Little Saboteurs


Name: MIN2 - Little Saboteurs
How to begin: talk to Linette at Amajina & Sons
Areas: Ul'dah, Gridania, Tranquil Paths

Last quest: A Piece of History
Next quest: Runaway Little Girl

Requirements to sign up: MIN30, A Piece of History complete
Required items: ?
Reward: ?


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Coming soon



Rushed Summons

Popokkuli: Yeah, so, it's me. Eh? Linette? No, it's me! From the mines! With the bulging- Eh? No, Popokkuli! What are you, thick? Huh? No, you ain't bloody ready for the Nanawa Mines! The Nanawa Mines would end you! Just get yourself over here, quick sharp, you hear? We've got an important job for you.

(Amajina & Sons)
Linette: It seems the twins have sets their sights on you. I heard over the linkpearl. They bid you come to the Concern, and so you have. But I fear they have already left.
Yes, they gathered some adventurers and headed north just recently - for the Black Shroud. As boisterous as ever, those two. Always leaping before they look.
No doubt they meant for you to accompany them, as well, but forgot amidst the confusion of their departure. You had best go and find them in Gridania, before they realize you are missing.
(quest accept)
Linette: Visit the inn in Gridania - a place called the Roost. No doubt the twins have taken a number of rooms there to accommodate their party.

Late to the Party

(The Roost, Carline Canopy, Gridania)
V'korolon: All the way from Ul'dah, you say? Amajina & Sons? You couldn't have come at a better time!
I beg you, do something to calm these customers. I've been receiving endless complaints about the noise.
(you enter the Roost, and stop in front of a pair of doors)
Popokkuli: That bloody chocobo's arse! I will end him ! I'm gonna rip his arms out of their sockets and beat him to death with them!
(inside the room are the twins)
Seserukka: I feel the same, brother, but you know we can't do that. It'd only upset Nenekko.
(you enter the room)
Seserukka: Oh, look who's finally decided to honor us with his presence. What the hells kept you?
Popokkuli: I knew something was missing, I just couldn't remember who. You're a forgettable bastard, you know that? Don't imagine I'm gonna forget this, though, you unreliable little-
Seserukka: Wait just a minute, brother. I'm thinking we should have <Player> here do a bit of investigating for us…
Popokkuli: You might be on to something there, brother. Yes, yes… No one around here knows what's-his-name by face. He just might serve.
Here's what you're gonna do - go to the chocobo stables and question the carriage driver about a coach rented by a man named Fafajon. Find out where it's headed.
Seserukka: The driver's a talkative one. It shouldn't take much to get his lips flapping. Now get to it!

Finding Fafajon

(by Chocobo Stables)
Chocobo Carriage Driver: What? Fafajon? Never heard of him. Nope. Haven't an inkling what you're on about.
(parley with him)
Chocobo carriage Driver: This lackwit can parley all he wants. He'll not hear from me that Fafajon paid for a coach to the flower fields.

Did I just think that, or did I say that out loud?

Popokkuli: Did you find anything out? You better have…or your days at the Concern are over! I will end you the instant I become guildmaster!
Seserukka: What the hells makes you think you're going to be guildmaster? Everyoen knows I'm gonna be the next guildmaster!
Popokkuli: What everyone knows is that you'll get angry if they tell you who is really gonna be the next guildmaster - namely yours truly, otherwise known as me. Anyway, shut up! We don't have time for that now. Nenekko's life is at stake here!
Seserukka: You're right, brother. You're right. I'm sorry. So…Tidus, was it? What n- Eh? <Player>? Never heard of him. Anyway, shut up. What news?
Popokkuli: The flower fields? Why that godsdamned son of a poxy whore! I swear by all the ore in Ul'dah - I will end him!
Seserukka: I'd not thought the bastard fool enough to take her there again.
Popokkuli: We're going. And you're coming with us.

(near Rootlake)
Popokkuli: Now, we're looking for something - a box. It should be buried here, somewhere among the flowers.
Seserukka: Put all the soil back where it was. And be gentle! And don't damage the flowers! There's elementals in bloody everything here, and they're touchy bastards.
(you dig up a box with the twins)
Popokkuli: This is it. No mistaking. What'll we put in it this time? Hehehe!
Seserukka: You, get back to Ul'dah and see to it Nenekko doesn't leave. Do whatever you must. Now go!

Nenekko's Feelings

(Amajina & Sons, Ul'dah)
Linette: <sigh> I see the twins are up to their usual high jinks. Yes, I heard all over the linkpearl - again. Do you think me a complete fool?
You have nothing to gain by speaking to Nenekko. She is set to leave for Gridania at the behest of her parents. A miner just back from Eshtaime's Lapidaries chanced to overhear her and her lady mother discussing the trip while shopping there.

(Eshtaime's Lapidaries)
Shalala: That just about does it, dear.
Oh, just look at you. Such a lovely sight to behold. A woman is like a precious stone, dear. The more we are polished, the more we shine.
In time, you will come to love the man who would make you his wife. And you must strive to make him love you, as well.
Nenekko: But Mother… Truly, I do not wish to go. This isn't what I-
Shalala: Hush, child… Do not be selfish. I know it seems difficult now, but it is all for the best. Fafajon is a good man, and his intentions are genuine.
Nenekko: But Mother, I don't lov-
Shalala: You know I would never do anything to make you unhappy, sweetling. You are still so young. You must trust your mother in these things.
It may be hard to understand now, but in time you will come to realize that this is the right choice. Someday you will thank me.
(Shalala leaves. You approach the down-lookign Nenekko)
Nenekko: You…? You're the one…from the mines, yes? Yes, you are!
So my brothers are trying to stop my marriage, are they. <sigh> They are so kind to always worry about me as they do.
The gentleman to whom I'm engaged is not a bad man. It is flattering to think that he would have me as his wife. Some would even say I am unworthy of his affections.
I just… I don't know if I am ready to be wed. I feel like there is still so much I have to see. So much to do and learn and…
Well, you hardly need to be told, I suppose. You're an adventurer. You live to travel to faraway places and experience fascinating new things. You of all people must know how I feel, I think?
(Do you understand Nenekko's plight? Not really. I've never had a problem with intimacy/Yes, I've been there)
Nenekko: It's wrong of me to speak so selfishly after enjoying such a privileged upbringing, I know. But thank you. Thank you for listening.
Mother is waiting. I must go. Thank you for all you have done. I will explain thigns to my brothers and make them understand. Goodbye, for now.

Meet the Mother

Linette: If you are looking for the bride-to-be, Nenekko's airship just left port. Were you able to speak with her?
Well that's good. She's been depressed ever since the issue of her marriage was first raised - even after she was informed of her betrothed's surpassing wealth!
Fafajon is wasted on her, I tell you. What I wouldn't give to be kept by a man like that… My men tend to leave me first thing in the morning.
The guildmaster's line has been all men and sons for generations now. As the only girl, Nenekko has had a somewhat pampered upbringing.
Maybe it's just me, but I think it better for her to marry and leave than to stay and be smothered by a house full of over-protective men - don't you think?
Shalala: You there, adventurer. You are an acquaintance of my daughter, are you not? Then hear me well.
You are not to see nor speak to Nenekko again for any reason. Ever.
She is the daughter of this guild's master, and you are a mere adventurer. It is not proper for the likes of you to associate with highborn ladies. Do I make myself clear?
Not that it will matter soon. In but a short while, she will be gone. Nevertheless, I'd rather you did not come near her in the meantime.
You will only serve to poison her mind further with talk of the outside world.
(the twins arrive)
Popokkuli: You bloody adventurers are more useless than I thought. I should end you right now!
Shalala: And where are you two off to? I had better not find out that you've been off to Gridania again or gods help me…
Seserukka: No, Mother, we haven't! We've been here the whole time, haven't we, brother?
Popokkuli: Of course we have. It wasn't us, it was this adventurer here. Cloud, was it? Errr, ah! Yes, <Player>, of course… He went!
Popokkuli: See, we were looking for…these! Sheep's-eyes and pieces of petrified wood are so hard to find, and we…we…
Seserukka: …We wanted to find some…for Nenekko! That's why we were out. That's all, we swear!
Shalala: Well, you're too late, in any event. Your sister has already left. By now, she and her betrothed are probably enjoying the beautiful forest scenery together.
But that's none of your concern anymore. Your father wishes to see you, boys. Best go on now, before you anger him.

Linette: What exactly did the twins do up in Gridania? Do you know?
Well, whatever they did, it seems clear that their parents will be livid if they discover the truth. That said…it would not surprpise me if their father had put them up to it.

Chachai: Coin, lands and titles, fame - to think Nenekko may have to give up all that here to go and live in the north…
I heard they brew tea from the same leaves over and over to avoid killing too many plants! What folly is that!?
Mumukiya: Seems Nenekko's lady mother has found herself a new favorite pastime - buying up everything in sight that might serve as a wedding present.
She'd just as soon see her daughter wed off to an Amalj'aa were it rich enought, the coin-grubbing old hag. <spit>
Yuyubesu: Lady Shalala started out as a singer and dancer herself, you know, right here in the guild's alehouse. Aye, and she sang and danced herself right into the guildmaster's bed! Hahaha!
As for this wedding business, well, she's only trying to spare Nenekko the life of hardship she had to endure. A parent's love can manifest itself in strange ways.
Fifilo: So it was for Nenekko's sake that the twins journeyed to Gridania, after all…
No doubt they are attempting to sabotage their parent's plans for Nenekko, yet again.
Pierriquet: Who can blame Nenekko's lady mother if she desires a wealthy husband for her daughter? Love fades, but coin? Coin lasts a lifetime.
No dobut she found a great deal of comfort in that coin when word of her husband's philandering came to light.
Mohtfryd: Who in their right mind would want to marry themselves off to a Grdianian? The tales one hears of elementals snatching folk up and turning them into wildlings shoudl be enough to keep away anyone with their wits about them.
C'rhabye: Heehee, the guildmaster has more than his fair share of lovers, that's no secret. They say he only employs women he means to bed. Purrr, heehee!

Mistakes Past

(you use Echo on Seserukka)
(at the flower field Nenekko and Fafajon are followed by the twins and their escort. You join them)
Popokkuli: Keep it down! You're going to give us away.
Fafajon: Alone at alast, my dove, my angel. I have dreamt of this moment for a very long time now.
Nenekko: Th-Thank you…
Fafajon: I pondered endlessly over how best to share my feelings with you. And then I learned of this place.
The colors of both Ul'dah and Gridania come together here, as do we now. I thought it quite lovely - though it is nowhere near so lovely as you.
This field is your snow, Nenekko - a gift, from me. But there is more. There is something hidden here, buried. Something very special.
Nenekko: Something…special? Buried? But what?
Fafajon: I know the prospect of marriage bores you. But what I have hidden here is proof that I do not intend to subject you to a life of boredom or drudgery.
Nenekko: M-May I search for it?
Is this it?
Fafajon: There is only one way to find out, my moon and stars.
Popokkuli: No! We can't let Nenekko open it, brother!
Seserukka: Gods be good…
Nenekko: Eeeeeek!!!
(you return to the present. The twins are looking pained)
Seserukka: Oh…
Well, we didn't go too far this time. I reckon she'll be fine.
Popokkuli: Of course she will. A little thing like that isn't gonna end our sister. She's shares the same blood as us, remember.
Seserukka: But still, I doubt that feisty little bugger is going to give up without a fight.
We didn't cover our tracks well enough. Mother suspects us…

(you use the Echo on Popokkuli)
(close by the guild, Nenekko approaches Popokkuli)
Nenekko: Popokkuli!
Popokkuli: What is it, Nenekko?
Nenekko: I was wondering if you would mind letting me wash all of the clothes strewn about your room?
Popokkkuli: And ruin those pretty hands scrubbing dirty miner's smallclothes? Absolutely not!
Nenekko: But I have to learn about these things if I am ever to be the lady of the house. Husbands expect their wives to handle all the domestic-
Popokkuli: They can doh-meh-stick their handles up their arses! I will end the manhood of every bastard in Eorzea before I let one of them marry you!
Nenekko: I know you mean well, Popokkuli, but you must stop being like this. And besides, your room is a dreadful mess. It could stand a good cleaning. Why on your dresser, I saw a…
Popokkuli: A what?
Nenekko: I couldn't quite say. They were so old and worn, and…filthy. But I think they were un-
(Nenekko looks bothered)
Popokkuli: Ahhh, those. I'm saving those. Never know when they might come in handy.
Nenekko: What!? That's disgusting!
(return to thepresent)
Popokkuli: Ahem… Well, this is a bit awkward.
Seserukka: Aye. That it is.
Popokkkuli: I suppose some things could stand to be thrown away.
Seserukka: The box was meant for the poxy whoreson to open - not Nenekko.
Popokkuli: But she still loves us, despite all our antics.
Popokkuli/Seserukka: To Nenekko!

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