Name: Moonstruck
How to begin: talk to I'nairoh in Wineport
Areas: Wineport, Bloodshore

Last quest: -
Next quest: -

Requirements to sign up: ?
Required items: -
Reward: ?


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Agitated Aurelia

Level: 20
Drops: ?
Location: outside of Wineport, Bloodshore

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Dalamud Observations

I'nairoh: When night falls and I can no longer work the vineyards, I oft gaze up at the moons and follow their celestial dance across the heavens.
It is commonly held that the larger of the two is the embodiment of Menphina, the Lover. The legends surrounding the smaller moon vary, though. While there are some who believe it to be Menphina's daughter, others swear that it is her lantern. However, the most popular tale tells us the moon is actually Menphina's loyal hound, Dalamud, ever vigilant in his watch over the goddess.
Grapes picked on the mornings when Dalamud's eyes shine brightest are said to produce the finest of wines, which is why many of us here in this hamlet rise before the cock's call and check the skies before attending to the day's tasks.
Personally, I find that I can get a better view of the moons on the relatively flat plains of Bloodshore, as opposed to this sheltered valley. The problem is, the plains have been teeming with frenzied creatures of late, and I would be fortunate to return from thence with all of my limbs.
The harvest is fast aproaching, and if I cannot accurately judge the brightness of Dalamud's gaze, a whole season's wine could be spoiled. Would it be too much to ask of you, and able-bodied adventurer, to slay the beasts which keep me from my observations?
(quest accept)
I'nairoh: Your generostiy is most appreciated. I shall trail you from afar, and once I see the path is cleared, I will make my own way to Bloodshore.

I'nairoh: I implore you, kind adventurer! I cannot properly observe Dalamud's gaze while the road to Bloodshore remains overrun with feral beasts.
The outcome of this year's harvest rests on your shoulders!


I'nairoh: Welcome back, adventurer! You did a fine job of clearing the path to Bloodshore. I encountered not a single beast along the way.
And was I able to discern the brightness of Dalamud's gaze, you ask? Well yes…and no. It is hard to say…
Alright, alright. I'll tell you what I saw, but you must swear not to think me mad.
When I first looked into the sky, it was clear to me the moon was brighter than it had ever been. I read this as a good omen, and was ready to return to my vineyard when something compelled me to take one more look. And that is when I realized my mistake. Yes, Dalamud was brighter…but it was also bigger.
I must have stood there for a good half bell until voices from further down the Eastroad woke me from my trance.
One can never be too careful in a region crawling with thieves and brigands, so I duly concealed myself behind a nearby shrub. However, as they walked by, I knew right away that they were not the ruffians we are used to seeing here in Bloodshore. No, they were far too clean-cut, did not reek of grog or ale, and spoke with a queer accent.
One was speaking into a linkpearl, and I heard him say something about juggernauts and ceruleum. Unfortunately, they passed out of earshot before I could make sense of the rest…and I had little desire to follow them.
Once again, you have my thanks for clearing the path. Rest assured, I will put aside these discomfiting thoughts of Dalamud and the strange outlanders for the time being, and focus all of my energies on the harvest! Oh, and here is the reward I promised you.

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