Last Respects


Name: GR - Last Respects
How to begin: talk to Eadbert at Hyrstmill
Areas: Hyrstmill, Treespeak

Last quest: -
Next quest: -

Requirements to sign up: ?
Required items: Treehollow brew x4
Reward: ?


Coming soon



Level: 41-43
Drops: ?
Location: passageways close by the Treespeak aetherial gate

Lemurs are a close relative of the opo-opos, and come with all the same attacks. Be wary of knock-back, but that is just about all you have to worry about once you pick up the quest, that and actually finding your four lemurs to kill.



Honor the Dead

Eadbert: Have ye come to mourn the dead? Aye, ye heard me right. Them bloody Ixal bastards've robbed Hyrstmill of another decent soul.
An' a young lass, at that. Stole past our own watch somehow, poor little fool, and into thewood. But why!? She knew full well the dangers of the Ixal outside the village. All here in Hyrstmill do. I told her myself! She was always so stubborn! If only she'd-
No, it ain't my palce to speak ill of the dead - mine nor no one's. All that concerns me now is that the girl is sent over proper. we'll make offerings of treehollow brew and say our prayers, as we do for all our departed.
But there are foul souls in the forest these days, angering the elementals something fierce. I'll not wager a guess as to which is more dangerous - but I can say as there won't be no Hyrstmill folk leaving the safety of the camp with things as they stand.
That being so, might be as a strapping lad like yerself could lend Hyrstmill a hand. If ye'd bring us four servings of treehollow brew, we could honor the girl's memory in our way, see. It's pungent stuff, made by the lemurs near Treespeak, 'case ye're wondering.
(quest accept)
Eadbert: The lemurs near Treespeak are surly buggers, an' wont' shy from a fight. Hells, 'tis a struggle for Hyrstmill's finest to lay 'em low. No doubt ye fancy yerself more'n capable, but don't go letting yer guard down, alright?

The Lost Sister

Eadbert: Four servings of treehollow brew, just like I asked. I'm in yer debt, friend.
Now we can send the poor lass's soul off proper. I swear, ye'd never seen a sweeter thing than she. All smiles and kindness, she was. Crept off into the wood to pick flowers for my nameday. Just like her - always thinking of her big brother…
It weren't to guard the forest nor Gridania that I spoke the Wailers' vows. It was to protect her! I was all she had, an' I failed her… I… I… <sob>
Well, what!? Ain't never seen a man cry? Go on, take yer bloody reward and bugger off! And…thank ye.

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