Joining the Spirit


Name: Joining the Spirit
How to begin: talk to Kokosamu at Mutamix's Camp
Areas: Black Brush, other

Last quest: -
Next quest: -

Requirements to sign up: any Disciple of the Hand level 20+
Required items: any one catalyst you obtained yourself from gathering
Reward: Fingerpints of the Gods (ability)


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Coming soon


Secret Abilities

Kokosamu: Well if it ain't a fellow Disciple of the Land. I s'pose ye already knew about dark matter - aye, the stuff folk use t' mend every bloody thing nowadays.
Accordin' t' Master Mutamix, dark matter comes from rocks what fell from the sky. Stuff's older'n Eorzea, he says, and landed here gods know how long ago - but owin' to its habit o' bonding with anythin' it touches, it's remained hidden from sight…'til recently, that is.
I don't know the why of it, but lately dark matter's been separatin' off again, allowin' keen-eyed Disciples o' the Land like usselves to spot it. Queerly, though, there's some dark matter what don't quite separate fully, leavin' it part-melded to its host material.
This impure stuff's worthless as repairs, but as it turns out, there's another use for it - as a catalyst for meldin' materia. Without catalysts, there ain't no way t' attach materia to gear, see. An' materia what can't be attached to gear's about as useful as nipples on a breastplate.
Now, I reckon ye can appreciate that catalysts spell good coin for us gatherin' types. Only thing is, they're a deal harder t' spot than yer ordinary dark matter. There's a trick to it, t' be sure, an' bein' the charitable bloke I am, I'm willin' t' teach ye, provided ye're willin' t' learn.
(quest accept)
Kokosamu: But o' course ye want t' learn how t' find catalysts! An' seein' as ye're so eager, let's get on with the lesson, shall we?
Now, there're three common types o' catalysts: carbonized matter got through minin', germinated matter got through harvestin', and calcified matter got through fishin'.
The type ye get depends on the method o' gatherin' ye're usin'. But before ye go reachin' for yer favorite pickaxe, hatchet, or rod, ye'll recall I mentioned there bein' a trick to findin' catalysts, an' so there is - an ability, more specifically, taught me by Master Mutamix hisself.
'Fingerpints o' the Gods', 'tis called. Without it, ye might as well be searchin' for a needle in a haystack what don't have no needles in it - usin' naught but yer sense o' smell.
Now, clean the wax out o' yer ears, 'cause I'm gonna teach ye how the ability works.

Kokosamu: Here, lend me yer map. I'll mark a choice gatherin' point or two where ye can put theory t' practice.

Kokosamu: (text missing) ain't clear.
(learn ability Fingerpints of the Gods)

Kokosamu: Run alon an' give that ability a try. Oh, an' have a flick through the tome over there if summat ain't clear.

New Rival

Kokosamu: I see ye've bagged yerself a catalyst. Well done, friend. I s'pose this means I can count ye among me rivals.
Truth be told, it stings me t' think how the competition for catalysts just got worse - an' through me own doin' at that. But I promised Master Mutamix I'd help him spread the knowledge o' materia, and if Eorzea prospers for our rivalry, I reckon it'll have been worth the added trouble.

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