Lance of Fury


Name: DRG2 - Lance of Fury
How to begin: talk to Alberic at the Gates of Judgment, Dragonhead
Areas: Dragonhead, Cassiopeia Hollow

Last quest: The Eye of the Dragon
Next quest: Unfading Scars

Requirements to sign up: DRG35, The Eye of the Dragoon complete
Required items: -
Reward: Ser Alberic Bale linkpearl, ?


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Bomb Baron

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Origin of the Dragoons

Alberic: It is pleasing to see how readily the dragon stirs within you. You show real potential, <Player> - a potential that may well prove the difference between victory and defeat.
Estinien is no ordinary dragoon, this you well know. Even among the laudel ranks of the Azures, however, the man is considered peerless. Such is his prowess, in fact, the day he was chosen by the Eye, it was proclaimed that Haldrath the Dragonseye had been reborn.
As promised, I shall train you in the way of the dragoon, that you might face Estinien as an equal. Before we commence, however, it is only fitting that you are edified regarding our origins. It all began a millennium past, when our forebears resided in the southern plains in humble circumstances.
The Fury, impressed by the spirit of our ancestors, decided it was meet that She make them Her own. So did She appear before Haldrath's sire, a man of courage and integrity named Thordan, and bade him lead Her people to the Promised Land - to what would become the great nation of Isghard.
Their journey brought them to a wide chasm, whereupon Thordan and his people set to building a bridge. It was then that a dark shadow descended upon them - the great wyrm Nidhogg. Heedless of his own safety, Thordan fearlessly charged at the colossal beast. Alas, he was pushed into the chasm by one of his own, a man seduced by the wyrm, and fell to his death.
Taking up his slain sire's lance, Haldrath hurled himself at Nidhogg, even as tears streamed down his face. The confrontation ended when the young man, his hand guided by Halone, landed a mighty thrust that prized out Nidhogg's eye. With a terrible roar of pain, the great wyrm took wing and fled, while jubilation reigned below.
Ishgard's priceless relic is none other than the eye taken from Nidhogg that day. It is a veritable wellspring of dragon power - even so removed from its owner, it can exert control over the hearts of men.
Haldrath himself felt its malign influence, but his love of justice brooked no corruption, and he prevailed over the power, claiming it for his own. And so it was that the first Azure Dragoon was born.
Being derived from our foe, the power of the dragon is a thing to be loathed. But as Haldrath proved to us all, so long as our hearts burn with justice, we need not fear being taken in its thrall.
Ah, but what is justice, precisely? Justice assumes many shapes and forms, <Player>, and none can say that one is greater than another. So long as you hold fast to your beliefs and stay true to yourself, you leave no room for the power of the dragon to master you.
But enough of history - let us return our attention to the present. For reasons yet undetermined, the dragons have been stirring of late, those that had lain in deep slumber rousing themselves to wakefulness.
But a few days past, word arrived that a dragon had been sighted over La Noscea, a region well outside the cretures' habitual range. While no casualties were reported, the scent of a dragon has agitated the local fauna.
As part of your training, I would have you put down one such creature: the bomb baron. The monster inhabits Cassiopeia Hollow, a short distance east of Camp Bloodshore in Eastern La Noscea.
Not only will vanquishing the menace serve to hone your lance arm, it will be a great boon to the region's residents.
The experience will surely help to stir the dragon within, and you will be one step closer to standing upon even ground with Estinien.
(quest accept)
Alberic: The set of your face attests to your resolve. Let us speak again once your task is accomplished. Take here this linkpearl, and may the Fury grant you strength.
(obtain Ser Alberic Bale linkpearl)

Slaying the Bomb

Alberic: You show tremendous promise, <Player>, and for that I am pelased. An arduous journey remains before you, but we will make an Azure Dragoon of you yet. Return hither when you are ready to take the next step.

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