taket his, Wailer. You've earned it.
For Gridania, always.

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