In for Garuda Wakening


Name: TM11 - In for Garuda Wakening
How to begin: talk to Orn Guincum/?/? in Maelstrom Command/Hall of Flames/Adders' Nest
Areas: Limsa Lominsa/Ul'dah/Gridania

Last quest: Deus Ex Machina / Careless Whispers / Shadow of the Raven
Next quest: Don't Hate the Messenger, Taming the Tempest

Requirements to sign up: the quest Deus Ex Machina/Careless Whispers/Shadow of the Raven complete (depending on your GC)
Required items: Vortex Feather, Vortex catcher
Reward: ?


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Enemy List

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Bad News (Limsa Lominsa)

Storm Lieutenant Guincum: Would that I were greeting you in less troubled times, <Player>. There are ill tidings from Gridania. Word from the South Shroud is that the hamlet of Quarrymill is being buffeted by winds of a strength never before seen.
The winds show no sign of abating, leading many to suspect that the Ixal are responsible.
Yet the birdmen possess no sorcery so powerful as to summon gusts and gales of such magnitude.
There is only one other possibility…
The Ixal have summoned forth the primal of wind - Garuda!
To make matters worse, Limsa Lominsa's mercenary unit, the Company of Heroes, is busy combating other primals, while the Maelstrom has its hands full seeing to the defense of the nation.
You see what I'm getting at. The defeat of Garuda is a task for you - you who have already proven yourself by felling the pirmal Ifrit.
Seek out the Archon known as Louisoix at the Apkallus Flals in Gridania. He will guide you.

The Sage

(Apkallus Falls)
Louisoix: It is as I thoguht, <Player> - a deep bond exists between you and Eorzea. Your fates are inextricably intertwined. Lo, you stand before me as proof. That you have come at this time of great peril to the realm is no coincidence.
You look perplexed. Do not be. You will understand all in time.
There are dark words from Gridania. It seems the hamlet of Quarrymill has been besieged, though not by any army or beast tribe. Nay, the enemy comes as wind.
Given its strength and constancy, we believe it to be the work of Garuda - the primal worshiped by the heathen Ixal.
Garuda is a wholly ruthless being - a harpy among primals. She is as a storm, marked by caprice and prone to violence, and her appetite for destruction is without equal.
She has wreaked ruin upon remote hamlets in the past for naught but her own amsuement, and is known to butcher the men last, that they might live to see their women and children tortured and killed before them.
For nigh on a decade, she has been a sworn enemy of Gridania. Know that when forestborn utter her name, they do so with both a hatred and dread far deeper than that they bear any Ixal.
And now Garuda has gained strength enough to extend her presence in Eorzea. We fear she can bring her power to bear anywhere in the realm - Gridania not least of all.
For their part, the other nations have now risen to aid us in our struggle, but our combined victories are too few to warrant mention.
Rare is the soul bold enough to vie with a primal in battle. Those few who would find Garuda wearing the winds as her armor - a contrivance so cunning that most mortals are powerless to do her harm.
Now her reach grows ever more vast, and her acts ever more depraved. The soldiers of our armies will prove no match for her - that much is plain.
Aid us, <Player>. All see that you adventrers possess prodigious gifts. If any can best a primal, it is you and your brethren. I beseech you, hasten to Quarrymill and deliver it from destruction at Garuda's hand.
(quest accept)
Louisoix: The lives of men are nothing to Garuda. She kills without conscience - nary a thought. If the gusts and gales that batter Quarrymill persist, I fear there shall be no one left to save.
Travel to Quarrymill in the South Shroud and learn what you can of these ill winds. If our fears are confirmed, and Garuda is indeed responsible, return to me at once.

Louisoix: Travel to Quarrymill in teh South Shroud and learn what you can of these ill winds.
If our fears are confirmed, and Garuda is indeed responsible, return to me at once.

Meeting the Menace

???: Heehee haha hahaha heehee haha heeeee!!!
…Wherefore come you hither? You…who have no power here. You who have no hope. No hope. None. NONE!!!!
Landwalkers are worms, bound to crawl in filth. I shall scatter you all! FOR I AM THE WIND!!!
(you see wind tossing about people like they were toys. A clawed and four-winged shape is seen occasionally)
???: THE RECKONING COMES!!! The reckoning of all mortals. This is the price of your folly. The price of using the crystals' power - MY POWER! - to waken the other from slumber.
That power belogns to me. All of it. It is mine. Mine! ALL MIIINE!!!
You will not live to repeat your folly.
It ends, worms of the forest. It all ends!
(the shape creates a big whirlwind and flies up)
???: Now die. Die. Die! Die!!! DIIIIIIEEE!!!
Your horned sprats cannot save you - NOR THEMSELVES!!! I will slake the roots with their blood! I will festoon the canopy with their entrails!
Hahaha heeheehee haaahaha heeheeeeee hahaha!!!
(as the shape flies away, a single feather floats down within your grasp)
ÄÄJoseph:ÄÄ Nnngh… Uhhh…
G-Gridania… Please… You must…help…the others.
The Seedseers… everyone… <cough> None are safe.
The Archons… Heed…their words. <cough> G-Garuda must…be stopped.
(you leave the scene running)
(obtain a vortex feather)

The Power of the Tempest

(Apkallus Falls)
Louisoix: Ah, <Player>! Right glad am I to- What is it, friend? You look for all the world as though someone just walked over your grave.
I see… So it is as we feared - Garuda. Then the rumors are rumors no more… Your findings corroborate those of Papalymo. There can no longer be any doubt.
But what of the words she spoke? Of 'using the crystals' power to waken the other from slumber'? Does she refer to another primal? We know only of those whom the Amalj'aa and the dark moogles have summoned.
No, to think upon it now will serve no end. We must needs reckon with the enemy before us.
There is but one course open to us. To forestall Garuda's rise, we must send the power of the crystals she feeds upon back whence it came - to the bowels of the earth.
She comes and goes as the storms - sudden and without warning. None know when or where she will show herself. In the long years the Gods' Quiver has waged war against the Ixal, nary a single arrow has found its way to her.
Hm? What is it you carry? There.
Gods be good, <Player>! This is a vortex feather!
It is said the plumes which sprout from the body of Garuda carry within them the power of the tempest.
Recall if you will the Inferno Flambeau, mark of Ifrit's coming, the flame of which burns without end. It proved to be the key to facing the primal…
Were I to add my own magic to the power of the tempest housed within this vortex feather, mayhap I could fashion a device akin to that one….
…There! I have enchanted it to react in the presence of Garuda's powers. I suppose you could call it something of a vortex catcher… It may be used in much the same manner as the flambeau.
Take it, <Plaeyr>. It belongs to you. After all, it would not exist were it not for your efforts.
Go, now. There is a beastman aetheryte in a cave in the northeastern region of Feathergorge. Use it to travel to the Howling Eye.
(Inqurie futher about battling the primal Garuda?)
(Yes, what exactly is going on here?)
Louisoix: Garuda commands all the fury of the tempest. Worse yet, she has grown to a power greater even than that of Ifrit. You cannot hope to defeat her alone. You must gather companions to your side.
It is known that being too oft or too long in the presence of the primals wreaks havoc on both the mind and the body. You must know your limits.
Once you have fought Garuda, you will not be permitted to set foot in the Howling Eye again until such time as all trace of her taint is gone from you.
(No, that won't be necessary)
(final words)
Louisoix: Have you committed all I have said to memory? If so, make ready and travel to the beastman aetheryte. It is found in a cave in the northeastern part of Feathergorge.
(obtain a vortex catcher)

Louisoix: We must not remain idle while Garuda harries our hamlets and homes. To take her unawares in the Howling Eye offers us the best hope of wresting the power of the crystals from her and restoring it to the earth.
Yet even the greatest of our armies cannot succeed in this. Thus it is to you, the able adventurer, that we now turn for aid.
The gods are good to send us this vortex feather. It will grant you passage to the Howling Eye.
Gather companions to your side, <Player>, and set forth for the cave in the northeastern part of Feathergorge. There find the beastman aetheryte that will see you to the Howling Eye. The time to put down the wind primal Garuda is now!


(Howling Eye)
(Garuda arrives from the skies within a green-shaded storm. She laughs)
(as Garuda is defeated, her body rises to the skies and starts disintegrating)
Garuda: No… Nooo! No! NO!!!
The crystals… THE CRYSTALS!!!
My power… No…
(energy flows away from her and towards the red Dalamud)
Garuda: It is my power! MINE!!!
(you watch as her last vestiges disappear)
Nael Van Darnus: Ahhh, yes. Behold the light. Such sublimity!
Suc a wondrous radiance…both magnificent and terrible. Truly, the soul can harbor no doubt that this is the light of creation!
Even you must recognize that.
Garlemald owes you a great debt, adventurer. Wholly without our prompting, you have now felled the primals of both fire and wind. Such ability and devotion commands even mine own respect.
Hmph. Hmhmhm… Ahahahahaha!
You would do well to see reality for what it truly is - cold, cruel, unforgiving. No words could do justice to the great deeds that I have done, nor the countless hardships I have endured in their doing.
Corpses litter the fields and choke the streets, and still your gods remain silent - utterly indifferent. Such gods are not fit for worship. As they gaze impassively upon our corpses, so let us gaze upon theirs. The gods are dead to us - we have no need of them.
So please, by all means, persist. Struggle to your heart's content.
Struggle however you see fit. Struggle long. Struggle oft. And when at last you tire of struggling…summon up yoru courage and struggle some more!
For with every act of defiance, another drop of Eorzea's lifeblood shall be given over to the red moon. The crystals, the land, the p rimals - the power of all shall burn bright and shine down upon this realm a glorious purifying light!
These heathen lands shall be bathed in crimson brilliance. Only then, when the seal is broken, shall all I have labored long to accomplish with Meteor come to pass!
Deeds done for the good of all are rarely seen for what they are. Thus I am styled the villain. I have accepted my lot, and do what I must. As must you, adventurer. Let your fears and desires spur you to action, and struggle for all you are worth.
You will tire of futility. Your floundering shall subside, and before long you shall grow still. Only then shall I take your head, lest I do you the dishonor of an unclean cut.
(he leaves the battlefield)

Strange Developments

(Apkallus Falls)
Louisoix: Twelve be good! You look atrocious, <Player>! Are you well!? Whatever has happened!?
I see… Dalamud… So the power of the crystals taken by Garuda has been given over to the red moon of Allag.
Hmmm… What could this mean?
The power of the crystals and the power of the aether are one and the same. When the Circle of Knowing first learned of the Empire's designs, we had thought they sought only the primals - nothing more.
Yet if what you have learned is true, it would seen van Darnus harbors aims that differ from those of Garlemald.
What is it the White Raven seeks? Why would he focus the power of the crystals upon Dalamud? Hmmm…
Was that Cid Garlond fellow you spoke of before not knowledgeable in the ways of the crystals? I daresay he knows more of the Empire than any other, having once been counted amongst its number.
I wonder if you might be able to gain an audience with him, perhaps through your Grand Company ties?
Well, we can but try. <Player>, hasten to <player's GC headquarters>. I shall send word ahead of you.

Louisoix: None know mre of the crysatls and their properties than cid Garlond. I wonder if you might be able to gain an audience with him, perhaps through your Grand Company ties?
Hasten to maelstrom Command. I shall send word ahead of you.

The Summoned (Limsa Lominsa)

(Maelstrom Command)
Guincum: We have been expecting you, <Player>. As Archon Louisoix requested, we have hailed Master Garlond. He has only just arrived and awaits you in the chambers atop the stairs to your left.
A bold thing indeed, summoning the Master of the Ironworks himself. I pray it is not without good reason.

The Red Moon

Cid: <Player>! Hah, I bloody knew it'd be you. And I'm glad it is.
I'd all but resolved to make a ruin of whatever face came through that door - save yours. Truth be told, I've scarce had a moment to myself since Dalamud ripened. There's much to be done, and I don't take kindly to interruptions.
I'm told you have news of the red moon. Well, what is it, man? Go on.
Is that so? Well, you're not blind. You can see as well as any how large Dalamud has grown in the sky.
Of course, it isn't really growing at all.
It's drawing closer. The closer it is, the bigger it looks. Even the most unlettered Gridanian would concede that.
It's as we feared - if the thing stays its current course, it will fall to Eorzea. What's more, what will fall is no mere rock.
It is a star crafted in antiquity by the hands of man and raised to the heavens by his hubris. As of today, only a few among the Empire and mine own Ironworks are privy to those great technologies of old.
Should it fall… <sigh> Bloody hells.
A failed attempt to waken Dalamud ten years past wiped an entire city from the face of Hydaelyn - every last stone and soul of it. From that, I daresay Eorzea is not like to survive its impact with more than a crater to show for it.
Mayhaps the land itself will cease to exist… No, even that is mundane for van Darnus. If that prating knave is intent on turning the power of the crystals to the red moon, I fear something far worse. But what…?
Bah, that question will have to wait. For now, what we must rather ask ourselves is this - how is the Empire controlling Dalamud?
They'd not be toiling to bring it down were there a chance of it landing on Garlean territory.
But the lunar transmitter was obliterated in the tragedy of ten years past. It was the only device capable of controlling Dalamud. They couldn't have built another Allagan transmitter. No… Could they?
Could it all be tied to the crystaline power van Darnus seeks to channel to the red moon? Is there some new Garlean base?
Hm? Bah, my apologies, <Player>. I'm grateful for the infromation you've brought. I'll see to it our studies take it into account.
A yes, before we say our farewells, I've been asked to let you know that <Merlwyb> wishes to have words with you. <He/She> awaits you <atop the Admiral's Lift>.
Hm? No. I've not the faintest idea what it's about, but I can't imagine it'll be all bad.

Private Meeting (Limsa Lominsa)

(Bulwark Hall)
Zanthael: The Admiral awaits you in the stateroom.
(you take the lift up)
Merlwyb: I confess my surprise, <Player>. I was not aware that you were a personal friend of Master Garlond's.
That said…
…when he mentioned he was to meet with an adventurer, it was to you that my thoughts first turned - you who stood by me at the signing of the Galadion Accord.
By the by, how are you finding our Limsa Lominsa? Our fleet makes for an impressive sight, does it not?
(Does it not? Yes, I mean no! I mean- It is impressive.)
(Does it not? I've seen impressive…er.)
Merlwyb: Hmph. You seem better suited to battle than conversation. A pity. Well, should our war galleys not surprise you, neither then will news that the vile bastards who sold their souls to Garlemald were the Hollow Barons.
Aye, I speak of the signing of the Galadion Accord. The craven turncloak who went over to the Empire was none other than their captain.
Now, if the reports of Master Garlond and yourself are to be believed, the Garleans are close to accomplishing whatever it is they mean to accomplish with these Meteor doings of theirs.
Against which, we have what to show for our efforts, exactly? A failed treaty and a shipbuilding initiative that might charitably be called laggardly.
There are no options left to us. We must heed the advances of Grdiania and lend our strength to the revival of the Eorzean Alliance.
With the strength of the realm joined to us, the war galleys of Limsa Lominsa would see the Empire sent to the bottom of the abyss.
It was the Eorzean Alliance that brought together the nation states of Limsa Lominsa, Gridania, and Ul'dah only ten years past. In its beginnings, it bound even Ishgard to the common cause.
Yet the mountain nation withdrew from the union but a short while after its formation, taking their land forces with them. Thence did the Alliance quickly become an alliance in name alone.
With the coming of you adventurers, however, Eorzea is once more on the verge of uniting the standing armies of the three nations around a single and shared purpose.
The way will not be easy. The course fate has plotted for us is fraught with treacherous undercurrents and raging storms, most of Garlean making. Yet with the aid of brave souls like you, <Player>, we shall reach our goal.

(instance in the State Room)
Slafyrsyn: It is said strength must be shown in the face of adversity. Well, never have we faced such adversity as we do now.
And show strength we shall. Our shipwrights will work day and night to forge new vessels to bear the crimson standard - till sea swallows all!
There is the matter of your reward for defeating Garuda. Rest assured it shall be handsome. See Lieutenant Guincum at Maelstrom Command when you wish to claim it.

Second Storm Commander: I received a letter in the post from an old friend. Just between you and me….
…it seems Gridania and Ul'dah are not having an easy time of things.

Storm Captain: We gathered for one reason - our belief in the Admiral. Our sails and axes are hers, till sea swallows all.

Z'toldha: I suffered a grievous wound in the service of the Barracudas not many days past.
Many returend with their lives, but not with their will to continue the fight.

Dyrfhund: Caught word, 'ave ye? Aye, the 'Barons' Betrayal', they's callin' it. But by what right, I ask ye? They's bloody pirates, aint' they?
Landlubbers think there's some manner o' pirate code, o'course. but if there's aught I learned in me time among the League o' Lost Bastards, 'tis that the code is more what you'd call guidelines than actual rules.

Merlwyb: …Do you make me for a prattling politician? One who speaks of high ideals, and dreams of unity even as her nation's divisions deepen?
And what of it? To speak of high ideals is the charge of every ruler. As is never abandoning hope.
I saw much in your presence at the signing. It showed there are those among your brethren with a desire for alliances to be struck. A desire to forge a united front. In the end, acts guided by such desire will lead to great things.

(Maelstrom Command)
Guincum: Victory over the mighty Garuda followed by an audience with the Admiral herself! You have been busy, <Player>!
All Eorzea thanks you. I pray you will answer the call when next we have need of you.

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