Kobold and the Beautiful


Name: TM - Kobold and the Beautiful
How to begin: talk to Lilina at Mealvaan's Gate
Areas: Limsa Lominsa, Iron Lake, U'Ghamaro Mines

Last quest: -
Next quest: .

Requirements to sign up: Private Third Class of any Grand Company
Required items: Coblyn choler
Reward: ?


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Once you have talked to the quest starter, head out to Iron Lake, talk to [[Kurtz Nolan]], and from there head further to the north-east to U'Ghamaro Mines. The kobolds in the area are in the high 40s. Note that this will remain to be the case within U'Ghamaro to the extent of the cave you will need to enter for this quest, so if you want to and have the friends to do so, you can enter with a small group of mid-40s of mediocre skill and clear the quest with ease. If you come with several 50s the quest won't be a challenge at all, and it is soloable with care at lv 50.

When you approach the Mine, the most important skill is positioning. The kobolds you enter will not move from their positions unless aggro'd, which will enable you to sneak in with relative ease and apply the coblyn choler with hardly any fighting if you so wish. In fact, the hardest part of your journey will be entering the Mine. There are several kobolds stationed near the mine entrance just so they will see you if you try to enter. What you need to do is position yourself so that only the minimum number (1-2) kobolds will notice you at a time. Take them out quick, for the respawn time around the mine and in it is very short. Alternately you can run into U'Ghamaro itself and shake them off your tail when the zone changes.

Once in, you will have to take out the two kobolds stationed at the first door. Note that these must be killed, you will run into a group of kobolds and fireflies directly on the other side. Once you take them out, enter into the room beyond with care. No kobold will be in a position to see you, but the fireflies roam and might do that. Once you clear the area of any fireflies that come in the way (please keep in mind the short respawn), examine the three cauldrons in the room. This can be done without aggro from the kobolds staring into the cauldrons.

When you have successfully applied coblyn choler to the three cauldrons - be sure you got the message from each one - simply head back out to Camp Iron Lake and speak to Nolan again for your reward.



Smart Kobolds

Lilina: Greetings, adventurer. You have the looks of a seasoned slayer of knaves and ne'er-do-wells. Might you be seeking an opportunity to apply your skills in slaughtery to a cause most noble? Of course you might!
Permit me to explain. A few moons back, our field assessors began to discern a trend in the attacks upon trade ships moored here in Galadion Bay. Now, as you know, random acts of brigandry are hardly uncommon in the city-state, but this was different - it was…predictable. It seemed as if someone, or something, was making a concerted effort to raid vesels carrying shipments of sthalite ore.
Shtalite is a dense, crystalline substance used in goldsmithing and armory, but becaues it is not readily obtainable on Vylbrand, firms like Naldiq & Vymelli's must improt it form Aldenard. The ore is plain in appearance and extremely difficult to reine, making it virtually worthless to all but those with knowledge of metallurgy.
Which is why the recent crimes had us utterly perplexed…until we received an anonymous lead pointing us towards the kobold tribes of O'Ghomoro. Quite how they managed to slip into the city, board several heavily guarded ships, and finally make off with what has been estimated at ten score tonzes of ore, all unnoticed, is unimportant. What we need to know is precisely how they mean to use it.
According to reports made by Knights of the Barracuda units patrolling upper La Noscea, kobold activity has markedly icnreased in the vicinity of a system of natural caves known as the U'Ghamaro Mines. The beastmen have gone so far as to bar the cavern entrance with a heavy iron door.
It is well documented that the kobold tribes of Vylbrand are highly skilled in metalworking, with most of their raw materials coming from the countless tunnels carved through the heart of O'Ghomoro. Rarely do they wander far from their caves, shunning contact with Lominsans unless they feel cornered.
The fact that the promise of shtalite drew them out of their holes and into our very midst has prompted us to wonder if the substance might have uses beyond armory and bauble-making…and if those uses might pose at threat to the thalassocracy.
We have taken our concerns to the Maelstrom, and one Chief Storm Sergeant Nolan assured us that an investigation would be conducted shortly. However, given all the armada has to deal with, I doubt they will be able to devote much time to what certainly appears to be little more than a case of rogue beastmen doing a spot of raiding.
And this, my good adventurer, is why I must call upon you and your many talents. If the kobolds truly are up to no good, waiting for the Maelstrom to act may prove disastrous.
Would you travel to the U'Ghamaro Mines, find a way inside, and see if you cannot determine what they are using the shtalite to create? If you are successful in bringing back pertinent information, I shall see to it that your efforts are well rewarded.
(quest accept)
Lilina: Your assistance is appreciated, but I must warn you, the region in which you will be traveling is wild and treacherous, and many of the caves there remain unexplored. I harldy need add that you will not be welcome in the kobolds' domain, so be sure to make the proper preparations before embarking on this quest. You may even wish to employ the services of a few of your fellow adventures. Oh, and might I recommend that you make Cmap Iron Lake your base of operations? You will find it a convenient location to provision your party before entering the Mines.

New Client

(Iron Lake)
Nolan: Well met. I am Chief Storm Sergeant Kurtz Nolan. What brings you to this gods forsaken corner of Vylbrand? And don't tell me it's for the scenery. The hills here are no different from the ones in Bloodshore.
Kobolds stealing shipments of sthalite? Let me guess - Mealvaan's Gate sent you. <sigh> I told them that the Maelstrom would investigate their claims in due course. Honestly, if those thrice-damned scholarlies spent a quarter as much time on basic sword drill as they do worrying about the world beyond their magnifying glasses, they might actually be able to venture out into it.
Alright, alright. Considering you came all this way with every intention to help, perhaps we can find something for you to do. But let me make this clear - you are now working for the Maelstrom, and you will report to me, and only me. Oh, and you need not worry about your precious reward. I will recompense you for any reward promised by Mealvaan's Gate. Agreed? Good.
Now, for your assignment: though we have no concrete evidence, we believe that the kobolds may be using the stolen shtalite to forge a super-hard alloy called cobalt iron. When used in armor, the metal can render a man nigh on invincible, but due to the rarity of the materials required to forge it, and the prohibitive degree of skill rquired to shape it, large-scale production has long been deemed impossible.
However, if the kobolds are hoarding the materials to make cobalt iron armor, then it could mean they are planning for war…
What I require of you is to ascertain the extent of the beastmen's cobalt iron production. To do that, you are to take this liquid compound created from the humours of a coblyn, and apply it to any metal you find within the U'Ghamaro Mines. If the metal contains sthalite, the liquid will change form yellow to green - just don't ask me how.
Once you have used up all the liquid, return here and report your findings. Oh, and please, do be careful. I've lost more than a few good men in there, if not to the kobolds, then to the endless labyrinth of tunnels. Keep your map with you at all times, and may the Twelve watch over you.
(obtain a flask of coblyn choler)

Nolan: As you can see on your map, the entrance to the U'Ghamaro Mines lies but a few malms to the northeast. Oh, and the place is fair crawling with kobolds, so I would strongly advice against venturing in alone.
Once you are inside, locate objects made of metal and apply the liquid I gave you, noting whether or not its color changes to green. Once you have used up all the liquid, return to me and report your findings. Good luck, and may the Twelve be with you.

(U'Ghamaro Mines)
You apply a small drop of liquid to the metal…but nothing happens.


(Iron Lake)
Nolan: I am pleased to see you back, adventurer. I was beginning to worry that you, too, had fallen prey to the mines and that which lurks therein. So, tell me, what did you discover?
Giant cauldron-shaped buildings made of metal!? What in the seven hells could those beasts be planning?
But even so, you say you were unable to locate any metal containing sthalite… This is most disturbing… It appears that Mealvaan's Gate was correct in their assumption that the kobolds were planning something sinister, though it seems it had little to do with the stolen sthalite.
…On the other hand, ten score onzes of ore could not simply have vanished into thin air. Perhaps there are further chambers in the depths below the areas we have already explored? If there are, the kobolds would have little trouble concealing whatever it is that they are slaving over, be it weaponry to sell to pirates or armor for use in a war against Limsa.
At any rate, it appars our survey of the U'Ghamaro Mines is far from complete. I shall inform Maelstrom Command and Mealvaan's Gate of your findings and request more men to be dispatched to Camp Iron Lake.
Here is your reward, adventurer. Oh, and you need not bother returning to the customs-house to report. I will see that they are promptly sent word of your safety.

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