It's Not Lupus

Claws so powerful they can split a rock in two. A shell so hard, not even the hammer of a mighty hecatoncheir can crack it. Cancer, a crab rumored to have been spawned in the heavens, has appeared in eastern La Noscea. Slay him and become the stuff of legends!


Name: It's Not Lupus
Type: Boss
Level: 32
Location: Eastern La Noscea / Bloodshore (31,34)
Spawn: 30 min duration

Reward: ~19,987 exp, ~64 gil, ~194 seals
Additional Reward: Smallshell (gold)




Note that this is a major boss FATE and should not be attempted solo. Only Cancer will count for FATE progression, but you will have to deal with the constant stream of Acubens less the DD get overwhelmed.

Category: Quests


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