Lazy for You

The things we love destroy us every time. So it was with Farmer Laurence, who was devoured by his grossly overgrown pet ochu which he named after himself. Slay the rampant creature, that the old farmer's soul might know peace.


Name: Lazy for You
Type: Boss
Level: 20
Location: East Shroud / Nine Ivies (23,29)
Spawn: 30 min duration

Reward: ~10,150 exp, ~40 gil, ~115 seals
Additional Reward: Baby Bun (gold), Hi-Potion (bronze)


Fruiting Fungus
Lazy Laurence


This FATE is a major boss FATE and should not be attempted solo. The fruiting fungi will link to Laurence if you attempt to pull him, and more will keep spawning through the FATE. Any non-tank will have to keep an eye out for approaching fungi so as not to be surprised by them. Each of them can easily kill a DD if given a little time.

Category: Quests


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