In the Name of Science


Name: In the Name of Science
How to begin: talk to Marcette
Areas: Gridania

Last quest: -
Next quest: Spores on the Brain

Requirements to sign up: level ?
Required items: Sable Tooth x4
Reward: 300 exp, 2,500 gil, Dodoskin Harness


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Sabletooth Spriggan

Level: 15
Drops: ?
Location: Central Shroud, near Tam-Tara Deepcroft

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Spriggan Obsession

Marcette: You there, adventurer. I wonder, have you not seen any spriggans on your travels? Furry little black things, they are, not altogether dissimilar to a dark-furred coney at first glance.
I'm trying to conduct a study of their behavior in this area - eating and mating patterns, migratory routes, and so on - but whenever I draw close enough to make the necessary observations, the blighters all run off! Gods, what I wouldn't give for a few of those teeth! Most people don't realize the tales teeth can tell.
Oh dear, I've forgotten my manners. My name is Marcette, and I am a naturalist under the employ of the Eorzean Geographic, a publication which surveys the realm's wildlife.
So far, I've learned that spriggans are gregarious animals. they nest in large groups belowground, digging labyrinthine tunnel networks. I also know they are skilled predators, and that they are even capable of creating fire using flint stones… All of which is jolly interesting, of course, yet there is so much that I still do not know.
By way of example - in addition to the flint stones they carry, spriggans are often seen bearing rocks of some other sort, only I haven't an inkling as to why. Perhaps it has something to do with miners having nicknamed them 'stonesnatchers'. They claim the spriggans make off with their ores.
Wait just a moment! You look as if you have a lot of free time on your hands. Go out and kill me some sabletooth spriggans! Bring me four sable teeth, and your efforts won't go unrewarded.
The spriggans that interest me most are those in the south of Gridania, near the Tam-Tara Deepcroft. There are likely some nesting holes in the area. Oh, please say you'll do it! I couldn't possibly bring myself to kill the little dears on my own!
(quest accept)
Marcette: Oh, I knew I was right about you!
Bring me four sable teeth, and the deed will be done.

Marcette: My research shows that the sabletooth spriggans live in the south of Gridania, near the Tam-Tara Deepcroft. You are sure to find plenty of them there. And who knows? With your help, perhaps the mystery behind this peculiar 'stone snatching' behavior will soon be solved!
They are named for their black teeth - the result of years spent gnawing on ores and earth. Bring me four sable teeth, and the deed will be done. Perhaps we can shed some light on this 'stone snatching' behavior.


Marcette: Gods, look at those beauties! And look! The thick crown, grooving and smoothing, these basins and cones!
This is precisely the type of wear I expected to see. This proves my hypothesis - the sabletooth spriggans are most certainly feeding on ore!
Look closely - you can just make out the metallic remnants in the black coating with the naked eye. And see, the crown of the tooth has been completely covered with a layer of minerals that have permeated the enamel! There is no denying these teeth have been formed by chewing rocks!
Doing so would enable the sabletooth to chew even harder rocks and ores, thus covering their teeth with an even harder mineral coating, and so on, and so on.
But looking at the roots, it seems the stress placed on the teeth eventually causes them to fall out as the spriggan ages. It must be for that reason that they resort to stealing from the miners - to avoid having to prize the ores out themselves!
It rather reminds of of a professor I once had. When the last of his teeth fell out, his speech became all but unintelligible. Eventually, the university released him, citing an 'inability to fulfill contractual obligations'. He fell into poverty after that, and died cold, alone and hungry…
But how about these spriggans!? Truly remarkable! Such an isolated and unique behavior as this among a single population of a species is a once-in-a-lifetime find! You have more than earned this reward, friend.

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