Making the Rounds

Sparing no effort to see every last speck of wealth in the mines funneled directly into his personal coffers, the covetous Zo Ga has sent a savage henchman, 59th Order Roundsman Ge Ga, to claim a new tunnel in his name. In lieu of delivering a lecture of the merits of proper wealth distribution, cut the blackguard down where he stands.


Name: Making the Rounds
Type: Boss
Level: 47
Location: Outer La Noscea / U'Ghamaro Mines (22,6)
Spawn: 15 min duration

Reward: ? exp, ~94 gil, ~270 seals
Additional Reward: Titan Electrumshield


59th Order Roundsman Ge Ga


There is nothing of note concerning this FATE.

Category: Quests


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