Making Waves

Yarr the Wavefiend, he who speaks with Leviathan's voice, has come to the Sapsa Spawning Grounds to see his lord resurrected. Suffice it to say he cannot be allowed to succeed. Slay him, and send his ambitions sinking to the briny depths.


Name: Making Waves
Type: Boss
Level: 49
Location: Western La Noscea / Sapsa Spawning Grounds (11,13)
Spawn: 15 min duration

Reward: ? exp, ~98 gil, ~281 seals
Additional Reward: -


Yarr the Wavefiend


There is nothing of note concerning this FATE.


Yarr the Wavefiend: (Begone as foam upon the waves!)

Yarr the Wavefiend: (Your shhhouls shall be given to the abyshhh!)

Yarr the Wavefiend: (Pshhh… Finleshhh ones will not leave this place alive!)

Category: Quests


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