Lightning Strikes - Sister Crustacean

A spawning megalocrab will do whatever it takes to see its brood safe, and that includes slicing Lalafell fishers who draw too close to the spawning grounds in half with its powerful claws. Slay a crab, save a lad.


Name: Sister Crustacean (Lightning Strikes version)
Type: Battle
Level: 12
Location: Middle La Noscea / Three-malm Bend (16,12)
Spawn: during Lightning Strikes event, 15 min duration

Reward: 2,625 exp, 24 gil, 67 seals
Additional Reward: Otherworldly Parcel x1 (Bronze), x2 (Silver, Gold)


Spawning Megalocrab


This FATE is otherwise the same as the regular FATE, but you will be aided by Lightning.


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Category: Quests

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