In Plain Sight


Name: Hildibrand 3 - In Plain Sight
How to begin: sleep at The Roost with Wanted: Gauwyn the Gannet in your possession
Areas: Gridania

Last quest: The Usual Suspect
Next quest: Private Eyes

Requirements to sign up: The Usual Suspect complete
Required items: Wanted: Gauwyn the Gannet
Reward: ?


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Coming soon



Commotion at the Roost

Otopa Pottopa: Nobody knows where and when Gauwyn the Gannet will strike next. Be sure to keep the wanted notice with you at all times.

(The Roost)
(you wake up in your inn room)
???: Run! Run for your lives! It's dalamud… dalamud's falling from the sky!
(the hall outside is filled with adventurers)
Maladjusted Midlander: My beloved axe…. She's gone… gone, I tell you! <sob>
V'korolon: What is it!? What's the commotion!? Gods, don't tell me the weapon thief has strrruck again!?
Where in the seven hells is that investigator fellow when you need him? It's all well and good he's diguising himself as an ordinary citizen in order to 'shadow his quarry', but how are we supposed to find him in emerrrgencies?
Ah, <Player>! Impeccable timing as ever! The notorious weapon thief has come to Gridania! It's said he's been sighted in the vicinity of the Acorn Orchard!
We have an investigator on the case - a professional - but no one knows where he is at the moment. Do you think you could take a look around the Acorn Orchard in his stead, keeping an eye out for suspicious perrrsons? It'd put all our minds at rest.
(quest accept)
V'korolon: Oh, thank you, <Player>! I knew you wouldn't let us down! Now, see to it that you catch that rotten thief by the tail!

Disturbance at the Orchard

(Acorn Orchard)
Gauwyn the Gannet: So we meet again. I do grow weary of this game. Well, you may question me all you like, but my answer will ever be the same: I've been at this very spot the entire day. Ask any of the locals, and they will tell you as much.
Not convinced? All right. You recall the oaf who was hired to shadow me, yes? Well, I will make no comment on his, ahem, unique new pastime, and say only that he too will most assuredly testify in my favor. I trust that will be sufficient? Good.
Nashu Mhakaracca: Oh, were could the inspector be? When last we spoke, he said he had a mind to go deep undercover for the case. but his disguises are perfect. If he's already in one, I shall never find him… <sigh>
Well, I see only chidlren here. I suppose I'd better try looking elsewhere…

Powle: Hahaha! What in the world is that man doing? That's the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen!

Aunillie: Is that strange man your firend? He isn't? Then shouldn't we summon the Wood Wailers?

Hildibrand: Hmmm… In spite of my infallible disguise, I fear the suspect may not yet have taken me fully into his confidences… I must endear myself still further if I am to-
Uwaaah! Wh-What business have you with me, a law-abiding carpenter of nondescript appearance, here to inspect this excellent facility!? R-Rest assured, I am satisfied that the apparatuses here are assembled from the finest woods! No child shall suffer from unpleasant splinters here! C-Carry on, citizen!

Nicoliaux: The man standing over by that tree? He's been here for ages.
He's got a lot of friends, and they visit him sometimes. You can tell it's them because they always wear the same red clothes.
They were here again just yesterday. One of them said something about meeting at 'heck waters'. Maybe that's where they play together?
(talk again)
Nicoliaux: The man standing by the tree has lots of friends. They always wear the same red clothes.
If you ask me, though, that big man over there is much scarier!


(The Roost)
V'korolon: I've eagerly awaited your returrrn, <Player>! Tell me, were you able to locate our suspect?
…So he saw through the inspector's disguise, did he? Well, I can't say I'm entirely surprised. At any rate, it's heartening to know that you, at least, were able to learrrn something new.
So our thief has accomplices and a secret lair besides… That certainly explains why he never fails to have an alibi.
But I do wonder, why go to such pains to steal individual weapons? Instead of the occasional adventurer, wouldn't it make more sense to target weaponsmiths and merchants?
Well, if I knew the answer to that question, I suppose I'd be on the way to becoming a crrriminal myself! Anyway, with you on the case, I'd wager it's only a matter of time before their operrration is exposed and the case duly closed!

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