Legends Adrift


Name: LL3 - Legends Adrift
How to begin: talk to Baderon at the Drowning Wench
Areas: Limsa Lominsa, La Noscea

Last quest: Treasures of the Main
Next quest: Never the Twain Shall Meet

Requirements to sign up: rank 10 on any class
Required items: -
Reward: -


Rumors about a mysterious island called Seal Rock are ever prevalent amongs the common folk of Limsa Lominsa. Word has it that while the Sahagin were ambushing the Knights of the Barracuda, a pirate gang known as the Kraken's Arms slipped by the fleet and landed on the rock. Speak with a few more of the Wench's patrons and see if you cannot glean any mroe useful information.

The outsider known as Y'shtola has revealed to you she is searching for a shadowless man accused of assisting the Sahagin. Answers may be found on the Astalicia - a rat-infested galleon frequented exclusively by pirates, miscreants, and rabble-rousers - though it would be wise to hear Baderon's opinion on the place before attempting anything rash.

Baderon has told you about the Astalicia and how it doubles as the aptly named Marauders' Guild. Locate the galleon using your map, and see if you cannot gather any additional information on Seal Rock there.

Just as you seem certain to be gutted by a gang of pirates on the Astalicia, the galleon is raided by the Knights of the Barracuda, who are searching for a young bandit named Emerick. While the Knights ransack the ship, you may resume your information gathering without fear of evisceration.

The Knights of the Barracuda have found what they came for and left Astalicia. With the resident pirates still fuming about the Knights' intrusion, it maybe best for you to follow suit, and void the premises.
Having exhausted all your leads, perhaps it is time to contact Baderon and ask if he has heard anything.

According to Baderon, a Lalafell named Sisipu is searching for you. Head to Fisherman's Bottom and discover her motives.

For some unfathomable reason, Sisipu has revealed to you the location of a secret fishing hole. Could it be that Sisipu has become smitten with you? Hurry to the meeting-place and find out!

When you arrive at the location indicated by Sisipu, you soon realize you are not alone; Thalassocratic Navy 1st Squadron Commodore Sthalmann has also made the journey to the puller's secret fishing spot. After a lengthy conversation with the commodore, you learn that he believes the young pirate Emerick to be the one responsible for betraying his squadron to the Sahagin, though he admits many of the details still elude him. Sthalmann finally asks that you keep an eye on Sisipu, but she is content to return to the city unescorted, having finished her fishing. Contact Baderon and let him know what you have learned.

The assessors at Mealvaan's Gate wish to question you. To avoid any trouble with the thalassocratic authorities, it is best you hurry to the custom-house and set matters straight.

It seems the custom-house believes you have yet to return a firearm lent to you during recruitment evaluation in the Coral Tower. However, before you can prove your innocence, Rhoswen and her band of pirates - known as the Sanguine Sirens - raid the building, holding everyone at swordpoint while they search the place for their quarry: the young pirate, Emerick.

You cross paths once again with the mysterious Y'shtola, learning she is much more than she seems. Not only can she hold her own in a fight against great odds, but she also has an inexplicable knowledge of the circumstances surrounding Seal Rock and its treasures. After deciphering an ancient message carved upon a tablet shown to her by First Assessor J'arhll, Y'shtola realizes what she must do next and hurls herself into the heart of the battle. Considering how poorly you might fare on your own, it is probably in your best interest to follow her lead.


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