Into the Dragon's Maw


Name: DRG6 - Into the Dragon's Maw
How to begin: talk to Alberic Bale at the Gates of Judgment, Dragonhead
Areas: Dragonhead, Skyfire Locks

Last quest: Fatal Seduction
Next quest: -

Requirements to sign up: DRG50, Fatal Seduction complete
Required items: -
Reward: Drachen Mail, ?


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Estinien Wyrmblood

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Alberic: Ah, <Player>! An urgent message arrived from Estinien in your absence. He bids you come at once to Griffin Crossing, southeast of here. It would seem Nidhogg is on the move - and rather sooner than we had anticipated.
We are racing against time, I fear, and the final piece of the drachen mail must wait. Are you ready to face Nidhogg, <Player>?
(quest accept)
Alberic: Then let us away. Estinien must know the truth of Ferndale, lest he fall for the great wyrm's seduction.

Truth of the Matter

(Griffin Crossing)
(you and Alberic approach the bridge. Estinien is waiting)
Estinien: Alberic. I have waited long for this day.
You, who fancy yourself an Azure Dragoon. The man whose cause you have taken for your own is a coward. He relinquished the power of the dragon of his own volition and watched as Ferndale burned.
Do you not think it ironic that I was chosen as Azure Dragoon? I, an orphan who has naught of value to protect in Ishgard?
I suppose I must give thanks, for it was the Eye that revealed to me the truth - a truth so damning as to undo a lifetime of trust. I loved you as a father…but I can ill forgive you for Ferndale.
As I understand it, you've kept even the archbishop in the dark regarding the missing Eye. Do you mean to take your shame to your grave?
But I waste my breath. Prepare yourself, old man, for I shall lay to waste all the things you hold dear. And once I'm finished with you, I shall do what no Azure Dragoon has succeeded in doing - I shall claim Nidhogg's head!
Alberic: Calm yourself, Estinien!
Your rage renders you vulnerable to the dragon's influence!
(you step forth and motion for Alberic to stand back)
Estinien: <Player>…
In you, I thought I had found kindred, someone beside whom I could fight the great wyrm.
It is with a heavy heart that I relinquish that dream. Your affection for this corward has rendered you deaf to your own destiny.
Very well. That we would one day cross lances was inevitable from the moment of our first meeting - as well find out now who is the Eye's true chosen. There can be only one!

Fallen to the Dragon

(Estinien falls to his knees)
???: Feeble creature… Dost thou desire power?
(you and Alberic look around in confusion)
???: Look to thine anger and to thy hatred… it is in them that thou shalt find it…
Estinien: O Mighty Nidhogg! Lord of the Dragons!
Grant unto me thy blood, that I might possess the claws and fangs wherewith to rend thine enemies!
(A bright red swirl appears in the skies, and purple light shoots down into Estinien. As darkness pours out, a ghost-like dragoon appears in front of Alberic)
Estinien: …Impossible! It…It cannot be!
(The apparition attacks Estinien. He disappears along with the purple light. As the light disappears, you are standing in place of the dragoon)
Alberic: Forgive me, Estinien… I have failed you once again…
I am fine, <Player>. Somewhat shaken, but otherwise whole of body. Suffice it to say I have much to reflect upon. Let us return to the Gates of Judgement.

The Azure Dragoon

(Gates of Judgement)
Alberic: When the being of darkness closed upon us, you appeared to me a spitting image of Haldrath the Dragonseye as he is depicted in the holy scriptures.
I thought that mayhap the years had taken their toll on my mind, but behold - the Soul of the Dragoon shines as it never did in all the years I bore it.
It would seem you have achieved that which was thought impossible: you have awakened to the ability that none but the first Azure Dragoon possessed.
(you obtain the Drachen Mail)
Alberic: I-I can scarce believe mine eyes - the selfsame armor worn by Haldrath! To think that it had been sealed within the soul crystal all this time…
I have borne witness to many and more wonders over the years, yet none compares to you, my young dragoon. Could it be that you are…?
Ahem. Mark not my mutterings. I should rather have said that your indomitable sense of justice resonated with the spirit of the first Azure Dragoon, prompting him to bestow the armor upon you. Yes, that is doubtless what happened.
As the being of darkness faded, so too did Nidhogg's aura subside. And now his kind have ceased their stirring. Whether this was compelled by your awakening, I cannot say. I suspect we will learn the truth of it eventually.
Estinien, my dear boy… Whatever becomes of him, he will ever be as a son to me.
I pray that he is somewhere out there still…and that he has not wholly forgotten the great man he once was.
When that darkness brushed against me, the selfsame torrent of emotions swept over me as those I experienced fifteen summers past. But there was something else besides. There was a voice, and it lamented the rift that divides dragons and men.
You will come to comprehend what I speak in due time. Till then, <Player>, I pray that you will ever use your newfound strength in the name of justice.

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