In Spite of It All

Deep within the Twelveswood lives a spriggan with a heart blacker than his stygian shock of fur - his name, Spiteful. So filled with malice, this creature does not distinguish between friend or foe, mercilessly attacking any who cross his path. The elementals have spoken. Spiteful's time in the forest is done.


Name: In Spite of It All
Type: Boss
Level: 43
Location: Central Shroud / Standing Corses (11,18)
Spawn: 15 min duration

Required for: Animus book Book of Skywind I

Reward: ? exp, ~86 gil, ~247 seals
Additional Reward: -




The area where Spiteful spawns is full of roaming spriggans and golems. Be wary of adds when dealing with this FATE.

Category: Quests


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