Main Street Spectral Parade

The Continental Circus wants you for its splendidly spooky parade. While transfigured, follow the ogre pumpkinhead along Emerald Avenue and cast the Festal Cant charm on the citizens who have come to spectate.


Name: Main Street Spectral Parade
Type: Escort
Level: 1
Location: Ul'dah / Emerald Avenue (10,8)
Spawn: 10 min during All Saints' Wake 2014

Reward: 0 exp, 0 gil, 0 seals
Additional Reward: Bronze: Demonic Cookie, Silver: Demonic Cookie x3, Gold: Demonic Cookie x6


Ossuary Thaumaturge
Suspecting Citizen


Note that you must be under a transfiguration to be able to participate in this FATE. Grab one from the imp and wait for the FATE to start.

At the start of the FATE the Ogre Pumpkinhead will spawn. After a while, he will start his way down the road towards the Arrzaneth Ossuary, stopping at certain intervals. Every time he stops, a crowd of NPCs will spawn. Your goal is to aim the Festal Chant (ability available on the pet hotbar during this FATE) at the Suspecting Citizens, while not hitting any Ossuary Thaumaturges. Note that if you hit a Thaumaturge, they will dispel your transfiguration and you will be unable to continue.

Category: Quests

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